1158. The old man did not like being brought to New York        1166 The word ‘aim’ in this passage means
       because                                                          (1) to look at something
       (1) at that time he was busy looking for a sixth wife.           (2) to have an ambition
       (2) he didn’t like travelling much.                              (3) to point a gun at something or someone
       (3) he didn’t like New York.                                     (4) to try to reach somewhere
       (4) he preferred to be left alone in his native village. 1167. The dove was in danger because
1159. The cartoon-strip creators got interested in him                  (1) there was a bush nearby
       because                                                          (2) a hunter was about to shoot it
       (1) he was a comical creature .                                  (3) it had fallen off the branch
       (2) they wanted to feature him in a cartoon strip.               (4) a hunter wanted to care for it
       (3) a person surviving at that age was odd and                                      Passage-VI
       unbelievable.                                                   Over four hundred years after Michelangelo’s death,
       (4) he had the tendency of swinging to his right.        scholars are still unravelling the mysteries of his art. One
1160. The old man claimed that the Americans gave               mystery revealed recently was that his famous painting of
       themselves a Constitution                                a pensive Cleopatra included a hidden drawing of a different
       (1) before he was born.                                  Cleopatra on the reverse side. This hidden Cleopatra, a
       (2) in the year of George Washington’s birth.            tormented woman, whose eyes stare out at the viewer and
       (3) two centuries ago.                                   whose mouth is open, screaming in horror. The two images,
       (4) one hundred and sixty seven years ago.               drawn on two sides of the same paper, can be viewed
                                                                simultaneously. The second mystery is with regard to
1161. George Washington’s name was mentioned to the old
                                                                Michelangelo’s architectural plan for the dome of St. Peter’s
                                                                Basilica in Rome. Did he intend the dome to look like the
       (1) to teach him a bit of history.                       model he built between 1558 and 1561 ? Or did he change
       (2) to know whether he had any personal contacts         his mind after building the model and decide to elevate the
       with Washington.                                         dome in the way it is today ? Scholars do not agree on the
       (3) to make fun of his advanced age.                     answer. The third mystery about this great artist was why
       (4) to determine his age.                                he destroyed hundreds or thousands of his drawings before
1162. The old man was ‘dogmatic’ about the fact that            he died. Did he feel they were unimportant or did he want
       (1) he was four feet four inches tall.                   posterity to see only his finished products ?
       (2) he was the world’s oldest living man.                              MEANINGS OF WORDS/PHRASES
       (3) he belonged to Columbia.                                (1) unravelling (V.) : to clarify the facts of something
       (4) he had an alligator-hide complexion.                        mysterious
                           Passage-V                               (2) pensive (Adj.) : deeply/seriously thoughtful
      Once, an ant who had come to drink at a stream fell          (3) tormented (Adj.) : experiencing intense pain (mental)
into the water and was carried away by the swift current.          (4) posterity (N.) : all future generations of people
He was in great danger of drowning. A dove, perched on a
nearby tree, saw the ant’s danger and dropped a leaf into       1168. Why did Michelangelo destroy so many drawings
the water. The ant climbed onto this and was carried to                 before he died ?
safety. Sometime after this, a hunter, creeping through the             (1) Nobody knows.
bushes, saw the dove asleep and took a careful aim with                 (2) They were unimportant.
his gun. He was about to fire when the ant, who was nearby,             (3) They were only drafts.
crawled forward and bit him sharply on the ankle. The
                                                                        (4) He had changed the drawings.
hunter missed his aim and the loud noise of the gun
awakened the dove from her sleep. She saw the danger            1169. It can be inferred from the passage that the most
and flew swiftly away to safety. Thus, the ant repaid the               unusual aspect of the Cleopatra drawing is that
dove for having saved its life in the foaming current of the            (1) the figure is tormented.
stream.                                                                 (2) the figure is screaming.
1163. The ant came to the stream to                                     (3) one drawing is hidden.
       (1) fall into it                                                 (4) one drawing is backward.
       (2) to drink from it                                     1170. According to the passage, Michelangelo is
       (3) look at the swift current                                    (1) a private person.
       (4) carry back some water.                                       (2) one of the great artists in the world.
1164. The ant repaid the dove by                                        (3) the most famous architect in Rome.
       (1) biting the dove         (2) bring the hunter                 (4) a depressed man.
       (3) biting the hunter       (4) None of these            1171. The word ‘pensive’ in the passage can be best
1165. The dove dropped a leaf into the water to                         substituted with the word
       (1) drown the ant           (2) save the ant                     (1) angry                   (2) happy
       (3) help itself             (4) perch on it                      (3) anxious                 (4) thoughtful