l  Members of the Union Public Service Comm-is-       Biology
      sion can be removed by the President on the basis
                                                           l The metal present in insulin is Zinc
      of an inquiry and report by the Supreme Court
                                                           l Roundworm is a human parasite found in the
   l  In Indian Parliament a bill may be sent to a se-       Large Intestine
      lect committee at any stage at the discretion
                                                           l Christian Barnard introduced the use of artifi-
      of the speaker
                                                             cial heart for surgery.
   l  We, The People is the source of political power
                                                           l Milk is a rich source of Vitamin B-12
      in India
                                                           l Solar energy is converted into chemical energy
Economy                                                      during Photosynthesis
   l  Interest Payment is the biggest head of non-       Miscellaneous
      plan expenditure of Government of India
                                                           l Chandrayan-1 is the name given to India’s lu-
   l  When aggregate supply exceeds aggregate demand         nar mission
      inventories accumulate                               l Jurassic Park has won maximum number of
   l  Resources transferred from the Government of           Oscars
      India to States are termed ‘statutory’ if they are   l Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra was a maestro of
      made on the recommendations of the Finance             Odissi Dance form
                                                           l Kallinga Prize is given in fields of science
   l  Open Market operations refers to purchase and        l The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is referred to in Swim-
      sale of Government securities by the R.B.I             ming
   l  Damodar Valley Corporation is the first Public       l Chennai in India is the first to use municipal
      sector Corporation of Independent India                wastes to generate power
                     Success Tip                           l Bertrand Russell is the author of the book ‘con-
 The corporation operates both thermal power                 quest of Happiness’
 stations and hydel power stations under the Minis-        l The one who is engaged in scientific drawing of
 try of Power, Govt of India. DVC is headquartered in        maps is ‘Cartographer’
 the city of Kolkata                                       l Jamini Roy- Painter
   l  Investment in Automobile industry is not con-          Alla Rakha – Tabla Instrumentalist
      sidered as an infrastructure investment                Medha Patkar- Environmental Activist
   l  According to Keynesian theory of income deter-       l Florence Nightingale is known as the “Lady with
      mination, at full employment, a fall in aggre-         the Lamp”
      gate demand causes a fall in price of output         l Stockholm is the city where the presentation
      and resources                                          ceremony of Nobel Prize held
   l  Both Bonds and stock holders are the credi-          l The premier national centre for research in space
      tors of a corporation                                  and allied sciences, named the Physical Research
   l  A country has sufficient international liquidity       Laboratory, is situated at Ahmadabad
      if it can cover any balance of payment deficit       l Radar was invented by Robert Watson Watt
      with enough of gold and/ or convertible cur-         l ‘Sedna’ is the name given to the outermost “plan-
      rency                                                  told” discovered recently in the Solar System
   l  Equilibrium price means price determined by          l The International Criminal Police Organisation
      demand and supply                                      (INTERPOL) has its headquarter at Paris
   l  When marginal utility is zero, the total utility     l Artist                           Artform
      will be Maximum                                        Sanjukta Panigrahi               Odissi Dance
   l  Land Revenue is collected and utilized by the          M. Gopala Krishna Iyer           Violin
      State Governments                                      Pt. Ravi Shankar                 Sitar
Physics                                                      Palghat Mani Iyer                Mridangam
                                                           l Kalpana-1 is the name given to India’s Meteo-
   l  Graphite is a good conductor of electricity
                                                             rological Research Satellite (Met Sat) launched
   l  In case of Wind Mill grinding wheat grain ki-          in 2003
      netic energy will be used in performing work         l Air Force Academy is located in Hyderabad
Chemistry                                                  l Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics is situated at
   l  Galvanised iron is made by coating iron with           Kolkata
      Zinc                                                 l Rabindra Nath Tagore was the first Indian No-
   l  Heat from Sun reaches the Earth by radiation           bel Prize Winner