l  A.O. Hume is called the ‘Father of the Indian                            Success Tip
      National Congress.                                 The Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal)
   l  Mrs. Annie Besant founded the Home Rule            (IMDT) Act was an Act of the parlia-ment enacted in
      League in Calcutta in 1916 A.D.                    1983 by the Indira Gan-dhi government
                      Success Tip                          l  When the office of both the President and Vice-
 Indian Home Rule League of Tilak was launched in             President of India are Vacant, Chief Justice of
 April 1916, while the Home Rule League of Annie              India will discharge their functions.
 Besant came into existence in September that year         l  Sikkim was recognised by China as part of In-
   l  Mahatma Gandhi owed his inspiration for civil           dia.
      disobedience movement and non payment of tax-        l  The colour of the Dharma chakra in the middle
      es to Thoreau                                           of our national flag is Navy Blue.
Physical Geography                                         l  The right of Mandamus can be issued by the
                                                              Supreme Court to an official to perform pub-
   l  Marble is the metamorphosed form of Lime-
                                                              lic Duty.
                                                           l  Speaker of Lok Sabha is eligible to cast the
   l  Wind deposition processes is responsible for pro-
                                                              deciding vote over a bill in a joint parliamentary
      ducing the sand dunes in western Rajasthan.
   l  The solar radiation coming to earth is sunshine.
                                                           l  Representation of any state in Rajya Sabhais
   l  Hailstorms are caused due to freezing.
                                                              according to population of the state
   l  Heat from the sun reaches earth by the process
                                                           l  The electoral college that elects the President of
      of radiation.
                                                              India consists of elected members of Lok Sab-
General Geography                                             ha, Rajya Sabha and state Assemblies
   l  Study of the field crops is called Agronomy.         l  The Basic Structure of our Constitution was
      Bird Sanctuary                National Park             proclaimed by the Supreme Court in Keshvanan-
                                    Located in                da Bharati case.
      Bandipur NationalPark         Karnataka           Economy
      Gir National Park             Gujarat                l  NIFTY is associated with NSE Index.
      Manas Sanctuary               Assam
                                                                               Success Tip
      Rohala National Park          Himachal Pradesh
   l  State                         Capital              The NIFTY 50 index is National Stock Exchange of
      Assam                         Dispur               India’s benchmark stock market index for Indian
                                                         equity market
      Dadra and Nagar Haveli        Silvassa
      Lakshadweep                   Kavaratti              l  One of the essential conditions of Monopolistic
      Sikkim                        Gangtok                   competition is many buyers but one seller.
   l  The ONGC oil platform which caught fire in July      l  Gresham’s law is related to circulation of mon-
      2005 is known as Bombay High(North).                    ey.
   l  The Capital of USA is situated on the bank of                            Success Tip
      the river Potomac.
                                                         Gresham’s law is a monetary principle stating that
   l  Mica is found in Kodarma.                          “bad money drives out good”.
   l  Nhava Sheva, Marmagao, Kochi are the parts
      along the Western coast.                             l  In a liassez-fairy economy the Government does
                                                              not interfere in the free functioning of de-
   l  Iron, Steel, Aluminium and Cement industries
      maximise savings on transport costs by being            mand and supply forces in the market.
      located near the sources of material.                l  In calculating national income, the income of
   l  Ukai project is in the state of Gujarat                 a watchmen is included.
                                                           l  Kaldor had suggested tax on expenditure.
                      Success Tip
                                                           l  Bank rate is the rate at which the central bank
 The Ukai Dam, constructed across the Tapti River,
                                                              re-discounts the commercial bills brought to
 is the largest reservoir in Gujarat
                                                              it by the commercial banks
Polity and Constitution                                    l  The annual record for all the monetary transac-
   l  The Supreme Court of India has declared the             tions of a country with other countries of the
      IMDT act null and void to determine the sta-            world is known as balance of payments.
      tus of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in         l  Excise tax, Custom duty and House tax be-
      North-East.                                             long to central tax.