SSC CPO Sub-Inspector Exam                      General Geography
                 Held on: 26.05.2005                        l Black soil is best suited for cotton cultivation
                                                            l Lucknow is well known for the embroidery form
Ancient History                                               of “Chikankari”
   l  Suvarnadwipa was Burma (now Myanmar)                                    Success Tip
      known to ancient Indians
                                                         Believed to have been introduced by Nur Jehan, the
   l  Veena is the most ancient musical instrument
                                                         wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir.
      of India.
                                                            l The largest irrigation canal in India is called the
                     Success Tip                              Indira Gandhi Canal.
 Veena is mentioned in the Rigve-da, Samaveda and           l The proposed sea-route “Sethu Samudram” is a
 other Vedic literature such as the Shatapatha                canal through which of the sea-lanes Gulf of
 Brahmana and Taittiriya Samhita                              Mannar
Modern History                                              l The iron & steel industry at Rourkela was de-
                                                              veloped with German technical collaboration
   l  Raja Ravi Verma is renowned in the field of
      painting                                                                Success Tip
   l Swathi Thirunaal, Vishnu DigambarPulaskar           It was set up with West German collabo-ration with
      and Muthuswami Dikshitar were the great mas-       an installed capacity of 1 million tonnes in the 1960
      ters of Carnatic Music                                l Eden Canal is located in West Bengal
   l Abanindranath Tagore was the pioneer of Ben-
      gal School Of Art                                 Polity and Constitution
   l C.V. Raman was the first Indian to be made a           l Right to contest elections is a political right
      fellow of the Royal Society of London
                                                            l Antyodaya Programme is associated with uplift-
   l “Do or Die” is the famous slogan given by Ma-
                                                              ment of the poorest of the poor
      hatma Gandhi
                                                            l The main function of the judiciary is law adju-
                     Success Tip
 On 8 August 1942, on the eve of the Quit India move-       l The salaries and emoluments of the judges of
 ment, he called the people of India for ‘Do or Die’          the Supreme Court are Charged on The Consol-
   l In the year 1930, 26th January was celebrated            idated Fund of India
      as an Independence day                                l Article 370 of the Constitution is applicable to
                     Success Tip                              the state of Jammu and Kashmir
 Declaration of the Independence of India, was pro-         l Article 14 of the Indian Constitution guaran-
 mulgated by the Indian National Congress on 19               tees Indian citizens, Equality before law and
 December 1929, resolving the Congress and Indian             equal protection of laws
 nationalists to fight for Purna Swaraj, Congress           l Article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides 6
 asked the people of India to observe 26 January              freedoms
 as Independence Day                                        l Fundamental Rights in India are guaranteed by
   l Permanent Revenue Settlement of Bengal was               it through, Right to constitutional Remedies
      introduced by Cornwallis
   l Jawaharlal Nehru was the one who spoke: “At        Economy
      the stroke of midnight, when worlds sleeps, In-       l Deficit financing is an instrument of fiscal pol-
      dia Awakes to life and freedom”                         icy
   l J.A. Hickey started the first English newspaper
                                                            l The Government resorts to devaluation of its
      in India
                                                              currency in order to promote exports
   l Battle of Wandiwash proved decisive in the An-
      glo-French rivalry in India                           l A closed economy is one which does not trade
                                                              with other countries
                     Success Tip
                                                            l Bank rate is the rate of interest at which com-
 This was the Third Carnatic War fought between the
                                                              mercial banks borrow money from R.B.I
 French and the British
                                                            l Operating Surplus arises in the Government
   l The English established their first factory in In-
      dia at Surat
                     Success Tip                        Physics
 In January 1613, the first East India Company              l The wavelength of visible spectrum is 1300A-
  factory had come up at Surat. Physical Geography            3000A
   l  Western Ghat, Eastern Ghat and Satpura up-            l Radar was invented by A.H. Taylor & Leo C.
      lands are a part of the Telangana Plateau               Young