1088. What is the effect of the word choice riparian ?               1093. The author considers specialization as
         (1) It gives the article an authoritative, scientific tone.           (1) a boon.                 (2) an obstacle.
         (2) It causes confusion, since both streams and rivers                (3) a curse.                (4) a distraction.
             could be viewed as riparian.                            1094. One of the core elements of education is
         (3) It seems condescending, as if the author is bending               (1) a right value system.
             over back-wards to teach readers.                                 (2) a good examination system.
         (4) It misleads reader into thinking they are getting                 (3) a system with extracurricular activities.
             scientific information when they are not.                         (4) a system with specialization.
1089. What is the overall sense conveyed by the author               1095. The examination system is an opiate because
         when the specific birds that live in riparian areas                   (1) it paralyses the mind.
         are listed in the passage?                                            (2) It lulls Man into believing that all is well when it is
         (1) Urgency on behalf of endangered species.                          not.
         (2) The rich and varied life in such areas.                           (3) it slows the natural actvities of Man.
         (3) His or her own importance as a scientific expert.                 (4) it makes Man lazy.
         (4) Poetic wander.
                                                                     1096. The purpose of education is
1090. What is discussed in the second paragraph of this
                                                                               (1) performing well in exams.
                                                                               (2) learning the right values.
         (1) The types of birds that live in riparian areas.
                                                                               (3) knowing what is right and wrong.
         (2) The effect of winter cover on water purity.
                                                                               (4) helping man to understand his potential, the world
         (3) The role of trees and shrubs in riparian areas.
                                                                               around him and his role in it.
         (4) How winter cover affects game bird populations.
                                                                     1097. The author
1091. Overall the assertions seem to be based on
                                                                               (1) encourages indifference to the outcome of
         (1) rash opinion with little observation behind it.
         (2) deeply held emotional convictions.
                                                                               (2) encourages examinations.
         (3) facts derived from scientific literature.
                                                                               (3) encourages specialization.
         (4) inconclusive evidence gathered in field studies.
                                                                               (4) encourages learning.
1092. How dependent are plants and animals on each other?
         (1) Not dependent.           (2) Very dependent.
                                                                                             (Q. Nos. 1098-1102)
         (3) Completely independent.
                                                                           The man who is perpetually hesitating which of the
         (4) Slightly dependent.
                                                                     two things he will do first, will do neither. The man who
                                                                     resolves, but suffers his resolution to be changed by the
                        (Q. Nos. 1093-1097)
                                                                     first counter-suggestion of a friend, who fluctuates from
      Implanting standards, right values, the science of good
                                                                     opinion to opinion, from plan to plan, and veers like a
and evil are an essential part of education. Many forces
                                                                     weather-cock to every point of the compass, with every
thwart this to work, but two of the most serious hindrances
                                                                     breath of caprice that blows-can never accomplish anything
to it are examinations and specialization. The examination
                                                                     great or useful. Instead of being progressive in any thing,
system is both an opiate and a poison. It is an opiate because
                                                                     he will be at best stationary, and more probably retrograde
it lulls Man into believing that all is well when most is ill. It
                                                                     in all. It is only the man who first consults wisely, then
is a poison because it paralyses or at least slows down the
                                                                     resolves firmly, and then executes his purpose with flexible
natural activities of the healthy mind. Man finds himself a
                                                                     perseverance, undismayed by those petty difficulties which
creature of unknown capacities in an unknown world, wants
to learn what the world is like, what he should be and do in         daunt a weaker spirit that can advance to eminence in any
it. To help him in answering these questions is the one and          line. Take your course wisely, but firmly. and having taken
only purpose of education. However, tests of progress are            it, hold upon it with heroic resolution, and the Alps and
useful and necessary. Examinations are harmless when                 Pyrenees will sink before you.
the examinee is indifferent to their result, but as soon as                           MEANING OF WORDS/PHRASES
they matter, they begin to distort his attitude to education
                                                                         (1) perpetually (Adv.) : without interruption
and to conceal its purpose. For disinter-estedness is the
essence of all good education and liberal education is                   (2) resolves (V.) : to make a firm decision to do something
impossible without it.                                                   (3) resolution (N.) : finding a solution to a problem
                                                                         (4) fluctuates (V.) : vary
                                                                         (5) veers (V.) : turn sharply; change direction abruptly
    (1) thwart (V.) : to oppose successfully; prevent from
        accomplishing a purpose                                          (6) caprice (N.) : a sudden desire
    (2) opiate (N.) : a drug derived from opium, to reduce               (7) retrograde (V.) : to decline to an inferior state
        severe pain                                                      (8) perseverance (N.) : the quality of continuing to try to
    (3) lulls : to calm someone/someone’s tears, suspicions,                 achieve a particular aim despite difficulties
        etc. especially by deception                                     (9) undismayed (Adj.) : unshaken in purpose
    (4) indifferent (Adj.) : lakcing importance                        (10) daunt (V.) : cause to lose courage
    (5) distort (V.) : to change the shape, appearance/sound           (11) eminence (N.) : the quality of being famous and
        of something so that it is strange/not clear                         respected