SSC Section Officer (Audit)                         l  The interval between a high tide and neap at a
                                                                given place is 12 hours 26 minutes.
                    Exam - 1997                              l  The sunlight is available 24 hours on the longest
                                                                day at 66 1/2° latitudes of the earth.
Ancient History                                              l  On the planet earth water cycle is available
   l   A Muslim mosque situated in Srinagar where a
       hair of pagamber Mohammad Saheb has been           General Geography
       preserved.                                            l  Island of man is located between Northern Ire-
                        Success Tip                             land and England.
                                                             l  Naokhali is situated in Bangladesh.
 Hazratbal mosque on the left bank of Dal Lake.
                                                             l  In Tamil Nadu wheat is not produced.
   l Correct chronological order of following ‘Acha-
       ryas’ Shankar – Ramanuja-Madhav-Chaitanya.            l  Lucknow is situated in the farthest east among
                                                                Lucknow, Jabalpur , Hyderabad, Chennai.
   l Following chronology is correct regarding four
                                                             l  Hardoi among Pilibhit, Bahraich, Lakhimpur,
       ‘Samvatas’- Gregorian-Saka-Hizri-Gupta.
                                                                Hardoi is not situated in the Terai of Uttar Pradesh.
   l Malwa was known as Avantika in Ancient times
                                                             l  In India ‘Siberian Crane’ can be found in Keolade-
                        Success Tip                             va Ghana Bird Sanctuary.
 Malwa is a plateau region of volcanic origin situat-        l  Rubber plant was brought into India for pla-nta-
 ed in Madhya Pradesh.                                          tion from Brazil.
Modern History                                            Economy
   l   When Mahatma Gandhi was arrested Abbas Ty-            l  On the administered price of ATF no subsidy is
       abji took over the leadership of salt satyagraha.        given.
                        Success Tip                                              Success Tip
    Salt satyagraha was began on 12 March, 1930.           ATF stands for Aviation Turbine Fuel.
   l In Lahore session of congress the demand of             l When there is an increase in interest in an econ-
       ‘’Poorna Swaraj’’ was accepted as the aim of the         omy then there is increase in saving, decrease
       congress.                                                in loan, increase in production cost.
                        Success Tip                          l Decreases in the interest level of a country is
 Jawaharlal Nehru was the president of Lahore ses-              affected by FDI.
 sion.                                                       l Location of capital works has the least possi-
   l Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the leader of Bar-            bility of globalization.
       doli satyagraha.                                      l Quantum restriction, establishment of stan-
   l Mahatma Gandhi was arrested for the first time
                                                                dard of labour in manuSuccess Tipuring restri-
       during ‘Satyagraha’ in the year 1908.                    ctions on goods quality are not the non-customs
                                                                duty obstacles in the world trade.
   l Dr. B.R. Ambedkar from the first cabinet of Inde-
                                                             l To raise the bank loan, decline in saving rate,
       pendent India was responsible for mass religions
                                                                increased demand of consumer products are
                                                                the outcomes of decrease in prime lending rate.
   l Anniversary of the surrender of Japanese army
                                                             l If people"s income of a country is denoted in a
       before Admiral Mountbatten was the basis of
                                                                curved line space that it has increased, then it
       transfer of power to India on 15thAug.
                                                                denotes that dissimilarity is decreasing in in-
Physical Geography                                              come distribution.
   l   If the mass of a star is two times the mass of the Physics
       sun, it will collapse into a neutron star.
                                                             l  Diode is used for purifications.
   l   International Date line is a curved line beyond
       earth.                                                                    Success Tip
                                                           Most common function of a diode is to allow an
                        Success Tip
                                                           electric current to pass in one direction, while block-
 International Date line passes through the mid-pa-        ing current in the opposite direction.
 cific ocean.
                      SSC CGL GENERAL AWARENESS Pointers
   l  Microwave is used for communication by artifi-     Biology
      cial satellites.
                                                            l Penicillin is extracted from fungus.
                       Success Tip                          l Antigen in an ill person prevents the growth of
 Microwave was discovered in 1864 by James clerk              bacteria.
 Maxwell.                                                   l Blood platelets helps in circulation of Blood.
   l  Sound travels in a straight line, sound travels       l Boron increases the absorption of water and cal-
      like waves, sound is a form of energy.                  cium in plants.
   l  When a ray of light enters slab of glass from air,    l Ampicillin is a large spectrum antibiotic.
      its wavelength decreases                              l Our bones and teeth are generally made of Tri-
                                                              calcium phosphate.
   l  The larger ice berg melts down from lower sur-
      face instead of upper surface due to more pres-       l Arthritis affects women easily than that of men.
      sure in lower surface the melting point of ice        l Pituitary gland is located in brain.
      decrease.                                             l 70-100 is the limit of MG/DL of blood sugar in
                                                              the normal person at the time of fast.
   l  Fixed dimension is found in frequency modula-
                                                            l Cane-sugar is a carbohydrate.
                                                            l 50 years is the age of the tree if the cross sec-
   l  When the speed of the car is doubled then the           tion of a stem of tree has fifty rings.
      breaking force of the car to stop it in the same
                                                            l Onion is a modified form of leaf.
      distance will be four times.
                                                            l The pollination of maize takes place by pollina-
   l  The dimension of the momentum is the same as            tion by air.
      that of impulse.                                      l 77 calorie of energy is released by a boiled egg.
   l  Time is the fundamental quantity.                     l Radiologists do not take direct x-ray photographs
                       Success Tip                            of intestine because x-rays are not able to cap-
                                                              ture clear picture.
 Mass, Time, Temperature, Electric current, Lumi-
 nous Intensity, Length and Amount of substance          Science and Technology
 are the fundamental quantities.                            l Dr. Homi J. Bhabha developed the technology of
   l When a ring of metal is heated then its hole ex-         under ground nuclear explosion.
      pands.                                                l Aryabhatta was the first satellite launched by
   l If the diameter of a capillary is doubled, then the      Indian space research organisation.
      rise of water in it will be half.                                       Success Tip
   l Due to surface tension the needle of iron swims      Launch date- April 19, 1975.
      on water surface when it is kept gently.              l Carbon dating system uses radioactivity to de-
   l Rain drops fall from great height- they fall with        cide the period of material of pre-historic peri-
      that ultimate velocity which are different for          ods.
      different droplets.                                   l Photostate machine works on the electrostatic
   l One kilowatt hour is equal to 3.6 Mega Joule.
                                                              Image-making techniques.
                                                            l INS Ashwini anchored off in Mumbai.
   l 11 km/sec is the minimum escape velocity of
                                                            l The size of ‘‘Floppy Diskette which is used nor-
      rocket to be launched into space.
                                                              mally is 3 1/2’’.
   l The sun remains behind us and we face rain-
                                                            l Icebird’ is a ship which was used in the melt-
      drops when we see rainbow.                              ing of ice and carried the 14th Indian Antarc-
Chemistry                                                     tica Research Team.
   l  Anthracite coal produces most heat per unit.       Miscellaneous
   l  Wet wood will become use less soon after expos-       l The story/Theme is always taken from Mahab-
      ing in the open air.                                    harata and Ramayana in Mohiniattam styles of
   l  Baryllium sulphate is less soluble in water due         dance.
      to high inflammable energy.                           l Lavini is the popular dance form of Maharash-
                                                              tra’s musical theater.
   l  Cement is made hard with dehydration.
                                                            l Kerala has the best facility of Hospitals.
   l  Energy is always released when a chemical bond
                                                            l According to Transparency International Den-
      is formed.                                              mark is the least corrupt country in the world.
   l  Maximum iron ore is found in Fe2O3 state.             l World Buddhist property organization is situat-
   l  ‘’All the four quantum numbers of two electrons         ed at zeneva.
      in an atom are not the same’’ it is the law of        l China started the civil services examinations in
      Exclusion principle of pauli.                           6 A.D.