l Two richest known sources of edible protein are     l  ISRO was set up in 1969
     soyabean and groundnut                                                Success Tip
   l Parthenium and Elephant Grass has been found      ISRO built India’s first satellite, Aryabhata, which
     useful to check water pollution caused by in-     was launched by the Soviet Union on 19 April 1975
     dustrial affluent.
   l Peat variety of coal contains recognizable trac-                SSC Tax Assistant
     es of the original plant materiald               (Income Tax & Central Excise) Exam,
Miscellaneous                                                      Held on: 11.12.2005
   l Fatima Meer is author of the book ‘Apprentice-   Ancient History
     ship of Mahatma’ on which the film called “The
     Making of Mahatma” is based.                        l  Gautam Buddha has propounded the eight fold
                                                            path for the end of the misery of mankind.
   l South-South dialogue is associated with co-op-
     eration among developing nations                                      Success Tip
                     Success Tip                       Right understanding, Right thought, Right speech,
                                                       Right conduct, Right means of making a living, Right
South–South Cooperation is a term historically used
                                                       mental attitude or effort, Right min-dfulness, Right
by policymakers and academics to describe the ex-
change of resources, technology, and knowledge be-
tween developing countries, also known as coun-          l  The First metal used by a man was copper.
tries of the Global South                                l  ‘Charak’ was the famous court physician of Kan-
   l Indian team reached in the final of Women’s            ishka.
     Cricket World Cup Tournament 2005 held in                             Success Tip
     South Africa                                      He is famous for authoring the medical treatise, the
   l The ideology of fascism developed in Italy        Charaka Samhita
                     Success Tip                         l  ‘Indica’ was written by Magasthenese.
Fascism originated in Italy during Wo rld War                              Success Tip
I and spread to other European countries. Fascism      Magasthenese was an ambassador of Seleucus
opposes liberalism, Marxism and anarchism and is       Nicator of the Seleucid dynasty to Chandragupta
usually placed on the far -right within the
                                                       Maurya in Pataliputra
traditional left–right spectrum.
                                                         l  Munabo and Khokhrapar in India and Pakistan
   l Decisions of the Security Council on procedural
     matters shall be made by an affirmative votes of       have been linked by Rail as a part of confidence
     nine members                                           building measure under Indo-Pak Peace initia-
   l Pulitzer Prize is given for outstanding contri-        tive.
     bution in the field of journalism                Medieval History
   l Euclid is recognized as the Father of Geometry
                                                         l  Travernier was a foreign traveller who visited
   l Ben Kingsley is associated in Motion Picture
                                                            during the Mughal period who left us an expert’s
   l Muhammed Ali Jinnah was not assassinated
                                                            description of the peacock throne.
   l Before India 5 countries have exploded the atom
     bomb                                                l  The dead body of Babar by his own choice lies
                                                            buried in Kabul.
   l “The Village” was authored by Mulk Raj Anand
                     Success Tip                      Modern history
The Village is a novel by Mulk Raj Anand first pub-      l  Tukaram was the greatest Bhakti poet of Ma-
lished in 1939. This book was the first of a trilogy        harashtra.
that included Across the Black Waters and The Sword                        Success Tip
and the Sickle
                                                       Tukaram was a 17th-century poet-saint of the Bhakti
   l Jim Yong Kim is the president of World Bank       movement in Maharashtra. He was part of the egal-
   l H.J. Bhabha was the founder of TIFR               itarian, personalized Vark-ari devotionalism tradi-
                     Success Tip                       tion
Tata Institute of Fundamental Res-earch (TIFR) is        l  The Government of India Act, 1919 is also known
a public research institution in Mumbai and Hyder-          as Montague-Chelmsford Reforms.
abad, dedicated to basic research in mathematics
and the sciences                                                           Success Tip
   l Colour TV transmission introduced in India in     Edwin Montagu {Secretary of State for India} and
     the year of 1982                                  Lord Chelmsford {Viceroy and Governor General}