l  The plastic material commonly used for making            l  The Montreal Protocol 1987 refers to saving the
      gear wheels is Polystyrene.                                 ozone layer from destruction by reducting the
   l  The anode in a dry cell consists of cadmium.                use of CFCs.
   l  Sodium iodide is used to iodise common salt.             l  International Telecommunication Union reg-
                                                                  ulates the slots where the geosynchronous sat-
Biology                                                           ellites should be placed.
   l  Typhoid fever is caused by bacteria.                     l  Boris Pasternak refused the Nobel prize for lit-
   l  Blood group AB is a universal recipient.                    erature.
                      Success Tip                              l  Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was
                                                                  a national of France.
 Blood group ‘O’ is called universal donor.
                                                               l  Mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier housed at
   l  Rod shaped bacteria is called Bacillus.                     Basilica of Bom Jesus, Velha (Goa)
   l  All the progeny obtained from a single plant by          l  Ozone-hole in the atmosphere is largely caused
      vegetative propagation are called pedigree line.            by the presence of chloroflorocarbon.
   l  A sponge is an animal.                                   l  Wooly wolf has become extinct recently in In-
                      Success Tip                                 dia.
 Sponges are multicellular organism that have               SSC Combined Graduate Level Prelim
 bodies full of pores and channels allowing water to
 circulate through them.                                              Exam Held on: 24.02.2002
   l  The radioactive element used in heart pace mak-      Ancient History
      ers is Uranium.
                                                               l  Maurya dynasty is the oldest dynasty among
   l  A.B and AB blood groups may be present in the
                                                                  maurya, Gupta, Kushan, Kanva.
      children of a couple having blood groups A and
                                                                  Success Tip : 322BC–185BC
      B respectively.
   l  Poliomyelitis disease is caused by a virus.              l  The classic “Jivaka Chintamani” in Tamil asso-
                                                                  ciated with Jainism.
                      Success Tip
 Poliomyelitis, often called polio or infantile paralysis, Medieval History
 is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus.            l  Rashtrakuta rulers built the Ellora temples.
   l Thiamin is known as vitamin B1.                           l  Ibn Batuta came from Morocco.
                      Success Tip                                                 Success Tip
 Thiamin deficiency causes the disease Beriberi.            Ibn Batuta came to India during regime of Moham-
   l DNA is the genetic material in most of the or-         mad Bin Tughlaq.
                                                           Modern History
   l Pathogenic bacteria secrete Antigens.
                                                               l In 1853 the first train steamed off in India.
Science and Technology                                     Sucess Tip : Lord Dalhousie started railways in India.
   l  Holography is a technique of recording a per-            l Private entities introduced broadcasting in In-
      manent three dimensional photograph of a                    dia first.
      given single colour or a multicolour.
                                                               l Tyagaraja, a great music composer was the ruler
   l Barak is a ship-based missile system.
                                                                  of a state.
Success Tip : Barak is an Israeli surface-to-airmissile.
   l NMD is National Meterological Department.
                                                           General Geography
                                                               l  Kochi was the million-plus population cities
Miscellaneous                                                     according to 1991 census had got the highest
   l  Carl Lewis is the athlete who set the maximum               literacy rate.
      number (6) of the world record in a span of 45           l  Naranarayan setu been built on river Brahm-
   l  Antonio Carbajal is the goal keeper who played
      in five football world cup tournaments.                                     Success Tip
   l  George Bernard show, the great dramatist was          It is the third bridge have been constructed over the
      an Irishman.                                          Brahmaputra river in Assam.
   l  Ustad Bismillah Khan is the Bharat Ratna
      awardee who had performed at the red Fort on             l  Sambhar salt lake is situated in Rajasthan.
      the 15th August, 1947.                                                      Success Tip
   l  Mrs. Marry Robinson is the chairperson of the         It is India’s largest inland salt lake.
      united Nations Human Rights Commission.