(4) deserted (Adj.) : left by a person/people who do not    976. All the body’s cells need a constant supply of
       intend to return                                               (1) Hydrogen               (2) Helium
   (5) distressed (Adj.) : having problems caused by lack             (3) Oxygen                 (4) Nitrogen
       of money                                                977. If the supply of oxygen is cut off, the brain cells survive
   (6) drudgery (N.) : hard boring work                               (1) 9 to 10 minutes        (2) for 15 minutes
                                                                      (3) for an hour            (4) 4 to 5 minutes
971. The main reason for the main cause of their problems
                                                               978. The heart sends oxygen-rich blood
       remaining hidden is
                                                                      (1) to the kidneys only    (2) to the entire body
       (1) people are waiting for it to come out in the open
                                                                      (3) to the lungs only      (4) to the brain only
       (2) people don’t want to be bothered with others’
           problems                                            979. Dr. John Gibbon of U.S.A. developed an artificial
                                                                      heart in
       (3) nobody has tried to expose it
                                                                      (1) 1953                   (2) 1960
       (4) nobody has bothered to find out the real cause
                                                                      (3) 1950                   (4) 1955
972. The opening sentence “Not all that glitters is gold”
       means                                                   980. Heart diseases occur from
       (1) one must not be deceived         by appearances            (1) coronium               (2) pericardium
       (2) only gold has that unmistakable shine                      (3) heart cells
       (3) glitter is the true quality of truth                       (4) damage to the heart muscles
       (4) all metals that shine must necessarily be as good         Directions (981–985) : A passage is given with 5
           as gold                                             questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose
                                                               the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
973. Wearing saffron clothes does not make one a sanyasi,
                                                                                                         (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
       is another way of saying
                                                                                                  Exam. 27.08.2016 (Ist sitting)
       (1) saffron is not the favourite colour of the sanyasis
                                                                     My brother, David, was always close to o ur
       (2) saffron must be changed to some other colour        grandmother. Both of them shared a love of Mother Nature
       (3) anybody who wears saffron is a sanyasi              and of food that they had grown themselves. Whenever his
       (4) saffron must only be worn by true ascetics          schedule permitted, he would drop in for a short visit and
974. Owing to their socio-economic conditions, even the        a cup of coffee. One day, when he found no one home, he
       parents of the victims were unable to help them         left a chunk of dirt on her porch. This started what was
       because                                                 later to be known as his “calling card”. Grandmother would
       (1) society considered them to be backward              come home occasionally and instantly know that David had
       (2) their social and economic situation did not allow   been by when she spotted the chunk of dirt on her porch.
           them to do so                                             Although Grandmother had a poor upbringing in Italy,
       (3) they could afford to but were reluctant             she managed to do well in the United States. She was always
       (4) they were financially self-sufficient               healthy and independent and enjoyed a fulfilling life.
                                                               Recently she had a stroke and died. Everyone was saddened
975. Success has many fathers but failure has none means
                                                               by her death. David was disconsolate. His life–long friend
       (1) failure has many mothers but no fathers             was now gone.
       (2) success comes naturally to men not women
       (3) no one owns up to failure                                            SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       (4) success has only fathers but no mothers               (1) chunk (N.) : a piece
                            Passage III                          (2) porch (N.) : veranda
                   (Question Nos. 796–980)                       (3) calling card (N.) : phone card; visiting card
     The heart is one of the most vital components of the        (4) upbringing (N.) : the way in which a child is cared
human body. The heart of the human body has the                      for and taught how to behave while it is growing up
continuous job to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing through         (5) disconsolate (Adj.) : very unhappy and disappointed;
the body. All the body’s cells need a constant supply of             dejected.
oxygen, particularly in the brain. The brain cells live only     (6) exuberant (Adj.) : full of energy; excitement and
four to five minutes after the oxygen is cut off and death           happiness.
comes to the entire body. Heart disease can result from          (7) devastated (Adj.) : extremely upset and shocked
damage to the heart muscles, the valves or the pacemaker.        (8) hilarious (Adj.) : extremely funny
If the muscle is damaged, the heart is unable to pump            (9) sombre (Adj.) : sad and serious
properly. If the valves are damaged, blood cannot flow
normally. Dr. John Gibbon of U.S.A. developed a machine        981. What is the opposite of the word disconsolate.
in 1953 that could take over temporarily from the heart.              (1) devastated             (2) hilarious
Surgeons had the chance to repair or replace a defective              (3) exuberant              (4) sombre
heart. Many patients have had plastic valves inserted in       982. David would drop in for a short visit and leave a ___
their hearts when their hearts were faulty. Many people               as a sign on grandma’s porch if she was not at home.
are now being kept alive with tiny battery operated                   (1) schedule               (2) chunk of dirt
                                                                      (3) calling card           (4) cup of coffee