balance the scales in our favour when we least expect it.             MEANINGS OF DIFFICULT WORDS/PHRASES
Troubles are often the instruments by which God fashions
us for better things.
                                                                     (1) profound (Adj.) : of the greatest intensity
999. Mary’s father made demands for __________                       (2) realm (N.) : area
        (1) a small sum of money                                     (3) subtleties (N.) : the small but important details/
        (2) large sums of money                                           aspects of something
        (3) no money                                                 (4) expanse (N.) : a wide scope
        (4) a reasonable sum of money                              1004. What is the effect of fear on humans?
 1000.      Mary _________ to the demands of her father.                   (1) We understand life’s great mystery.
        (1) could not refuse to pay any attention                          (2) We are not able to develop our intelligence.
        (2) wanted to refuse to pay any attention                          (3) We think freely.
        (3) finally refused to pay any attention                           (4) We see the vast expanse of life.
        (4) initially refused to pay any attention                 1005. The aim of education is to make us realise the need
1001. Mary’s father had __________ all the money he took                   of
        from her.                                                          (1) understanding science.
        (1) gambled                 (2) wasted                             (2) freedom.
        (3) invested                (4) saved                              (3) jobs.
1002. During the depression Mary __________ in the stock                   (4) passing examinations.
        market.                                                    1006. When we are young we should
        (1) lost no money at all (2) lost her money                        (1) seek the meaning of life.
        (3) lost some money         (4) lost lot of money                  (2) study and get a degree.
1003. God at times, makes hard demands so that He                          (3) try for a good job.
        __________ when we least expect it.                                (4) study science.
        (1) can balance the scales against us                      1007. Education helps us realize the
        (2) can balance the scales in our favour                           (1) way to develop our career.
        (3) can harm us                                                    (2) need for good health.
        (4) can refuse to assist us                                        (3) meaning of fear.
     Directions (1004–1008) : A passage is given with 5                    (4) necessity of freedom.
questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose      1008. The passage is about
the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.             (1) education.             (2) freedom.
                                           (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)           (3) intelligence.          (4) livelihood.
                                   Exam. 30.08.2016 (IInd sitting)
                                                                        Directions (1009–1013) : A passage is given with 5
     The function of education is to prepare young people
                                                                   questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose
to understand the whole process of life. The end of education
                                                                   the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
is not merely to pass some examinations and get a job and
                                                                                                              (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
earn one’s livelihood. If education is to make people
                                                                                                      Exam. 31.08.2016 (Ist sitting)
understand life, then surely life is not merely a job or an
                                                                        The snowstorm was getting worse. White flakes whirled
occupation; life is something extraordinarily wide and
                                                                   around us as we fought our way against the wind. I had
profound, it is a great mystery, a vast realm in which we
                                                                   almost given up hope of sheltering, when we found an
function as human beings. If we prepare ourselves only to
                                                                   abandoned log cabin in front of us.
earn a livelihood, we shall miss the whole point of life. To
                                                                        I squeezed through the door of the cabin and stepped
understand life is much more important than to get a degree
                                                                   cautiously inside with Jane close behind me. It was dark
or pass an examination for a job. Life, with all its subtleties,
                                                                   and musty-smelling, but at least it was sheltered and dry.
is such a vast expanse. It has its extraordinary beauty, its
sorrows and joys. It also has its hidden things of the mind             Glad to be out of the storm, we settled down on the
such as envies, ambitions, passions, fears, fulfilments and        dusty floor to wait for a break in the weather. “What’s this?”
anxieties. The birds, the flowers, the flourishing trees, the      asked Jane curiously. Her hand closing over something
heavens, the stars, the rivers and the fishes therein-all          shiny. She held it up to the weak ray of light that pierced
this is life. When we are young we must seek and find out          the gloom. A gold necklace glittered and shone. Its ruby
what life is all about. Thus we cultivate intelligence with        pendant was a lustrous wine-red in the faint beam.
the help of education. Intelligence is the capacity to think       Strangely, there was no dust on the necklace. It was almost
freely, without fear, without a formula, so that we begin to       as though it had dropped from the throat of its owner
discover for ourselves what is real and what is true. Anyone       moments ago.
who is gripped with fear will never be intelligent. Most of             We gazed at each other speechlessly. What strange
us have fear in one form or another. Where there is fear           mystery had we accidently stumbled upon ?
there is no intelligence. Thus what education should do is         1009. What had the writer given up hope ?
help us understand the need of freedom. Unless we are                      (1) To be able to withstand this snowstorm.
free we will not understand the whole process of living.                   (2) To be able to fight her way against the wind.
When we are free we have no fear. We do not imitate but                    (3) That the snowstorm would improve.
we discover.                                                               (4) To find shelter from the wind.