(3) As a mixture of different colours                                      SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
        (4) As a thick brown or black liquid with a strong          (1) to boot (Id.) : in addition; also
                                                                    (2) predispositions (N.) : a condition that makes some-
990. What is crude mineral oil ?                                        body/something likely to behave in a particular way/
        (1) Complex mixture of many different substances                to suffer from a particular disease
        (2) Simple mixture of natural gas                           (3) generic (Adj.) : not specific
        (3) Plain white oil
                                                                  994. What are scientists doing ?
        (4) It is bitumen
                                                                        (1) Racing in labs and research centres around the
991. From where does mineral oil originate ?
        (1) Complex mixture of substances
                                                                        (2) Asking us to start dieting
        (2) Carcasses of tiny animals and plants that live in
                                                                        (3) Creating the perfect diet for us
            the sea
                                                                        (4) Try and make us taller
        (3) From lakes
                                                                  995. What does J. Bruce German say ?
        (4) Only from plants
                                                                        (1) The food we like is not healthy for us
992. The time taken for the marine deposits to harden into
                                                                        (2) The food we like is the healthiest one for us
        rocks is
                                                                        (3) The most healthy food should be liked by us
        (1) a few centuries         (2) millions of years
                                                                        (4) Food scientists like healthy food
        (3) a few decades           (4) thousands of years
                                                                  996. What is genomics ?
993. Sedimentary rocks lead to the formation of oil depos-
                                                                        (1) The science which describes about maps
        its because
                                                                        (2) The science which describes an individual
        (1) their pressure produces heat and turns deposits
            of animal carcasses and plants into oil.                    (3) The science which deals with years
                                                                        (4) The science that maps and describes an individu-
        (2) it turns heavy and shuts out the oxygen
                                                                            al’s genetic code
        (3) it becomes hard and forms into rocks to squeeze
                                                                  997. Why won’t a common diet fit everybody ?
                                                                        (1) Because different people eat different food
        (4) it becomes light and soft and applies pressure to
                                                                        (2) Because their genes are different
            produce oil
                                                                        (3) Since they differ in genetics and metabolism
      Directions (994-998) : A passage is given with 5 ques-
tions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose               (4) Because of their different moods
the best answer to each question out of the four alterna-         998. What will be possible in the future ?
tives.                                                                  (1) Personalised DNA chips for people to assess their
                                           (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)            own inherited predispositions
                                  Exam. 29.08.2016 (IInd sitting)       (2) You are at great risk for heart disease
      It’s nothing short of a revolution in how we eat, and it’s        (3) You will not be able to determine what food you
getting closer every day. Yes, a lot of people are obese, and               should eat
yes, the definition of “healthy eating’ seems to change all             (4) You will be unable to adjust your diet
the time. But in labs and research centres around the world,            Directions (999–1003) : A passage is given with 5
scientists are racing to match our genes and our taste buds,      questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose
creating the perfect diet for each of us, a diet that will fight  the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
disease, increase longevity, boost physical and mental per-                                                (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
formance, and taste great to boot. As food scientist J. Bruce                                       Exam. 30.08.2016 (Ist sitting)
German says, “The foods as we like the most will be the                 Mary Garden, a noted opera singer, earned a great
most healthy for us.”                                             deal of money during her career, but was constantly
      Is that going to be a great day, or what ?                  bothered by the demands of her father for money and always
      All this will come to pass, thanks to genomics, the         in large sums.
science that maps and describes an individual’s genetic                 Miss Garden would always give it to him, though often
code. In the future, personalized DNA chips will allow us to      she would often complain that his requests seemed
assess our own inherited predispositions for certain dis-         somewhat unreasonable. To this the stock reply was that
eases, then adjust our diets accordingly. So, if you are at       he needed the money for a very special project. She was
risk for heart disease, you won’t just go on a generic low-       not going to refuse her father, was she?
fat diet. You will eat foods with just the right amount and             During the depression Miss Garden, like many others,
type of fat that is best for you. You will even be able to track  lost her money in the stock market crash. Shortly afterward,
your metabolism day-to-day to determine what foods you            her father died, and, much to her surprise, she was
should eat to any given time, for any given activity. “Since      notified that he had left a large bank account in her name.
people differ in their genetics and metabolism, one diet won’t    He had saved for her every cent she had given him.
fit all,” says German.                                                  The demands God makes on us may seem hard at
      As complex as all this sounds, it could turn out to be      times. But all the while, he is actually helping us to store
relatively simple.                                                up an ‘eternal bank account’ in heaven–one which may