(3) The sense should be conveyed.                               (2) The Eiffel Tower is simply a regional icon.
         (4) The arrangement of the words in the original                (3) The Eiffel Tower has no international or aesthetic
             should be retained.                                             appeal.
                            Passage–IV                                   (4) The Eiffel Tower has never captured public
                      (Q. Nos. 1128–1132)                                    imagination.
      The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the                             Passage–V
Champ de Mars in Paris. It was named after the engineer                               (Q. Nos. 1133–1137)
Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.           Is there any difference between “genius” and “talent” ?
Erected in 1889, it was initially criticised by some of France"s We generally feel that a man of genius is in some way higher
leading artists and intellectuals for its design, but has        than a man of talent; and that talented men are more
become both a global cultural icon of France and one of the      common than genius. This is true, but it is rather vague.
most recognisable structures in the world. The tower is the      Genius implies “very extraordinary gifts or native powers,
tallest structure in Paris and the most visited monument in      especially as displayed in original creation, discovery,
the world; 6.98 million people ascended it in 2011. The          expression or achievement; phenomenal capacity regarded
tower received its 250 millionth visitor in 2010.                as relatively independent of instruction and training”. Talent,
      The tower is 324 metres, about the same height as an       on the other hand, consists of “mental endowments or
81-storey building. During its construction, the Eiffel Tower    capacities of superior character; marked mental ability“.
surpassed the washington Monument to assume the title of         “Talent” is more the capacity to learn to do a thing well; but
the tallest man-made structure in the world. The tower has       “genius” is an inborn inspiration that drives a man to do a
three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and     thing with original excellence. As Meredith said, “Genius
second. Tickets can be purchased to ascend by stairs or          does what it must, and talent does what it can”.
lift to the first and second levels. Although there are stairs        Shakespeare in drama and poetry, Issac Newton in
to the third and highest level, these are usually closed to      science, Napoleon in war, Beethoven in music, were
the public and it is generally only accessible by lift. As a     geniuses; many well-known poets, scientists, generals and
global landmark, the Eiffel Tower is featured in media           musicaians have been men of talent.
including films, video games, and television shows.              1133. What is the general view of a “genius” and a “talented”
1128. Choose the most appropriate response.                              man?
         (1) The name of the tower is not connected with                 (1) A genius is more superior than other men
             anyone.                                                     (2) A talented man is a skilful man.
         (2) The name of the tower is connected with a real              (3) A genius is superior to the man of talent and that
             person.                                                     talented men are more common than genius.
         (3) The name of the tower is connected with a certain           (4) A genius looks down on a talented man.
             company.                                            1134. A genius is a man with _____ ideas.
         (4) The name of the tower is connected with another             (1) common                 (2) original
             tower in Paris.                                             (3) clever                 (4) bright
1129. What is the Eiffel Tower made of?                          1135. To learn to do a thing well is to be _____ .
         (1) It is made of wood.                                         (1) professional           (2) skillful
         (2) It is made of stone.                                        (3) talented               (4) a genius
         (3) It is made of iron structure.                       1136. Who can be considered a true genius ?
         (4) It is made of silver.                                       (1) Any independent thinker.
1130. Select the most appropriate answer from the passage.               (2) An exceptionally intelligent person.
         (1) The Eiffel Tower continues to be criticised by              (3) An interesting person.
             French intellectuals and artists.                           (4) Any amusing and constructive thinker.
         (2) The Eiffel Tower has never been criticised by       1137. As per the ideas expressed in the passage,
             French intellectuals and artists.                           Shakespeare, in drama and poetry, is genius and
         (3) The Eiffel Tower will never be criticised by French         ______.
             intellectuals and artists.                                  (1) Issac Newton is a talented scientist.
         (4) The Eiffel Tower was critic ised at the beginning           (2) There are many other well-known talented
             by French intellectuals and artists.                        musicians.
1131. Why is 2010 considered a significant year?                         (3) Napoleon is a genius in music.
         (1) A year marked by a decline in tourism.                      (4) There are many generals who are geniuses.
         (2) A year marked by unfortunate accidents.                                       Passage–VI
         (3) A year marked by a landmark achievement in                               (Q. Nos. 1138–1142)
             French tourism.                                          Marie Curie was one of the most accomplished
         (4) A year marked by stagnation.                        scientists in history. Together with her husband, Pierre,
1132. Which statement truly reflects the status of the Eiffel    she discovered radium, an element widely used for treating
         Tower?                                                  cancer, and studied uranium and other radio active
         (1) The Eiffel Tower features prominently in popular    substances. Pierre and Marie’s amicable collaboration later
             culture.                                            helped to unlock the secrets of the atom.