l  In Article 15 there is objective of “Social Jus-                       Success Tip
      tice” articulated in the Constitution of India    Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materi-
   l  Judges of the Supreme Court and High Court        als to generate an electric charge in response to ap-
      can be Removed by The President                   plied mechanical stress
   l  The President is competent to dissolve the Par-      l  A big fire in the open appear to be fanned by
      liament                                                 strong winds because the surrounding heated
Economy                                                       air rises and cool air rushes in to create a
                                                              fanning effect
   l  Decrease in money supply can be used for
      checking inflation temporarily                       l  Oil rises up the wick in a lamp because of the
                                                              capillary action phenomenon
   l  Central Excise Department is responsible to
      collect the service tax                                                Success Tip
   l  The basic regulatory authority for mutual funds   Capillary action is the phenomenon by which any
      and stock markets lies with the SEBI              liquid rises up in a wick or tube. It is due to surface
   l  Secular stagnation refers to Recurring booms      tension of liquids. The height of rice up of liquid is
      and depression in the economy                     depend upon surface tension of the water. This is
   l  Interest on public debt is part of Transfer pay-  occurs in small plants also.
      ments by the government                              l  In the atmosphere ultraviolet rays are absorbed
   l  HPCL is a Navratna Company                              by Ozone
   l  The major aim of devaluation is encourage ex-        l  Pyrex glass variety of glass is heat resistant
      ports                                                l  Cryogenic engines are used in rockets
   l  The long term fiscal policy propose to maintain                        Success Tip
      the stability of Indirect tax rates
                                                        A cryogenic rocket engine is a rocket engine that uses
   l  Main bearers of the burden of indirect tax are
                                                        a cryogenic fuel or oxidizer, that is, its fuel or oxi-
                                                        dizer (or both) are gases liquefied and stored at very
   l  A commercial bank law creates credit only if it   low temperatures.
      has permission of Reserve Bank of India
   l  Investment and savings are kept equal through    Chemistry
      a change in the level of consumption                 l  Silicon is the element required for solar energy
   l  Per capita income of citizens is not required           conversion
      while computing Gross National Product (GNP)         l  The chemical name for ‘baking Soda’ is Sodium
                      Success Tip                             Bicarbonate
 Gross National Product is the total value of goods        l  Saccharin is made up of Toluene
 produced and services provided by a country during        l  PVC is obtained by the polymerization of vinyl
 one year, equal to the gross domestic product plus           chloride
 the net income from foreign investments.                  l  Potassium permanganate is used for purifying
   l  Consumer’s sovereignty means consumer’s expen-          drinking water, because it is an oxidsing agent
      ditures influence the allocation of resources        l  Estrogen is female sex hormone
   l  The Employment Guarantee Scheme, which is            l  The energy emitted by the Sun is due to Nucle-
      now an important component of the NCMP was              ar Fusion
      first introduced in Maharashtra State
                                                                             Success Tip
Physics                                                 Nuclear fusion is a reaction in which two or
   l  The sky appears blue because of Scattering of     more atomic nuclei come close enough to form one
      Light                                             or more different atomic nuclei and subatomic par-
                      Success Tip                       ticles (neutrons and/or protons)
 Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny     l  Generally, emerald found is of Deep Green co-
 molecules of air in Earth’s atmo-sphere. Blue is             lour
 scattered more than other colors because it travels       l  Adrenaline chemicals is a neurotransmitter sub-
 as shorter, smaller waves. This is why sky appears           stance
 blue most of the time                                 Biology
   l  Dynamo is a device for converting Mechanical
                                                           l  The animal which uses sounds as its ‘eyes’ is
      energy into electrical energy
   l  The working of the quartz crystal in the watch
                                                           l  Iodised salt controls the function of the thy-
      is based on Piezo electric effect
                                                              roid glands in human body