SSC CPO Section Officer (Audit)                                            Success Tip
         Exam Held on: 05.06.2005                          Saffron is mainly cultivated in Jammu &
                                                           Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Saffron belongs to
Ancient History                                            the family of “Iridaceae” and commercial part of saf-
    l  ‘Junagarh’ Rock Inscription’ is associated with     fron is “Stigma”
       Rudradaman.                                            l The Sabarigiri Project originally commissioned
    l  Nalnda University was a great center of learn-            in 1968 is located on the Pamba and Kakki riv-
       ing, especially in Buddhism                               ers in the Kerala State of India
                                                              l Ranthambor(Rajasthan), Gir (Gujarat) and
                       Success Tip
                                                                 Bandipur (Karnataka) located in three differ-
 Nalanda University was founded by Kumargupta                    ent States of India.
    l  The Rathas of Mahabalipuram was built during           l Saltora Ranges are located in part of the Kara-
       the reign of the Pallavas                                 koram Ranges
    l  Dhanwantari is hailed as the “God Of Medicine”         l Sardar Sarovar Dam is being built on the river
       by the practitioners of Ayurveda                          Narmada
    l  In Greek mythology, Apollo is the God of Proph-        l Gully is one of the types of erosion is responsi-
       ecy                                                       ble for the formation of Chambal Ravines.
    l  Bhavabhuti wrote the play “Uttararamacharita”          l In Uttar Pradesh, Canal irrigation system is the
    l  “Tancho Brocade” was developed in Varanasi                most common
                       Success Tip                            l Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India
 Tancho Brocade is a class of richly decorative shut-            because, It has extensive dry coast
 tle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks and           l Malabar Coast is the main spice producer
 with or without gold and silver threads                      l Anthracite ,type of coal has the lowest propor-
    l  Krishnadeva Raya is considered as the great-              tion of volatile matter
       est of all Vijayanagar rulers                          l Site/Monument                      Location
    l  Lothal was the only Indus site with an artificial         A. Cave paintings                 Ajanta
       brick dockyard                                            B. Rock cut Shrines               Ellora
Medieval History                                                 C. Basilica of Bom Jesus          Velha Goa
    l  ‘Lakh Baksh’ was a title given to the ruler Iltut-        D. Sun Temple                     Konark
       mish                                               Polity and Constitution
                       Success Tip                            l  On the basis of population representation been
 Iltutmish (reign: 1211-1236) was one of the slaves              accorded to the State in Rajya Sabha
 of Qutb-ud-din Aibak who later became his Son-in-            l  Habeas Corpus “writs” of the High Court or the
 Law. He was from the Ilabari tribe of the Turks.                Supreme Court is sought to produce in the court
    l  The American Civil War saw the end of slavery             a person, suspected to be missing/in custody
Modern History                                                l  Satyameva Jayate is the motto inscribed un-
                                                                 der our national emblem
    l  The Ahmedabad Satyagraha of Gandhi was di-
       rected against British mill owners and govern-                            Success Tip
       ment officials                                      is a mantra from the ancient Indian scripture
                                                           Mundaka Upanishad. Upon indepen-dence of India,
                       Success Tip
                                                           it was adopted as the national motto of India. It is
 In February March 1918, there was a situation of
                                                           inscribed in script at the base of the national em-
 conflict between the Gujarat Mill owners and work-
 ers on the question of Plague Bonus of 1917
                                                              l  “Amicus Curiae” is A friend of the Court
    l  Ramprasad Bismil wrote “Sarfaroshi Ki Taman-
       na Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai”                                                Success Tip
    l  The former princely state Nahan is part of Him-     Amicus Curiae is someone who is not a party to a
       achal Pradesh now                                   case and is not solicited by a party, but who assists
                                                           a court by offering information that bears on the case
                                                              l On ground of language, discrimination by the
    l  Tala Hydroelectric project is located in Bhutan           State is not prohibited in Article 15 of the Con-
    l  At Ranthambore Sanctuary in India, you can                stitution
       spot the Siberian crane in winter
                                                                                 Success Tip
       Success Tip: Established in 1980
                                                           Art 15- Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of
    l  Saffron is produced in HP.                          religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.