1106.(2) Immense conservatism.           1138.(1) friendly                        1175.(2) he was soaring downwards
1107.(1) It will put the banks in        1139.(2) light hearted                        and outwards
     danger.                             1140.(2) annoyed                         1176.(2) and was no longer afraid
1108.(2) The light reflected from the    1141.(1) boldly                          1177.(1) Let out a joyous scream
     object.                             1142.(4) Physics                         1178.(2) Nehru delivered this speech
1109.(2) convert light energy to         1143.(4) All of these                         to the members of the
     electrical energy.                  1144.(3) to live in thickly populated         Constituent Assembly.
1110.(3) sight.                               areas without fear of epidemics     1179.(3) Nehru believed that India
1111.(2) once in every six seconds.      1145.(3) has made all the commodities         could take huge steps towards
1112.(3) at the outer corner of the eye.      available to everyone.                   realising its dreams
1113.(2) By great men who write them.    1146.(3) Man has been able to control    1180.(1) the voice of optimism
1114.(1) Expression whi ch is the             nature to a great extent.           1181.(3) Nehru believed that Commu-
     outflow from the heart of the       1147.(4) All of these.                        nalism would be dangerous for
     author.                             1148.(1) He wanted to know whether            India.
1115.(3) translated                           the marri age woul d be             1182.(2) Nehru believed that the
1116.(3) They would tend to disappear         performed in a traditional               honourable mansion of India
     and life would be corrspondingly         manner.                                  should be built.
     degraded.                           1149.(3) Every village headman did not   1183.(3) Working hard and sincerely
1117.(4) To raise the plain towards the       react to Akbar’s marriage in the
                                                                                  1184.(2) When he has put his heart
     top level of the peaks.                  same way.
                                                                                       into his work and has done his
1118.(4) A society where everyone can    1150.(4) He wanted to find out the
     become a leader.                         uwhereabouts of Birbal.
                                                                                  1185.(1) Cowards
1119.(3) Many would develop leader-      1151.(2) Khaji thought of the idea that
     ship in the field of their inter-        the marriage of wells should be     1186.(3) The power which resides in
     est.                                     conducted in a traditional               him
1120.(3) People with conviction in            manner.                             1187.(1) Display
     their ideas.                        1152.(4) None of these                   1188.(1) St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
1121.(2) Cynical                         1153.(2) Plants                          1189.(2) Invaluable
1122.(1) Expository                      1154.(4) They should be fed only once    1190.(3) Microwave
1123.(2) Translation brings together          a day.                              1191.(4) feel pleasure and pain as we
     people speaking different           1155.(2) There is no sufficient oxygen        do.
     languages.                               in it.                              1192.(3) A degree
1124.(3) It provides an insight into the 1156.(1) Gold fish should be given       1193.(3) many
     cultural heritage of a nation/           food only once a day.               1194.(2) Linguist
     people.                             1157.(1) Snails make the aquarium        1195.(4) Dialects
1125.(4) given translation its rightful       clean by eating up goldfish.
                                                                                  1196.(1) after
     place.                              1158.(1) at that time he was busy
                                                                                  1197.(3) English
1126.(4) Do away with the unwanted            looking for a sixth wife.
     things and express only the main                                             1198.(1) language policy
                                         1159.(3) a person surviving at that age
     ideas.                                   was old and unbelievable.           1199.(2) Multilingualism
1127.(3) The sense should be conveyed.   1160.(4) one hundred and sixty seven     1200.(4) trade and commerce
1128.(2) The name of the tower is             years ago.                          1201.(3) a basic skill
     connected with a real person.       1161.(4) to determine his age.           1202.(2) children should start learning
1129.(3) It is made of iron structure.   1162.(2) he was the world’s oldest            English from class I
1130.(4) The Eiffel Tower was                 living man.                         1203.(1) Be paid more
     criticised at the beginning by the  1163.(2) to drink from it.               1204.(1) Spending extravagantly
     French intellectuals and artists.   1164.(3) biting the hunter.              1205.(1) Gets fat salaries even at a
1131.(3) A year marked by a landmark     1165.(2) save the ant.                        young age.
     achievement in French tourism.      1166.(3) to point a gun at something/    1206.(4) Purchasing jewellery
1132.(1) The Eiffel Tower features            someone.                            1207.(4) A few youngsters spend more
     prominently in popular culture.     1167.(2) a hunter was about to shoot          while some save
1133.(3) A genius is superior to the          it.                                 1208.(1) Because nothing of his future
     man of talent and that talented     1168.(1) Nobody knows.                        depended on himself
     men are more common than            1169.(3) One drawing is hidden.
     genius.                                                                      1209.(2) That his parents would die
                                         1170.(2) One of the great artists in the
1134.(2) original                                                                      suddenly at night
1135.(3) talented                        1171.(4) thoughtful                      1210.(3) The writer was on the war
1136.(2) An exceptionally intelligent    1172.(3) is raised more than the one          front in Mesopotamia
     person.                                  in the model.                       1211.(1) He dreamt that he was a
1137.(2) There are many other well       1173.(2) maddened by want                     prisoner in a war that was not
     known talented musicians.           1174.(3) a monstrous terror                   going to be over