Science and Technology                                     l  Alberuni came to India with Mahmud of Ghaz-
    l Samuel Cohen invented optical fibre.
                                                           l  Aurangzeb died in Aurangabad.
    l A compact disc (CD) is a data storage system of
      magnetic type.                                       l  Abu Bakr was the first calipha.
    l Optic fibres are used in endoscopy.               Modern History
    l The National institute of Excellence in the field    l  Sati was prohibited by Lord William Bentinck
      of Information Technology and Allied Science is         Success Tip: It was banned in 1861.
      in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh).
                                                           l  Indian National Trade Union Congress was
Miscellaneous                                                 affiliated with the congress party.
    l The Landmines treaty became a global law in                             Success Tip
      September 1998 with the approval of Norway.        The foundation of the Indian National Trade Union
    l Leander paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won two           congress on 3 May, 1947.
      doubles Grand slams in 1999, that were French        l  The Simon commission was formed to review a
      Open and Wimbledon.                                     constitution for India.
    l Ian Healy created a world record for maximum
                                                                              Success Tip
      number of dismissals in test cricket as a wicket
      keeper.                                            A group of seven British members of parliament that
                                                         had been dispatched to India in 1928.
    l Madam curie won the Nobel prize in science in
      two different disciplines.                        Physical Geography
      Success Tips
                                                           l  Most of the devastating earthquakes are usual-
   l  Nobel prize in physics (1903).                          ly caused by collision of earth plates.
   l  Nobel prize in chemistry (1911)                      l  Tornado has the highest wind velocity.
   l  She is the only person to win Nobel prize in         l  Speed of wind is measured by Anemometer.
      two different sciences.
                                                           l  A special type of well in which water rises an-
    l Khushwant singh is the author of the book ‘’The         tomatically under the pressure of a column of
      company of women’’.                                     water to the ground surface through a hole is
    l The Bondung conference was a major milestone            known as Geyser.
      in the history of The Non-Aligned movement.          l  The soil water which is of the greatest impor-
                                                              tance to the plant life is gravitational water.
        SSC Section Officer (Audit)                        l  Atlantic ocean has the shape of English alpha-
        Exam Held on: 09.09.2001                              bet S.
                                                           l  The colour of loamy soil is yellowish brown.
Ancient History
                                                           l  Trade winds are due to convections.
    l The paintings of Ajanta inspired the compas-
                                                           l  Himalayas is the longest mountain range in the
      sionate Buddha.
                                                              world above sea-level.
    l Darius-I was the first to invade India.
                                                           l  The Term Roaring Forties is related to the West-
                     Success Tip                              erlies.
 Darius-I was the third king of the persian Achae-         l  Ultra violet radiations of the sun do not reach
 menid empire.                                                the earth because earth’s atmosphere is sur -
                                                              rounded by ozone.
Medieval History
                                                           l  The presence of a lion in the forest is essential
    l The Bahmani Kingdom was f ound ed by                    in order to save the pastures from being over-
      Alauddin Hasan.                                         grazed.
   L The Dilwara temple at Mount Abu in Rajasthan       General Geography
      were built by the followers of Jainism.
                                                           l  Danube river flows in Germany.
                     Success Tip                           l  The west to east extension of the Himalayas is
 Creator-Vastapul Tejpal between 11th and 13th cen-           from Indus George to Dihang George.
 turies AD.                                                l  Bandipur National park is in Assam.
    l In third battle of Panipat, the Marathas were        l  Nuclear energy is not a non-conventional ener-
      defeated by the Afghans.                                gy source.
                     Success Tip                           l  ‘Todas’ are found in Tamil Nadu.
 It took place on 14 January, 1761.                        l  The production of Union is highest in Mah-arash-