Economy                                                    l  The major harmful gas emitted by automobile
                                                              vehicle which causes air pollution is carbon
  l Lion is the animal on the insignia of the RBI.
  l The measure of a worker’s real wage is the change
    in his productivity over a given time.                 l  South Sudan is a UN member nation.
  l The main source of revenue for a State Govern-                            Success Tip
    ment in India is Excise duty.                        South Sudan was admitted to the United Nations
  l Average Revenue means the profit realised from       by the General Assembly, making it the 193rd coun-
    the marginal unit sold.                              try to join the UN
  l To achieve high rates of growth of national out-       l  Swami Narayan temple, Akshardham located in
    put, the economy has to increase the rate of in-          Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
    vestment and reduce the capital output ratio.
                                                           l  Jimmy Carter the US President has awarded
  l The proceeds of income tax go to Central Gov-             the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2002.
                                                           l  Clive Lloyd was the Captain of the West Indies
  l National income refers to money value of cap-
                                                              team that was defeated by the Indian Cricket
    ital goods produced by a country during a
                                                              team in 1983 to win the Prudential World Cup.
                                                           l  Yann Martel is the author of the book “Life of
  l A Scheduled Bank is one which is included in
    the II Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act.             Pi”.
  l Economic rent refers to payment made for the           l  According to the Gregorian calendar one month
    use of labour.                                            of a year have been named after Roman emper-
Physics                                                    l  First Common Wealth Games was held in 1930.
  l The substance which conducts current in the
                                                                              Success Tip
    solid state is graphite
  l High temperature and low pressure represents         The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930
    the easiest way to liquify a gas.                    in Hamilton, Canada
                                                           l  Grahm Smith holds the record for the maxi-
                                                              mum number of gold medals at the Common
  l The source of sun’s energy is the process of ther-        wealth Games.
    mionic emission.
                                                           l  Rudolf diesel produced the first automobile.14.
  l Nitric acid is the acid used in lead storage cells.
                                                              32 gold medals India won at the Common-
Biology                                                       wealth Games-2002 held at Manchester.
  l Carbon is the most abundant element in the             l  Rivaldo won the Golden Ball award for the best
    human body                                                player at the FIFA World Cup 2002 tournament.
  l Night blindness results from the deficiency of         l  The extent of change of the literacy rate envis-
    Vitamin-A.                                                aged by the end of the 10th Five Year Plan was
  l A crab has got 6 feet.                                    from 65% to 75%
  l Ovary is found only in women.                          l  Sri Lanka amidst the SAARC countries rank
  l Gamma rays can cause gene mutation.                       highest in the Human Development Index re-
  l Regulation of blood pH, removal of metabolic
                                                              leased by the UNDP
    wastes from the body, regulation of osmotic
    pressures of the blood are the functions of kid-
                                                        SSC Combined Graduate Level Prelim
  l Water in plants is transported by xylem.                    Exam Held on : 11.05.2003
  l Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for some-
    time due to the formation of acetic acid.           Ancient History
  l Adrenaline is released in excess quantity dur-         l  Nagarjuna, Asvagosha, Vasumitra were con-
    ing excitement.                                           tem-poraries of Kanishka.
Miscellaneous                                                                 Success Tip
  l Trumpet is not a stringed instrument.                Kanishka was the emperor of the Kushan dynasty in
  l R.K.Narayan has created the unforgettable lit-       the second century (AD 127-150)
    erary character ‘Swami’.
  l Kuchipudi dance has originated in Andhra            Modern History
    Pradesh.                                               l  Hunter Commission was appointed by the Vice-
  l The country that has come forward to mediate              roy to probe into Jallianwala Bagh tragedy.
    in Sri Lanka is Norway.