(1) stay in their own countries and villages                       (3) regulation placed on energy consumers
       (2) feel contented and satisfied with their lot                    (4) keeping the level of energy production constant
       (3) verify details before accepting any job                     Directions (1273–1277) : A passage is given with 5
       (4) not travel to these regions of the world               questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose
     Directions (1268–1272) : A passage is given with 5           the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose                                              (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.                                     Exam. 11.09.2016 (IInd sitting)
                                          (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)        Reporters and city officials gathered at a Chicago
                                 Exam. 10.09.2016 (IIIrd sitting) railroad station one afternoon in 1953. The person they
     Modern civilisation is completely dependent on energy,       were meeting was the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize winner. A
which has therefore to be abundant and also economical.           few minutes after the train came to a stop, a giant of a man
About 85% of the world’s energy is supplied by oil, coal          six feet four inches with bushy hair and a large moustache
and natural gas while nuclear, hydro, wind and solar power        stepped out from the train. Cameras flashed. City officials
and biomass supply the rest. Coal, nuclear and hydro are          approached him with hands outstretched. Various people
used primarily to generate electricity while natural gas is       began telling him how honoured they were to meet him.
widely used for heating. Biomass is used both for heating              The man politely thanked them and then, looking over
and cooking. The wind and solar power is the future’s hope        their heads, asked if he could be excused for a moment.
as they are sustainable energy sources. Oil powers almost         He quickly walked through the crowd until he reached the
all machines that move and that makes oil uniquely versatile.     side of an elderly black woman who was struggling with
Oil powered airplanes carry 500 people across the widest          two large suitcases. He picked up the bags with a smile,
oceans at nearly the speed of sound. Oil powered machines         escorted the woman to a bus. After helping her aboard, he
produce and transport food. Oil powered machines are              wished her a safe journey. As he returned to the greeting
ubiquitous. Clearly, we live in the age of oil but it is drawing  party he apologized, “Sorry to have kept you waiting.” Not
to a close. According to data available if oil production         many whites would have done what he did.
remains constant until it’s gone, there is enough to last 42
                                                                       The man was Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the famous
years. Oil wells will produce less as they become depleted,
                                                                  missionary doctor who had spent his life helping the poor
which will make it impossible to keep production constant.
                                                                  in Africa. In response to Dr. Schweitzer’s action, one
Similarly natural gas and coal will last another 61 years
and 133 years respectively. Naturally, as they become             member of the reception committee said with great admiration
scarce, they become expensive, leading to a worldwide             to the reporter standing next to him, “That’s the first time I
energy crisis. If we are to survive on this planet, we have       ever saw a sermon walking.”
to make a transition to sustainable energy sources. The           1273. Dr. Albert Schweitzer was the winner of the _____ .
transition may be willy-nilly or planned the choice is ours.              (1) Nobel Prize in 1952 for Medicine
     The dawning era of limited and expensive energy will                 (2) Nobel Prize in 1952 for Peace
be very difficult for everyone on earth but will be even                  (3) Nobel Prize in 1952 for Chemistry
more difficult if it is not anticipated. It is of utmost
                                                                          (4) Nobel Prize in 1953 for Peace
importance that the public and policymakers understand
the global energy crisis and act in tandem to ensure that         1274. Dr. Albert delighted _____ .
the species ‘homo sapiens’ does not become extinct.                       (1) in being helped by others
1268. The theme of the passage is                                         (2) in not being honoured
       (1) Changing Lives                                                 (3) in being honoured
       (2) Looming Energy Crisis                                          (4) in helping others
       (3) Energy Resources                                       1275. Dr. Albert Schweitzer _____ .
       (4) Power in Today’s world                                         (1) was not prejudiced against Whites
1269. Biomass is an energy source used in                                 (2) was not prejudiced against Blacks
       (1) agriculture            (2) industry
                                                                          (3) was prejudiced against Whites
       (3) homes                  (4) offices
                                                                          (4) was prejudiced against Blacks
1270. The synonym for Ubiquitous is
                                                                  1276. Dr. Albert was _____ person.
       (1) Omnipotent             (2) Omnifarious
                                                                          (1) a generous and friendly
       (3) Omniscient             (4) Omnipresent
1271. The energy sources of the future are                                (2) a proud
       (1) nuclear and hydro power                                        (3) a timid
       (2) coal and natural gas                                           (4) a kind and helpful
       (3) wind and solar power                                   1277. Dr. Albert preferred to let his actions _____ .
       (4) oil and biomass                                                (1) speak louder than his words
1272. The survival of mankind will depend on                              (2) be admired
       (1) maximum use of available energy resources                      (3) be advertised
       (2) transition to sustainable energy resources                     (4) be written about