Success Tip                        Miscellaneous
 Postal voting is voting in an election where by ballot       l Nirad. C. Chondhary is the author of the book-
 paper are distributed to electors or returned by post,         A passage to England.
 in contrast to electors voting in person at a polling
 station or electronically via an electronic voting sys-      l Ghauri II was tested by Pakistan in the wake of
 tem.                                                           India testing Agni II.
   l Stability of the government is assured in presi-
                                                              l ‘Vikrant’ the Indian Naval ship being converted
      dential form of govt.                                     into a Maritime museum.
   l According to the Indian constitution, the vacan-         l The main function of the world trade organiza-
      cy in the office of the president of India shall be       tion is facilitating multilateral trade relation
      filled with in 6 Months.                                  of member countries and reviewing trade.
   l In Indian republic the real executive authority          l Prof. Amartya Sen is internationally known as
      rests with the council of Minister.                       a leading social economist, he has been award-
   l Governance through trade union organization                ed Bharat Ratna and Nobel prize.
      is known as syndicalism.                                l Netherlands is the first country to legalize med-
                                                                ically assisted suicide.
                                                              l The Baisakhi festival of the year 1999 was of
   l  Multiplier process in economic theory is con-
                                                                great historical significance to Punjab because
      ventionally taken to mean that income of an
                                                                it commemorates the tercentenary of the
      economy grows on account of an initial in-
                                                                foundation of the Khalsa Panth.
   l  The world bank normally gives medium and long           l Exobiology deals with the study of life in other
      term loans.                                               planets and space.
   l  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) came              l “Vishva Mohini’’ is a famous book on Indian
      into existence with Brettonwood conference.               dance.
   l  Structural adjustment loans given by the world          l The secretary-general of the UNO is appointed
      bank are meant for encouraging capital-inten-             by General Assembly.
      sive industries.                                        l  Martina Hingis is the Tensis star who became
   l  A financial instrument is called a ‘primary se-           world No. 1 seed at the youngest age.
      curity’ if it represents the liability of the gov-
      ernment of India.                                         SSC Combined Graduate Level
   l  Service cooperatives are marketing societies.
   l  Out put at break-even point is that output at                 Prelim Exam 27-02-2000
      which the produced is able to recover total
      costs.                                              Ancient History
   l  India’s share in world trade since 1950, has            l The rulers of Satavahanas dynasty started the
      shown a mixed trend.                                      practice of granting tax-free village to Brahmans
   l  Through trusteeship theory Gandhi ji strive to            and Buddhist monks.
      bridge the economic inequalities.                       l Sulva Sutra is the most important text of vedic
Physics                                                         mathematics.
   l  The splitting of different colours of light in a    Modern History
      prism is dispersion of light.
                                                              l Raja Ravi Verma is renowned in the field of
Chemistry                                                       painting.
   l  Sodium Benzoate is used for preservation of             l Sarojini Naidu represented India in the second
      food grains.                                              round table conference.
Biology                                                                         Success Tip
   l  Animals do not have enzyme system which en-          It was held in London during september to Decem-
      able them to made use of the energy from wa-         ber 1931 during the viceroyalty of Lord Willingdon.
      ter.                                                    l A Federal structure for India was put forward by
   l  A clone is a colony of cells having similiar ge-          the Act of 1935.
      netic constitution.
                                                                                Success Tip
   l  The pollen grain of flowers pollinated by insects
      are rough and sticky.                                The Simon commission report submitted in 1930
   l  Emphysema is caused by Asbestos.                     formed the basis for the Govt. of India act, 1935.
   l  In the eye, colour vision is affected by the pres-      l ‘Purna Swaraj’ was the ultimate goal of Mahat-
      ence of cones.                                            ma Gandhi’s salt satyagraha.