l  According to world economic forum Switzerland         l  The first Indian ruler, who established the su-
      is the most competitive country.                         premacy of Indian Navy in the Arabian sea was
   l  The first regular session of UN General Assembly         Raj Raja-I
      was held in New York.
                                                         Medieval India
   l  Angora wools is extracted from goat.
   l  International Confederation of Free Trade             l  Mughal painting reaches its zenith during the
      Union is not related to united Nations.                  Reign of Jahangir.
   l  TOFEL entrance test is essential to get admis-     Modern India
      sion in the educational institutions of America.
                                                            l  Permanant revenue settlement of Bengal was
   l  Tiger wood is famous for Golf.
                                                               introduced by Cornwallis.
   l  The Author of the book ‘cosmos’ is Curl Sagan.
                                                            l  Father of extremist movement in India is Bal
   l  The capital city ‘Daydo’ established by Kublai
                                                               Gangadhar Tilak.
      Khan is situated at Beijing.
   l  Width of goal post in the game of foot ball -24                          Success Tip
      feet.                                               Dada Bhai Noroji was the political guru of B.G. Tilak.
   l  The decimal system of Indian currency was started
      in 1957.
                                                         Physical Geography
   l  The Rajive Gandhi Sadbhavana Puraskar for the         l  Most of the earth’s active volcanoes are conce-
      year 1997 was given to Lata Mangeshkar.                  ntrated in pacific ocean
      2016 – Subha Mudgal.                                                     Success Tip
   l  ‘Panchsiddhantika’ was written by Varahmihir.       In the Basin of pacific ocean the ring of fire is a
   l  ‘Kabir’ written his works in Avadhi.                major area where a large number of earthquakes and
   l  ‘Uttar Ramcharit’ has been written by Bhavbhuti.    volcanies erruption occurs.
   l  The home of Gargi, Maitrey and Kapila was at          l The deflection of the wind to the right in the
      Mithila.                                                 northern hemisphere is caused by the rotation
   l  Jivan Kishore, Jivan Chhaya, Jivan Sanchay               of earth.
      Policies of life insurance company is not related
                                                            l The savanah finds its ideal conditions of growth
      to regular old-age pension.
                                                               in hot humid climate with long dry season.
   l  Against a general topic, writs comes into the
                                                            l The Grand conyon is located on the Colorado
      category of public litigation petition before High
      Court or Supreme Court.                                  river.
                                                                               Success Tip
      SSC Combined Graduate Level                         Colorado river is in the state of Arizona in the unit-
   Prelim Exam Held on 04.07.1999                         ed state.
Ancient India                                            Indian Geography
                                                            l  Chilka lake is the famous lagoon lake of India.
   l  The Harappan’s social system was fairly egali-
      tarian.                                                                  Success Tip
   l  The Rig-Veda provides information about the         A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a
      civilization of the early vedic age.                larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs.
                                                            l 33.3 Per cent should be the proportion of forest
                        Success Tip
                                                               cover for India to maintain her ecological bal-
 Rig-Veda is known as ‘the first testament of man-             ance.
 kind’ contains 1028 hymns, divided into 10 man-
                                                            l Rolling, drying and withering are the important
 dals.                                                         steps in processing tea leaves.
   l  Nalanda became famous in the post-Gupta era.          l List- I                           List-II
                        Success Tip                            (Thermal Power plants)           (Locations)
 Nalanda university was established during the reign           Kahalgaon                        Bihar
 of Gupta emperor kumar Gupta.                                 Farakka                          West Bengal
   l  Banabhatta was the court poet of Harshvard-              Ramagundam                       Andhra Pradesh
      hana.                                                    Gandhar                          Gujrat
                        Success Tip                         l Arunachal Pradesh has the lowest population
                                                               density in India state /UT.
  He was a 7th century Sanskrit prose writer and poet
 of India. His principal work include Harshacharita      Indian Polity and constitution
 and one of the world’s earliest novel.                     l  Postal voting is otherwise called Proxy voting