l Coconut oil does not contain essential fatty acid    l  Rommel was the German General nicknamed
   l Pregnant women usually become deficient in              ‘Desert Fox’ during the second World War
     Calcium And Iron                                     l  Karabla The holy city of Shia Muslims is locat-
   l Violet and Red, components of light are ab-             ed in Iraq
     sorbed by chlorophyll                                l  Major R.S. Rathore won the first silver medal
                     Success Tip                             for an individual event at the Olympics for India
Chlorophyll is a chemical in plants, that absorbs         l  Apollo was the name of the space shuttle that
the red light and most of the blue light that comes          landed man on the moon
from sunlight                                             l  Sanjukta Panigrahi, Sonal Mansingh and
   l Ginger is a stem not a root because it has nodes        Madhavi Mudgal are exponents of the Odissi
     and internodes                                          style of dance
   l Eyes of potato are useful for vegetative propa-
                                                          l  M.F. Hussain had sold 125 of his painting for
                                                             Rs. 100 crores
   l Taenia solium (Tape Worm) lives as a parasite
     in intestine of man/woman                            l  According to the UN convention on the rights of
                                                             the child, Employment is not a right
   l An ant can see the objects all around it due to
     the presence of Compound eyes                        l  Topaz, Opal and Pearl are gem stones
   l 0.5 second is the approximate time required for      l  Ravichandran Ashwin have been awarded two
     a heart beat                                            ICC awards-2016 for his achievement
   l Stomach is not a gland                               l  Arthur C. Clarke propounded the possibility of
   l Estrogen is a female sex hormone                        placing communications satellites in in geosyn-
                     Success Tip                             chronous orbit for the first time
Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone as well        l  The city of “Tashkent” is located in Uzebekistan
as a medication. It is responsible for the develop-       l  In Beslan city of Russia, hundreds of school
ment and regulation of the female reproductive sys-          children taken hostage by armed millitatnts
tem and secondary sex characteristics
                                                          l  The apex body of different militant groups
Miscellaneous                                                leading agitation against AFSPA in Manipur
   l France gifted the “Statue Of Liberty”, standing         is also known as Apunba Lup
     off the New York port, to the United States on       l  D-Day is the day when Allied troops landed in
     the first centenary celebrations of the US              Normandy
   l Guntur town/city in India has got a tower (mi-       l  ‘Anti-Semitism’ to Adolf Hitler meant, Anti-Jew-
     naar) named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah                   ish Policy
   l Eminent person                Activity
                                                          l  Leonardo Da Vinci represented the age of Re-
     A. Thomas L Friedman          Journalism                naissance
     B. Zubin Mehta                Music
     C. Ismat Chugtai              Literature                SSC Combined Graduate Level
     Belgium is known as the “Cockpit Of Europe”
                                                           Prelim Exam Held on: 13.11.2005
   l New York City, U.S.A is also known as the “Big
     Apple”                                            Ancient History
                     Success Tip                          l  In all domesticated animals, Buffalo was ab-
It was first popularized in the 1920s by John J. Fitz        sent in the terracotta of the Indus civilization.
Gerald, a sports writer for the New York Morning          l  Tripatika is the sacred book of Buddhists
                                                                             Success Tip
   l The “Prakash Utsav” which the Sikh celebrated
     on 1st September 2004 marked the 400th anni-       The Tripitakas were composed between about 500
     versary of Installation of Guru Granth Sahib       BCE
     at the Golden Temple                                 l  The greatest development in the Kushana peri-
                     Success Tip                             od was in the field of architecture
The 350th Prakash Utsav or birth anniversary              l  Sri Gupta was the first known Gupta ruler.
of Guru Gobind Singh ji is to be celebrated in Jan-                          Success Tip
uary 2017 in Patna
                                                        Gupta Empire was founded by Sri Gupta, which ex-
   l Rs. 3 lakh is the amount given along with the      isted at its zenith from approximately 320 to 550
     statuette and commendation to a Dronacharya        CE
     award winner