999. (2) large sums of money             1037.(3) the average man often uses      1068.(2) at a seaport village.
1000.(1) could not refuse to pay any          his own vocabulary what was         1069.(3) 84 million galons of crude oil.
     attention                                once technical language not         1070.(4) The H-shaped steel racks.
1001.(3) invested                             meant for him                       1071.(1) 8 major oil companies joined
1002.(2) lost her money                  1038.(3) Because the railways were            hands to share the cost.
1003.(2) can balance the scales in our        admitting more pedlars on the       1072.(3) Lack of funds.
     favour.                                  platform.                           1073.(4) perceptual disorder.
1004.(2) We are not able to develop our  1039.(4) He did not know if he was       1074.(3) reversed.
     intelligence.                            moving forward or backward.         1075.(3) ambidextrous.
1005.(2) freedom.                        1040.(2) Because nothing one ever        1076.(3) persist into adulthood.
                                              wanted was available.               1077.(2) recognize the condition.
1006.(1) seek the meaning of life.
                                         1041.(2) From high up.
1007.(4) necessity of freedom.                                                    1078.(3) Because they have been on
                                         1042.(1) Because he saw a new person,         earth for more than a 100 million
1008.(1) education.
                                              where he and his father had sat.         years and because they can be
1009.(4) To find shelter from the wind
                                         1043.(1) Because their homes have             found anywhere on earth.
1010.(2) A deserted hut
                                              been turned into hives of worry.    1079.(2) communicate.
1011.(2) Because she could not see       1044.(4) They become addi cts to
     clearly in the dark.                                                         1080.(3) It hibernates.
                                              coffee or hard liquor and           1081.(4) They do not make homes but
1012.(4) A golden necklace with a             gambling.
     pendant on it.                                                                    travel in search of food.
                                         1045.(1) Places a heavy burden on the    1082.(3) To mate with future queen
1013.(3) There was no dust on it.             youth
1014.(4) About courage and loyalty.      1046.(2) Hobbies play an important       1083.(2) habits and traditions.
1015.(3) faithfulness                         role in changing the unfortunate
                                                                                  1084.(2) Laws ensure people’s reli-
1016.(4) He fled and climbed up the           situation.
                                                                                       gious and social rights absolutely
     nearest tree.                       1047.(2) Hobbies play a crucial role in
                                                                                       and unconditionally.
1017.(1) The bear thought the man was         physical and mental develop-
                                                                                  1085.(3) To ensure peace among citi-
     dead.                                    ment.
                                                                                       zens by safeguarding individual
1018.(3) His own presence of mind.       1048.(3) his own age.
1019.(4) All of the above                1049.(2) Hats and hairdos.
                                                                                  1086.(4) safeguards people’s posses-
1020.(1) Speci alization to acquire      1050.(3) Applying a base colour, then
                                                                                       sions against being stolen/lost.
     greater skills                           modelling the face by highlighting
                                                                                  1087.(4) The Inspector General of
1021.(1) Later part of the Stone Age          and shadowing.
                                                                                       Police is responsible to the State
1022.(2) qualities of leadership         1051.(2) wrinkles
                                                                                       Assembly for maintaining law
1023.(3) benefit                         1052.(3) After the make-up.
                                                                                       and order.
     privilege (N.) : a special right or 1053.(2) we miss breakfast.              1088.(1) It gi ves the articl e an
     advantage that a particular         1054.(3) we have skipped the first            authoritative, scientific tone.
     person or group of people has.           meal.                               1089.(2) The rich and varied life in
1024.(2) Only if he is defeated by       1055.(4) keeps you active; boosts             such areas.
     Robin in a competiton of shooting        performance.                        1090.(4) How winter cover affects
     arrows.                             1056.(1) carbohydrates, proteins, fats,       game bird populations.
1025.(3) They made arrangements for           minerals and vitamins.              1091.(3) facts derived from scientific
     the competition.                    1057.(2) it contains high protein and         literature.
1026.(4) When Robin’s arrow hit the           fibre content.                      1092.(2) Very dependent.
     bul l’s eye and broke the           1058.(2) The Jamun tree                  1093.(2) an obstacle.
     stranger’s arrow.                   1059.(2) There were parrots nesting in   1094.(1) a right value system.
1027.(4) Little John                          the tree.                           1095.(2) it lulls Man into believing that
1028.(1) He welcomed the stranger to     1060.(3) That they should not be              all is well when it is not.
     the band and changed his name.           captured and sold.                  1096.(4) helping man to understand
1029.(4) To acquire good speaking and    1061.(3) He had mastered the trash            his potential, the world around
     writing skills.                          trucks schedules.                        him and his role in it.
1030.(4) By his speech and writing       1062.(3) So that Kalu could pass on      1097.(1) encourages indifference to
                                              information about local drug             the outcome of examinations.
1031.(1) One year
                                              dealers.                            1098.(4) nothing
1032.(2) Soldier
                                         1063.(2) Cugnot                          1099.(3) Move slowly.
1033.(1) patient, thoughtful and         1064.(2) The French Army                 1100.(3) Eminence.
     holistic.                           1065.(3) its inability to maintain steam 1101.(4) One with a weak spirit.
1034.(1) may become part of common            pressure.                           1102.(1) wise, firm and resolute.
     speech.                             1066.(4) resentment                      1103.(2) A period of change.
1035.(3) a linguist.                     1067.(4) the name of the world’s first   1104.(3) Financially healthy.
1036.(2) technical terminology.               internal combustion engine.         1105.(1) By being innovative.