I listened to the talk for the first five minutes. By the          You, too, can frame your mission statement starting
seventh, I was looking around to check if others were             with your core values, working outward to your material
listening. By the tenth, I had glanced at my watch three          desires and financial needs.
times, and yawned once. After twenty minutes I was                1223. What should a person’s mission statement begin
thoroughly bored, and telling myself that it was difficult to             with?
sit through such an insipid talk. I wanted to share some of               (1) Your core values
my expert comments with my neighbour. But he was                          (2) What you want to acquire
completely sold out to the speaker, and looked like it was
                                                                          (3) Your monetary ambitions
the greatest day of his life. I was disgusted. I tried to catch
a word or phrase from the talk, only to convince myself                   (4) Your next promotion
that this should be his last talk ever.                           1224. What is the narrator’s mission?
     The one-hour talk took ages to end, and before the                   (1) To discourage his friends and associates in every
thanks were said, I jumped to my feet with a sigh of relief.              endeavour.
My neighbour smiled at me and said, “The talk was                         (2) To improve the lives of all his associates.
wonderful, wasn’t it?” I retorted, “It almost killed me with              (3) To be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of
kindness”.                                                                his friends.
1218. What do you understand about the narrator from the                  (4) To ill-treat all.
        description in the first paragraph?                       1225. What does a ‘win-win’ relationship mean?
        (1) He was a genius                                               (1) Every one must win always
        (2) He was knowledgeable                                          (2) There are no challenges
        (3) He was self conceited                                         (3) The relationship is beneficial to both parties
        (4) He was charismatic                                            (4) The competition is friendly
1219. How did the narrator respond to the speech?                 1226. What are the suggested components of a ‘mission
        (1) He was glued                                                  statement’?
                                                                          (1) Win-win attitude, financial needs, knowledge
        (2) He was bored
                                                                          (2) Core-values, material desires, financial needs
        (3) He did not mind it
                                                                          (3) Academic qualifications, love, material desires
        (4) He was engrossed in it
                                                                          (4) Core-values, joy, self-confidence
1220. The narrator was disgusted because
                                                                  1227. Who is responsible for designing a personal mission?
        (1) His neighbour was engrossed in an insipid talk
                                                                          (1) A Chief Executive Officer
        (2) The talk was boring
                                                                          (2) The family and friends
        (3) He could not understand it                                    (3) The Individual
        (4) He was impatient                                              (4) The company
1221. When the speech ended the narrator was                             Directions (1228-1232) : A passage is given with 5
        (1) Happy                  (2) Relieved                   questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose
        (3) Exhausted              (4) Disgusted                  the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
1222. How long did the narrator listen to the speech without                                                 (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
        judgement?                                                                                 Exam. 06.09.2016 (IIIrd sitting)
        (1) Seven minutes          (2) Ten minutes                       Stockholm is spread out on an archipelago of 14
        (3) Five minutes           (4) Twenty minutes             islands, where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea. More
                                                                  airy than Venice, with wide-open spaces, it is one-third
     Directions (1223–1227) : A passage is given with 5
                                                                  water. Its other two-thirds combine arched bridges, jet
questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose
                                                                  fountains, and palatial buildings trimmed with gold. For
the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
                                                                  Stockholmers, fans of great outdoors, this is an amiable
                                           (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
                                                                  and graceful home and a healthy environment in which to
                                  Exam. 06.09.2016 (IInd sitting)
                                                                  live. Minutes from the city centre are parks and woodland
     Most successful compani es, institutions and
                                                                  for recreation, and clear water for swimming and fishing.
organizations have mission statements. Most individuals
                                                                  In winter, everyone takes to ice-skating, on artificial rinks
don’t. As the Chief Executive Officer of your own life in the
                                                                  in the shadows of grand palaces, or on the frozen waters of
knowledge era, you need a laser like focus in your vision.
                                                                  the channel.
You need a mission and a mission statement describing
                                                                         Stockholm is also a city at the leading edge of fashion,
how you want to live, not just what you want to own; defining
                                                                  design and advanced technology. Fashion houses and IT
the person you want to become, not just the title you want
                                                                  companies use the city as a test market for their innovations,
to see on your door; outlining the knowledge you will receive,
                                                                  especially as Stockholmers are followers of technology.
not just the degree you’ll earn or your next promotion.
                                                                  Stockholm is the capital as well as the largest city of
     I began the process this way : “To be aware of the
                                                                  Sweden. It is the site of the government and Parliament of
uniqueness of my associates, clients, friends and family,         the country.
and to treat that uniqueness with loving concern. I was
                                                                  1228. An archipelago is a collection of _____ .
created to lead myself and others to understand win-win
relationships and how to use them to improve the lives of                 (1) cities                 (2) islands
all persons with whom I come into contact.”                               (3) lakes                  (4) coral-reefs