fertile brain of Birbal and told Khaji that he did not want     commercially-prepared goldfish food, but they should never
the well but the man who gave him the idea.                     be fed more than once a day. Even then, they should not
1148. Why did Khaji come to meet Akbar ?                        be given more food than can be consumed in about five
        (1) He wanted to know whether the marriage would        minutes. This ensures prolonged life.
            be performed in a traditional manner.               1153. Which of the following helps supply goldfish with
        (2) He wanted to know whether the bridegroom could              oxygen ?
            come to his village gate to receive the bride.              (1) Snails                  (2) Plants
        (3) He wanted to know why Akbar had thought of                  (3) Dried insects           (4) Aquarium
            the marriage between wells.                         1154. What is important to remember when feeding
        (4) He wanted to know when the marriage ceremony                goldfish ?
            was to be held.                                             (1) They should be fed more than once a day.
1149. Which of the following is TRUE in the context of the              (2) They should be fed at five-minute intervals.
        passage ?                                                       (3) They should be fed with plants and snails.
        (1) Akbar never quarreled with others on small                  (4) They should be fed only once a day.
            matters.                                            1155. Water in an aquarium needs to be changed if
        (2) Akbar ordered all the village headmen to find out           (1) There are plenty of snails and plants in it.
            about Birbal.                                               (2) There is no sufficient oxygen in it.
        (3) Every village headman did not react to Akbar’s              (3) It is very clean and contains sufficient oxygen.
            marriage in the same way.                                   (4) It does not contain goldfish food and dried insects.
        (4) Khaji was to bring the bridegroom to the village    1156. Which of the following statement is TRUE ?
            gates.                                                      (1) Gold fish should be given food only once a day.
1150. Why did Akbar decide to perform the marriage ?                    (2) Snails eat up the goldfish in an aquarium.
        (1) He wanted to know how marriages are                         (3) Plants provide food to the snails.
            performed.                                                  (4) Gold fish comes above the surface of water to
        (2) He wanted to increase the water in his well.                get oxygen from air.
        (3) He wanted to test the intelligence of the village   1157. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE ?
            Headmen.                                                    (1) Snails make the aquarium clean by eating up
        (4) He wanted to find out the where abouts of Birbal.               goldfish.
1151. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in the context                 (2) Two gallons of water with sufficient oxygen is
        of the passage ?                                                    enough for two-inch fish.
        (1) According to Akbar, Birbal was the most intelligent         (3) Goldfish can be made good pets.
            man in his kingdom.                                         (4) Plants in an aquarium provide oxygen to goldfish.
        (2) Khaji thought of the idea that the marriage of                                 Passage-IV
            wells should be conducted in a traditional manner.         Some years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the
        (3) Akbar enjoyed Birbal’s company.                     world’s oldest man. At least, he said he was. And he was so
        (4) The King’s well was to be the bridegroom.           dogmatic about it that the promoters of a cartoon strip that
1152. Why did Akbar say that he did not want the well           specialised in unbelievable oddities, brought the old man
        which Khaji was offering ?                              to New York from his native Columbia to have him examined
        (1) Akbar did not like the demands which Khaji was      by a team of Doctors at the Cornell Medical Centre. He was
                                                                an Indian, four feet four inches tall; he had an alligator-
                                                                hide complexion and a tendency to swing to his right
        (2) Akbar’s intention behind his plan to perform the
                                                                whenever he was passed from one medico to another. He
            marriage was fulfilled.
                                                                said he was 167, born the same year as the American
        (3) There was not much water in the well.               Constitution. When the name of George Washington was
        (4) None of these                                       suggested to him to help him fix his generation, he said he
                          Passage-III                           remembered the man well. But he resented coming all the
       Because goldfish can be kept easily in small ponds       way to New York. He wanted to be left alone to go about
and aquariums, they make good pets, but like many other         his business, which at that time was the business of looking
pets, they must have proper care and the right kind of          for a sixth wife to comfort him in his approaching old age!
place to live. A two-inch fish requires a minimum of two
                                                                              MEANINGS OF WORDS/PHRASES
gallons of water containing sufficient oxygen to support life.
Some oxygen will make its way into the water of an aquarium        (1) dogmatic (Adj.) : being certain that your beliefs are
from the air that touches the surface. Plants in an aquarium           right and that other should accept them, without
also help to furnish oxygen. Snails help to keep an aquarium           paying attention to evidence/other opinions
clean. Thus, with plenty of plants and snail, the water in         (2) oddities (N.) : something unusual-perhaps worthy
an aquarium does not have to be changed frequently. A                  of collecting
large lake may prove to be a quite unsuitable abode for            (3) hide (N.) : body covering of a living animal
goldfish. It is important that goldfish should not be overfed.     (4) resented (V.) : to feel bitter/angry about something,
They can be fed such things as dried insects in addition to            because you feel it is unfair