1080. What does the Western Harvester do in winter ?                     (3) To ensure peace among citizens by safeguarding
        (1) It travels.                                                      individual rights.
        (2) It builds different types of homes.                          (4) To maintain peace during extraordinary
        (3) It hibernates.                                                   circumstances.
        (4) It searches for food.                                1086. “They are made to secure the property of citizens
1081. What kind of homes do the army of ants build ?                     against theft and damage” means that the law
        (1) Simple little mounds made out of dirt or sand                (1) helps in recoverring the stolen property of the
        (2) Stronger mounds of small sticks mixed with dirt                  citizens.
            and sand                                                     (2) assists citizens whose property has been stolen or
        (3) Small mounds on top but with tunnels upto 15                     destroyed.
            feet below                                                   (3) initiate process against offenders of law.
        (4) They do not make homes but travel in search of               (4) safeguards people’s possessions against being sto-
            food                                                             len or lost.
1082. What is the purpose of male ants ?                         1087. The last sentence of the passage implies that
        (1) To lay eggs.                                                 (1) the Inspector General of Police is the sole authority
        (2) To protect the colony.                                           in matters of law and order.
        (3) To mate with future queen ants.                              (2) in every state, maintenence of public peace is
        (4) To live a long life.                                             under the over all control of the responsible min-
     Directions (1083-1112) : Read the following passages                    ister.
carefully and choose the most appropriate answer to the                  (3) the State Assembly exercises direct authority in
questions out of the four alternatives.                                      matters pertaining to law and order.
                        (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE) Exam. 30.11.2016)         (4) the Inspector General of Police is responsible to
                            Passage-I                                        the State Assembly for maintaining law and order.
                      (Q. Nos. 1083-1087)                                                   Passage-II
     True, It is the function of the army to maintain law and                          (Q. Nos. 1088-1092)
order in abnormal times. But in normal times there is another         Riparian vegetation [the green band of vegetation along
force that compels citizens to obey the laws and to act with     a watercourse] can help stabilize stream banks filter sediment
due regard to the rights of others. The force also protects      from surface runoff and provide wildlife habitat, livestock
the lives and the properties of law abiding men. Laws are        forage, and scenic value. Well-developed vegetation also
made to secure the personal safety of its subjects and to        allows bank soils to absorb extra water during spring runoff,
prevent murder and crimes of violence. They are made to          releasing it later during drier months, thus improving late-
secure the property of the citizens against theft and damage     summer stream flows.
to protect the rights of communities and castes to carry out          In many parts of the arid West, trees and shrubs are
their customs and ceremonies, so long as they do not conflict
                                                                 found only in riparian areas. Woody plants are very
with the rights of others. Now the good citizen, of his own
                                                                 important as winter cover for many wildlife species,
free will obey these laws and he takes care that everything
                                                                 including upland game birds such as pheasants and
he does is done with due regard to the rights and well-
                                                                 turkeys. Often this winter cover is the greatest single factor
being of others. But the bad citizen is only restrained from
                                                                 limiting game bird populations. Woody vegetation also
breaking these laws by fear of the consequence of his
                                                                 provides hiding cover and browse for many other species
actions. And the necessary steps to compel the bad citizen
to act as a good citizen are taken by this force. The supreme    of birds and mammals, both game and nongame. Dead trees
control of law and order in a State is in the hands of a         (snags) are an integral part of streamside habitats and should
Minister who is responsible to the State Assembly and acts       be left standing whenever possible. Woodpeckers,
through the Inspector General of Police.                         nuthatches, brown creepers, and other birds eat the insects
1083. The expression customs and ceremonies means                that decompose the wood. These insects usually pose no
        (1) fairs and festivals.                                 threat to nearby living trees. Occasionally a disease organism
        (2) habits and traditions.                               or misuse of pesticides will weaken or kill a stand of trees.
                                                                 If several trees in a small area begin to die, contact your
        (3) usual practices and religious rites.
                                                                 local extension agent immediately .
        (4) superstitions and formalities.
1084. Which of the following is NOT implied in the passage?                     MEANING OF WORDS/PHRASES
        (1) Laws protect those who respect it.                      (1) run-off (N.) : rain, water/ other liquid that runs-off
        (2) Laws ensure people’s religious and social rights            land into streams and rivers
            absolutely and unconditionally.                         (2) forage (N.) : food for horses and cows
        (3) A criminal is detered from committing crimes for
                                                                    (3) arid (Adj.) : very dry (of land/climate)
            fear of the law.
                                                                    (4) riparian (Adj.) : on, near or relating to the bank of a
        (4) The forces of law help to transform irresponsible
            citizens into responsible ones.                             river
1085. According to the writer, which one of the following is        (5) upland (Adj.) : in/connected with an area of high
        NOT the responsibility of the police ?                          land that is not near the coast
        (1) To protect the privilege of all the citizens.           (6) browse (N.) : small twigs, leaves, and shoots that
        (2) To check violent activities of citizens.                    are fit for animals to eat