l  The Jawahar tunnel, the largest in India is lo-     l USP in marketing field is Universal standards
      cated in Jammu and Kashmir.                           of production.
                      Success Tip                         l    80,000 investment in the shares of deben-
                                                            tures of notified companies like the ICICI, the
 It is situated between Banihal and Qaz-igund on
                                                            IDBI etc. that will entitle a rebate in income tax
 NH1A that has been renumbered NH44.
                                                            up to 20% of the amount invested.
   l  Mahanadi river makes an Estuary.                    l Finance commission recommends the princi-
                      Success Tip                           ples governing the grant –in aid of the revenues
 Mahanadi river flows through Chhattisgarh and              of the states out of the consolidated Fund of
 Odisha.                                                    India.
                                                          l RBI does not transact the business of Jammu
Polity and Constitution                                     and Kashmir state governments.
   l  The general electoral roll prepared through the     l A tax is characterized by horizontal equity if its
      agency of Election commission, it is not used         liability is proportional to the income of tax
      for the electrons to the legislative councils of      payers.
      the states where these exist.                       l A Leasing company provide Machinery and cap-
   l  Non-resident citizens of the prescribed age may       ital equipment on hire.
      be registered as a voter.                           l When too much money is chasing to few goods
   l  The maximum permissible gap between two ses-          the situation is inflation.
      sions of the parliament is 6 months.                l When there is a change in demand leading to a
   l  The system of Judicial review originated in U.S.A     shift of the demand curve to the right, at the
                                                            same price as before, the quantity demanded will
   l  Right to vote is mentioned in the parts of con-
      stitution relating to election.
                                                          l The income elasticity of demand being greater
   l  A law can be enacted or executive order issued,
                                                            than one, the commodity must be a luxury.
      even contrary to Art-19 during proclamation of
                                                          l ‘Marginal efficiency of capital’ is expected rate
      emergency caused by war or external aggres-
                                                            of return on new investment.
                                                          l  Buoyancy of a tax is defined as increase in tax
   l  Being a non-member of the parliament, Attor-
                                                            revenue/increase in tax base.
      ney general of India has the right to address
      the parliament.                                   Physics
   l  The preamble of the Indian constitution was for     l A person standing on a railway platform listens
      the first time ammended by the 42nd Ame-nd-           to the whistles of arriving and departing trains.
      ment.                                                 The whistle heard is of higher pitch when train
   l  ‘Special status’ to state means substantially         arrives.
      large percentage of the central assistance will     l An ice block with a piece of lead embeded in it
      be as grant- in- aid and the extent of loan as        floats in water if ice melts the water level re-
      a percentage of total assistance will be low.         mains same.
   l  Art 17 of the Indian constitution abolished the     l The velocity of heat radiation in vacuum is equal
      practice of untouchability.                           to that of light.
   l  Speaker of the Lok Sabha decides if a particu-
      lar bill is a money bill or not.
   l  The Upper House of the legislature is more pow-     l Carbon dioxide gases is present under pressure
      erful than the lower house in Britain.                in soft drinks.
                                                          l Type metal does not expand on going from liq-
Economy                                                     uid state to solid state.
   l  BIFR was established under Sick Industrial          l Boyle’s law holds good for any gas at low line
      Companies Act.                                        temperature and hight pressure.
   l  The theory of distribution relates to equality in   l Chemical that is used in making artificial rain
      the distribution of the income and mealth.            is silver nitrite.
   l  If an industry is characterised by economies of     l Uranium is commonly used in nuclear for pro-
      scale then long run unit costs of production          ducing electricity by nuclear fission.
      decreases as the quantity the firm produces
      increases.                                          l Table salt gets moist during rainy season be-
                                                            cause sodium chloride contains hygrosc-opic
   l  Say’s law of market holds that supply creates
      its own demand.                                       impurities like magnesium chloride.
   l  Movement along the same demand curve is known       l Graphite is used as a lubricant in heavy ma-
      as increase and decrease of Demand.                   chines.