l  According to the Buddhists, Maitreya is believed                        Success Tip
      to be the next incarnation of Gautam Buddha.       Anandpur Sahib is a city in Rupnagar
                      Success Tip                        district (Ropar) in the state of Punjab, India. Known
 According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is            as “the holy City of Bliss,” it is one of the Sikh’s
 a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the fu-       most important sacred places.
 ture, achieve complete enlightenment and teach the        l  Farakka Barrage was commissioned to save
 pure dharma.                                                 Kolkata port.
Medieval History                                                              Success Tip
   l  The details of statecraft are available in the     Farakka Barrage is a barrage across the Ganges
      Niti Shastra.                                      River, located in the state of West Bengal.
   l  Moinuddin Chisti dargah is at Ajmer.                 l  Integral Coach Factory is situated in Perambur.
                      Success Tip                                             Success Tip
 Chishti introduced and established the Chishti          Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is located in Peram-
 Order of Sufism in the Indian subcontinent.             bur, a suburb of Chennai.
   l  Ustad-Isa was the architect who designed ‘Taj        l  Assam has the largest concentration of tea plan-
      Mahal’                                                  tation in India
                      Success Tip                          l  The Head-Quarters of the Botanical Survey of
                                                              India is located in Lucknow.
 The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World
                                                           l  The largest Island in the world is Greenland.
 Heritage Site in 1983.
                                                           l  The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier is the
Modern History                                                latest from India to be recognised by the
                                                              UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee for its
   l  After Sepoy mutiny British Govt. started rul-
                                                              outstanding universal value.
      ing India directly.
                                                           l  Salar Jung Museum is situated in Hyderabad.
                      Success Tip                          l  The Indian wild ass (Ghor-Khur) is found in the
 British Govt system of governance was                        Rann of Kuchh.
 instituted on 28 June 1858, when, after the               l  Among Jaipur, Nagpur,Bhopal and Hyderabad,
 Indian Rebellion of 1857, the rule of the British            Jaipur lies to the western-most longitude.
 East India Company was transferred to the Crown           l  Normandy beach is located in France.
 in the person of Queen Victoria.
                                                        Polity and Constitution
Physical Geography                                         l  Peoples Democratic Party has won the high-
   l  Mercury is the hottest planet of the solar sys-         est number of Assembly seats at the general elec-
      tem among Mercury, Mars, Earth and Saturn               tions held in September-October, 2002 in Jam-
                                                              mu and Kashmir.
                      Success Tip
                                                           l  The Legislative Council in a State in India may
 Venus is hottest planet in our solar system. Mercu-          be created or abolished by the Parliament af-
 ry doesn’t have any atmosphere, any heat that Mer-           ter the State Legislative Assembly passes a
 cury receives from the sun is quickly lost back into         resolution to that effect.
 space.                                                    l  No Money bill can be introduced in the Lok Sabha
   l  The line on a map connecting points of                  without the prior approval of the President.
      equal temperature at a given time is known as        l  The term ‘secular’ was added in the Preamble to
      Isotherm                                                the Indian Constitution by 42nd Amendment
                                                              Right to Property is not a Fundamental Right.
General Geography
                                                           l  The deciding authority of States share in cen-
   l  Rivers from South to North are Cauvery, Krish-          tral taxes is the Finance Commission.
      na, Godavari, Mahanadi.                              l  The Public Service Commission, the original ver-
   l  Shimla is linked to the border by the Hindustan-        sion of the U.P.S.C. was set up on 1 October,
      Tibet road.                                             1926.
   l  Kerala has the largest reserves of monazite, with    l  Gujarat has given the highest number of Depu-
      high thorium content.                                   ty Prime Ministers.
   l  Eucalyptus trees found in abundance in Mizo          l  National Development Council finally approves
      hills                                                   the draft Five-Year -Plan.
   l  The first solar city of India, is anandpur sahib.    l  The lengthiest Constitution in the world is In-