Miscellaneous                                          Physical Geography
  l Chitra, The court dancer, Chithrangada are            l  Convectional rainfall occurs in Equatorial re-
    the work of Ravindranath Tagore.                         gion.
  l India introduce cultivation of tobacco/tapioca/       l  Clear nights are colder than cloudy nights be-
    pineapple from Pacific Islands.                          cause of radiation.
  l Artists and their art form                         General Geography
    Artist                     Art Form
                                                          l  Western Ghats is a ‘hot spot’ for biological di-
    Jatin Das                  Painting
                                                             versity in India.
    Parveen Sultana            Hindustani Music
                                                          l  Nagaland does not have a border with Mizoram.
    Pradosh Das Gupta          Sculpture
                                                          l  The longest river of peninsular India is Goda-
    Ustad Vilayat Khan         Sitar                         vari.
  l Parimarjan Negi became the youngest grand-
                                                                             Success Tip
    master of india.
                                                        Godavari is the second longest river in India after
  l Beethovan LV. was a music composer was deaf.
                                                        the river Ganges
  l Five major powers of the allied forces in the
    Second World War made the permanent mem-              l  Ellora Caves, Qutab Minar and Manas Wild Life
    bers of the U.N. Security Council.                       Sanctuary in India is on the UNESCO’s list of
                                                             World Cultural Heritage.
  l Sabeer Bhatia was associated with the creation
    of Pentium Chip.                                      l  Aral Sea is a land locked sea.
  l Amir Khusro is considered as the father of                               Success Tip
    Sahatara(Sitar).                                    lying between Kazakhstan in the north and Uzbeki-
  l Gatiman Express with 160km/h is the fastest         stan in the south
    running train on Indian Railway.                      l Dams and the states in which they are situated
  l Wernher Von Braun developed Ballistic Missile.           Dam                        States
  l Tata Indicom provides fixed line telephone ser-          Tungabhadra                Karnataka
    vices with numbers starting with 5.                      Lower Bhavani              Tamil Nadu
  l Charles Ginsberg invented the video-tape.                Idukki                     Kerala
  l Arun Shourie is the author of the book “Courts           Nagarjuna Sagar            Andhra Pradesh
    and their judgement”.                                 l Ghagra river does not originates in Indian terri-
  l Web site is an organisation’s introductory web           tory.
    page.                                                                    Success Tip
  l Snakes and vultures are eating rats in a field. If  Karnali, also called Ghaghara is a perennial trans-
    wild dogs are let into the field, decrease in the   boundary river originating on the Tibetan Plateau
    number of rats will be the immediate result.        near Lake Mansarovar.
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                     Polity and Constitution
  Prelim Exam Held on: 08.02.2004                         l  The presidential Government operates on the
                                                             principle of separation of powers.
Medieval History                                          l  The Supreme Court in its judgement of Septem-
                                                             ber 2003, hold that privatisation of HPCL and
  l In Shivaji’s council of ministers the Prime min-
                                                             BPCL was not permissible because it is in con-
    ister was called Peshwa.
                                                             flict with the statues that created HPCL and
                     Success Tip                             BPCL.
Shivaji’s council of ministers was known as Ashta         l  President of India is empowered to transfer a
Pradhan was a council of eight ministers that ad-            judge from one High Court to Another High
ministered the Maratha empire.                               Court.
                                                          l  In Assembly elections held in Himachal
Modern History                                               Pradesh in 2003, the mandate that a candi-
  l Sir Edward Lutyens was the architect of north            date at an election should file his nomination
    and south blocks of Central Secretariat in Delhi.        papers an affidavit recording the particulars of
                                                             the spouse and the dependents, enforced at a
                     Success Tip                             general election for the first time.
Edwin Lutyens was a British architect                     l  Maximum Time interval permitted between two
  l Muslims of undivided India from the part now             session of the Parliament is 6 months.
    outside Pakistan but opted to live in Paki-           l  The item ‘Education’ belongs to the Concurrent
    stan are Mohajirs                                        list.