l  Bleaching action of moist sulphur dioxide is                             Success Tip
      because of its oxidising property                   The World Bank, Chennai is the extension of
   l  H2 gases will effuse out of Football Bladder most   the World Bank headquartered in Washin-gton,
      quickly                                             DC. The World Bank Chennai office offers corporate
   l  Caesium is one of the alkali metals has highest     financial, accounting, administrative and IT servic-
      specific heat                                       es for the Bank’s offices in around 150 countries.
   l  In Diamond substance all carbon atoms are             l  Pound has the highest value in term of rupee
      quaternary in nature                                  l  Arun Shourie, Indian Journalists was conferred
   l  Aniline Blue is a natural dye                            the Magsaysay Award
                                                            l  The UN flag was adopted by the General Assem-
                       Success Tip
                                                               bly on October 20, 1947
      It is a soluble dye used as a biological dye
                                                            l  The most important sufi shrine in India is at
   l  Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the
      pollution of thermal
                                                            l  As per the Census 2011, 18 percentage of In-
Biology                                                        dia’s population to the world population
   l  46 is the number of chromosomes in a normal           l  Guglielmo Marconi sent out the first wireless
      human body cell                                          signals
   l  Exophthalmia is a deficiency disease caused by        l  GSLV-F05 / INSAT-3DR is the latest satellite
      lack of Vitamin A                                        of India placed in geosynchronous orbit
   l  Carbohydrate is stored in the body as glycogen        l  Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago
   l  Pituitary is referred to as the master gland                             Success Tip
   l  A synthetic compound inhibiting the growth          archipelago means cluster or collection of islands
      of bacteria is an antibiotic                          l Suitable Match between Artistes and their Art
   l  Process of digestion is helped by Enzyme                 form
   l  Kidney is the organ that excretes water, fat and             Artistes                    Art Form
      various catabolic wastes                                 A. Amrita Shergill              Painting
   l  EEG is used to detect the functioning of Heart           B. T. Swaminathan Pillai        Flute
                                                               C. Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair Kathakali
                       Success Tip
                                                               D. Padama Subramaniam           Bharathanatyam
 An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that de-
                                                            l In Asiad 1982 at New Delhi was the important
 tects electrical activity in the brain using small, flat      game event for India in which it reached the best
 metal discs (electrodes) attached to scalp                    medals standing
   l  Locked jaw disorder is the other name of dis-         l The first shore-based, modern, integrated steel
      ease Tetanus                                             plant in India is in Manglore
   l  Excretory products of mammalian embryo are            l Jahangir Khan is famous for sports in Squash
      eliminated out by Placenta                            l Carl Lewis was incredible athlete. When his fa-
   l  In male sharks, Claspers are found attached to           ther died, this Olympian placed his gold Medal
      anal fin                                                 in his father’s coffin and said “I want you to
                                                               have this because it was your favourite event”.
   l  Conjunctiva, part of the eye gets inflamed and
                                                               Seeing his mother’s surprise, he added “ Don’t
      become pink when dust gets into
                                                               worry . I will get another one” and he did!
Miscellaneous                                               l In India, as per their 2011 census the sex ratio
                                                               (female per 1000 males) is 940
   l  Suitable match between international news pa-
                                                            l In India, according to the 2011 Census, the fe-
      pers and their city
                                                               male literacy rate is 65.46%
           News Paper                    City
                                                            l Alam Ara was the first talkie feature film.
      A. Al Ahram                        Cairo
                                                                               Success Tip
      B. Izvestia                        Moscow           Alam Ara is a 1931 Indian Hindi/Urdu film directed
      C. The Daily News                  New York         by Ardeshir Irani. It was the first Indian sound film
      D. People’s Daily                  Beijing            l  The organic relationship between the ancient
   l  Chennai is that Indian City which has been cho-          culture of the Indus Valley and Hinduism of to-
      sen by the World Bank for setting up its back            day is proved by the worship of stones, trees
      office operations                                        and animals