l  Increase in altitude, it decreases the atmo-
           SSC CPO Sub-Inspector                             spheric pressure.
        Exam Held on: 05.09.2004                          l  The term ‘equinox’ means, when the day and
                                                             night are of equal duration
Ancient History
                                                          l  Isobars are lines joining places having equal
   l  The title ‘Indian Napoleon’ is attached to Sam-        pressure
                                                       General Geography
                      Success Tip
 Samudragupta (335 – 380 CE) was the fourth ruler         l  D.D.T is ozone depleting pesticide
 of the Gupta Empire and the son and successor                                Success Tip
 of Chandragupta I.                                     Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) is a
   l  Euclid is known as the ‘Father of Geometry’.      colourless, crystalline, tasteless, and almost
                                                        odourless organochlorine known for itsinsec-
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                                                        ticidal properties and environmental impacts.
 Euclid of Megara was a Greek Socratic philosopher
 who founded the Megarian school of philosophy.           l  Energy crisis is a consequence of Excessive use
                                                             of non-renewable source of energy
   l  The Gandhara Art flourished during the period       l  Orissa produces the maximum manganese in
      of Kushans                                             India
   l  The ancient Indian town “Ujjaini” was home to       l  Waterloo is located in Belgium
      the three scholar sages Kapila, Gargi and Mai-
                                                          l  Mount Everest is named after a Surveyor Gen-
                                                             eral of India.
Medieval History                                             Success Tip: Sir George Everest
   l  The battle that led to the foundation of Muslim     l  Kharif corps are sown in the beginning of the
      power in India was the second battle of Tarain         south west monsoon
                      Success Tip                                             Success Tip
 Battle of Tarain was faught between a Ghurid force     The kharif cropping season is from July –October
 led by Mu’izz al-Din and a Chauhan Rajput army led     during the south-west monsoon
 by Prithviraj Chauhan.
                                                          l  Coal is a non-renewable source of energy
Modern History                                         Polity and Constitution
   l  Vir Savarkar was the National Leader who wrote      l  238 is the maximum number of the elected mem-
      History of India on the walls of the Andaman           ber of Rajya Sabha
      Cellular Jail.
                                                                              Success Tip
                      Success Tip
                                                        The President can appoint 12 members for their con-
 He was associated with the India House and             tributions to art, literature, science, and social ser-
 founded student societies including Abhinav Bhar-      vices.
 at Society and the Free India Society.
                                                          l  The President of India constitutes the Finance
   l  The ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ was first applied to the
                                                             Commission after every five year
      princely state of Satara.
                                                          l  The joint session of the two Houses of Parlia-
                      Success Tip                            ment is convened in two cases
 The doctrine of lapse was an annexation policy              (a) When a bill passed by one House is reject-
 purportedly devised by Lord Dalhousie, who was the          ed by the other house
 Governor General of India between 1848 and 1856.
                                                             (b) Taxes approved by one House, are reject-
Physical Geography                                           ed by the other House
   l  A place where there is constant intermingling of    l  An ordinary bill passed by the State Assembly
      salt water and fresh water is called Estuary           can be delayed by the Legislative Council for a
   l  Mushroom Rocks are the typical land forms seen         maximum period of 3 month
      in Deserts                                          l  The President’s rule is imposed on a state in In-
   l  Equatorial regions experience hot and humid            dia, when there is a constitutional break down
      climate                                             l  Rajasthan was the first state to adopt ‘Panc-
   l  When the barometer reading dips suddenly. It is        hayati Raj’
      an indication of Storm                              l  Indian Parliament can rename or redefine the
   l  Tree felling is an important cause for global          boundary of a state by a simple majority