businessmen who can afford to advertise in it. The growth       us. Yet from my earliest childhood, when the most of the
of the Press depends on both. Therefore, in newspaper           Kansas prairie was still intact, I’ve known that the land
management neither aspect can be neglected.                     also had a romantic quality. I’ve felt moved by the expanse
      Co-ordination among the various departments-editorial,    of it , enthralled by size. I take pride in my identity as a
circulation, advertising and production is very essential for   plains daughter.
effective and better management. The heads of various           1293. Which of the following is the most accurate state-
departments must be part of the management of a                         ment of the author’s position?
newspaper. They must be aware of the goals set, policies                (1) The presence of the people has enriched the plain’s
and future plans of the management. They cannot afford to                   habitat.
remain cut off from the mainstream of management function.              (2) Farming has improved the soil of the plains.
In addition, each department should keep the other
                                                                        (3) Farming has chemically polluted the plains.
department managers informed of those of its activities that
                                                                        (4) Farming has eroded the natural beauty of the
will be useful to them. This is a vital aspect of newspaper
                                                                1294. The argument in the paragraph is based primarily
1288. The growth of a newspaper depends on :
                                                                        on :
        (1) the editorial and news coverage
                                                                        (1) facts of history and statistical studies.
        (2) large scale subscribers
                                                                        (2) facts derived from the author’s personal observa-
        (3) advertisers
        (4) subscribers and advertisers
                                                                        (3) feelings the author has picked up from personal
1289. The main idea conveyed in the first paragraph of the                  experience.
        passage is :
                                                                        (4) feeling passed down to the authors by ancestors.
        (1) the growth of press
                                                                1295. From the passage, it may be determined that the
        (2) news and editorial coverage                                 word “mercantile” has something to do with
        (3) the economics of newspaper publishing                       (1) practicality            (2) danger
        (4) the importance of advertisements                            (3) America                 (4) spirituality
1290. The main idea conveyed in the second paragraph of         1296. What does the author feel proud about?
        the passage is :
                                                                        (1) being an American
        (1) the role of the heads of departments of a
                                                                        (2) being a native of Kansas.
                                                                        (3) being able to see the romantic quality of the land.
        (2) the future of newspapers
                                                                        (4) the ability to unite well.
        (3) how to sell newspapers
                                                                1297. What factor changed the entire landscape of Kan-
        (4) effective sales
1291. The word ‘goal’ in the passage means :
                                                                        (1) wind                    (2) heat
        (1) Conclusion             (2) Aim
                                                                        (3) agriculture             (4) flooding
        (3) Result                 (4) Benefit
1292. Which of the following statements is false
                                                                                      (Q. Nos. 1298-1302)
        (1) Selling news is not important
                                                                       Most economists in the United States seem captivated
        (2) Editorial coverage matters for sales                by the spell of the free market. Consequently, nothing seems
        (3) Advertisements are needed for a paper to survive    good or normal that does not accord with the requirements
        (4) All departments have to be in touch with other      of the free market. A price that is determined by the seller
        departments                                             or, for that matter (for that matter: so far as that is con-
      Directions (1293-1322) : Read the following passages      cerned), established by anyone other than the aggregate of
carefully and choose the most appropriate answer to the         consumers seems pernicious. Accordingly, it requires a
questions out of the four alternatives.                         major act of will to think of price-fixing (the determination
                                         (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE) of prices by the seller) as both “normal” and having a valu-
                                             Exam. 12.01.2017)  able economic function. In fact, price-fixing is normal
                            Passage-I                           in all industrialised societies because the industrial system
                     (Q. Nos. 1293-1297)                        itself provides, as an effortless consequence of its own
      When I think of my family’s history on the land. I        development, the price-fixing that it requires. Modern in-
experience a pang of regret. Unlike much of the arid West,      dustrial planning requires and rewards great size. Hence,
where the land has gone virtually unchanged for centuries,      a comparatively small number of large firms will be compet-
my place of origin, western Kansas, has been torn up by         ing for the same group of consumers. That each large firm
agriculture. The flat plains, excellent soil, and sparse but    will act with consideration of its own needs and thus avoid
just adequate rainfall permitted farming; therefore farming     selling its products for more than its competitors charge is
prevailed, and a good 90% of the original sod prairie is        commonly recognised by advocates of free-market economic
gone. The consequence, in human terms, is that our rela-        theories. But each large firm will also act with full consider-
tionship to our place has always felt primarily mercantile.     ation of the needs that it has in common with the other
We used the land and denied, or held at bay, its effect on      large firms competing for the same customers.