1212.(2) Causes of worry remain in        1248.(2) people suffering from imagi-     1290.(1) the role of the heads of
     the subconscious mind and                 nary illness                               departments of a newspaper
     trouble us through bad dreams        1249.(3) health is only a means to an     1291.(2) Aim
1213.(2) Eight                                 end                                  1292.(1) Selling news is not important
1214.(4) Was a fast learner               1250.(4) often suffer from imaginary      1293.(4) Farming has eroded the
1215.(2) Allowed to remain in the              illness                                    natural beauty of the plains.
     school only up to the age of         1251.(2) what a healthy man should        1294.(3) feelings the author has
     twelve                                    or should not do                           picked up from personal
1216.(4) By receiving a share in a legacy 1252.(1) his work which good health             experience.
1217.(4) Due to financial problems             makes possible                       1295.(1) practicality
1218.(3) He was self conceited            1253.(3) Gloomy                           1296.(2) being a native of Kansas.
1219.(2) He was bored                     1254.(4) It stunned everyone present      1297.(3) agriculture
1220.(1) His neighbour was engrossed           there                                1298.(3) that which does not accord
     in an insipid talk                   1255.(2) Joy                                    with the requirement of the free
1221.(2) Relieved                         1256.(4) It licked the prisoner’s face          market
1222.(3) Five minutes                     1257.(3) He was taken aback as the        1299.(1) the aggregate of consumers
1223.(1) Your core values                      others                               1300.(2) industrialised societies
1224.(2) To improve the lives of all his  1258.(4) rodents                          1301.(3) normal and having valuable
     associates.                          1259.(2) Asia                                   economic function
1225.(3) The relationship is beneficial   1260.(1) sacred animal                    1302.(4) recognised by the advocates
     to both parties                      1261.(2) Critic                                 of the free market theories
1226.(2) Core-values,         material    1262.(3) act of treating as God           1303.(3) destructive
     desires, financial needs             1263.(1) Cordial                          1304.(2) both suffered similarly.
1227.(3) The Individual                   1264.(4) Anxiety                          1305.(1) Patience’s husband
1228.(2) islands                          1265.(4) are stranded in a foreign        1306.(4) encouragement
1229.(1) One-third water and two-              country                              1307.(1) rich
     thirds arched bridges, jet           1266.(2) knows what she wants to do       1308.(3) an escape
     fountains and palatial buildings     1267.(3) verify details before accepting  1309.(2) his capacity to escape from
1230.(4) Unpleasant                            any job                                    his present experience
1231.(1) The Stockholmers are             1268.(2) Looming Energy Crisis            1310.(1) valuable
     followers of technology.             1269.(3) homes                            1311.(2) man’s accumulated con-
1232.(4) it is the largest city and       1270.(4) Omnipresent                            sciousness of the past
     capital of Sweden.                   1271.(3) wind and solar power             1312.(4) All of the above.
1233.(3) the knowledge of that which      1272.(2) transition to sustainable        1313.(2) by and large ignorant
     is not generally known to others          energy resources                     1314.(4) never really existed
1234.(4) knows the most of what is        1273.(2) Nobel Prize in 1952 for Peace    1315.(1) he has never seen hedgehogs
     farthest removed from common         1274.(4) in helping others                      eating beetles
     life and actual observation.         1275.(2) was not prejudiced against       1316.(3) observation
1235.(2) does not care about men and           Blacks                               1317.(2) scientific
     things                               1276.(4) a kind and helpful               1318.(4) not having a physical reality
1236.(2) does not know his old            1277.(1) speak louder than his words      1319.(2) know what you are talking
     acquaintances                                                                        about
                                          1278.(2) listening
1237.(1) knowledge of the learned is                                                1320.(2) not confident at letter writing
                                          1279.3) speak
     exclusive to them.                                                             1321.(2) to search a place thoroughly
                                          1280.Multi-lingualism means
     A writer of remarkable                                                               in order to find something
     versatility.                              (1) speaking more than one
                                                                                    1322.(1) not very loud
1238.(2) The capacity to see and hear                                               1323. (2) it would kill millions due to
     things in one’s own way.             1281.(4) listening
                                                                                          its radioactivity.
1239.(1) Aesthetically                    1282.(1) Speak it as easily and naturally
                                                                                    1324. (2) Scarce (Adjective) = insuffi-
1240.(3) He would share his experiences        as a three year old child.
                                                                                          cient for the demand ; not easy
     and help his son ‘develop’.          1283.(3) providing free drugs
                                                                                          to find or get.
1241.(1) Birds                            1284.(1) sad
                                                                                          Abundant (Adjective) = exist-
1242.(4) have a more intel lectual        1285.(2) people living below accepted
                                                                                          ing or available in large quanti-
     outlook                                   standard of living                         ties ; plentiful.
1243.(4) phagocytosis                     1286.(3) Forgiving debts owed by them     1325. (2) Radium
1244.(3) Synthesized proteins             1287.(1) Their buying of industrialized   1326.(1) Fortune (Noun) = a large
1245.(2) Plasma cells are formed               products                                   amount of money or assets;
1246.(3) Complement is a blood con-       1288.(4) subscribers and advertisers            wealth
     stituent                             1289.(3) the economics of newspaper       1327. (2) It is found in small quantities.
1247.(4) engulfed                              publishing