and the urge to sit back. Our efficiency goes down further         lake, was the jamun tree. A few months back, Kalu and
as the day progresses.Moreover, skipping the first meal of         Sunil had a feast in the branches, shaking down a few
the day leads to intense hunger pangs by late morning and          berries for Mirchi.
we end up eating chips, samosas, burgers or other high-fat                That’s when they came to know the second coolest
unhealthy foods. Breakfast-skippers are more likely to be          thing about the jamun tree : There were parrots nesting in
overweight. A good breakfast leads to a more active,               it. Since then, some other road boys had been capturing
productive day. Research has found a definite connection           the parrots one by one to sell at the Marol Market, but
between skipping breakfast and memory impairment in both           Sunil had brought Kalu around to the belief that the birds
young and older adults. Moreover, breakfast is directly linked     should be left as they were. Sunil listened for their squawks
with performance in school and college. Breakfast should           each morning, to make sure they hadn’t been abducted in
contribute at least onefourth of our daily requirement of          the night.
nutrients. An ideal breakfast should contain adequate                     Kalu’s expertise was in the recycling bins inside airline
amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in addition to         catering compounds. Private waste collectors emptied these
minerals and vitamins. Essentially this means including most       dumpsters on a regular basis, but Kalu had mastered the
of our food groups in the morning meal. Whole grain cereals-       trash truck’s schedules. The night before pickup, Kalu would
like atta in parathas and puris, dalia, suji, etc. are an integral climb over the barbed wire fences and raid the overflowing
part of the traditional Indian breakfast. Their high fibre         bins.
and protein content provides a feeling of satisfaction, which            Kalu’s routine had become known by the local police,
lowers the urge to snack before lunch. On the other hand,          however. He kept getting caught, until some constables
highsugar foods actually make people sleepier, not active.         proposed a different arrangement. Kalu could keep his metal
     Milk, cheese, eggs or dals (as sprouts in idli or dosas or    scrap if he’d pass on information he picked up on the road
as sambhar) are other protein sources. A serving of milk (one      about local drug dealers.
cup) provides B-complex vitamins and also minerals like zinc,
magnesium and calcium. Fruits or vegetables provide valuable              MEANINGS OF DIFFICULT WORDS/PHRASES
vitamin C and keep constipation away.                                 (1) gaunt (Adj.) : very thin especially from disease/
1053. We experience sleepiness in the morning because                     hunger/cold
        (1) we eat breakfast.       (2) we miss breakfast.            (2) squawks (N.) : the noise of birds
        (3) efficiency goes down.                                     (3) abducted (V.) : kidnapped
        (4) we feel tired and sleepy.                                 (4) dumpsters (N.) : a container designed to receive and
1054. We eat unhealthy food when                                          transport dump waste
        (1) we suffer from hunger.
                                                                   1058. What was the greatest pleasure this side of the lake?
        (2) we have become overweight.
                                                                           (1) A secret farm.
        (3) we have skipped the first meal.
                                                                           (2) The Jamun tree.
        (4) we love chips, burgers etc.
                                                                           (3) Feasting on the branches of the Jamun tree.
1055. A good breakfast
                                                                           (4) Labourers looking away when the children came
        (1) keeps you active.
                                                                               to dig and eat.
        (2) causes memory loss.
                                                                   1059. What was the second coolest thing about the Jamun
        (3) boosts performance.
        (4) keeps you active; boosts performance.
                                                                           (1) Shaking down the berries for Mirchi.
1056. An ideal breakfast should contain
                                                                           (2) There were parrots nesting in the tree.
        (1) carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and
                                                                           (3) Selling parrots in the Marol Market.
                                                                           (4) Capturing parrots in the tree.
        (2) some food groups.
                                                                   1060. What did Sunil think of parrots?
        (3) only high fibre and protein.
                                                                           (1) That they should be captured and sold.
        (4) foods of our choice.
1057. Breakfast is satisfying when                                         (2) That they had been abducted in the night.
        (1) it is rich in fatty foods.                                     (3) That they should not be captured and sold.
        (2) it contains high protein and fibre content.                    (4) That they squawked every morning.
        (3) it is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats.        1061. How did Kalu manage to raid the airline recycling
                                                                           bins before they were emptied?
        (4) we eat to our heart’s content.
                                                                           (1) He was an expert.
     Directions (1058-1062) : A passage is given with 5
questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose              (2) He jumped over the barbed wire fences.
the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.             (3) He had mastered the trash trucks schedules.
                                           (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)           (4) He worked at night.
                                    Exam. 07.09.2016 (Ist sitting) 1062. Why was a different arrangement proposed?
     Another marvel on the far side of the lake was a little               (1) Because Kalu’s routine was known by the police.
farm that felt like a secret in the city. Some of the gaunt                (2) So that Kalu would be able to keep his metal
Karnataka labourers even looked away when children came                        scrap.
to dig and eat. But the greatest pleasure, this side of the