926. (1)   morphological            (2) misleading               935. Dolphins use echolocation to
       (3) nonsensical              (4) common                         (1) breathe                  (2) navigate
927. (1)   deters                   (2) motivated                      (3) communicate              (4) hunt
       (3) encourages               (4) restores                      Directions (936–940) : Read the following passage
928. (1)   vulnerable               (2) paradigmatic             carefully and answer the given questions.
       (3) indifferent              (4) unsuitable                      (SSC CPO SI & ASI Online Exam. 05.06.2016 IInd sitting)
929. (1)   hazard                   (2) aberration                    After 500 years, Christopher Columbus’s ship the Santa
       (3) fluke                    (4) oddity                   Maria were claimed to be found by archaeological investi-
                                                                 gators led by Barry Clifford. Christopher Columbus’s flag-
930. (1)   occur                    (2) defy
                                                                 ship, the Santa Maria, got wrecked in the Caribbean.
       (3) ensured                  (4) occurrence
                                                                      The vessel’s long-lost remains was claimed to be lying
     Directions (931-935) : In the following questions,          at the bottom of the sea off the north coast of Haiti.
you have two passages with 5 questions in each passage.               An expedition was mounted by team of Barry Clifford
Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer           a decade ago. He had found and photographed the wreck
to each question out of the four alternatives.                   but had not realized its probable identity.
          (SSC CPO SI & ASI Online Exam. 05.06.2016 Ist sitting)      Tentatively identifying the wreck as the Santa Maria
     A dolphin is an aquatic mammal. Dolphins are extremely      was made possible by quite separate discoveries made by
intelligent and sociable animals and have their own way to       other archaeologists in 2003 suggesting that the probable
communicate with each other using special sounds.                location of Columbus’ fort relatively nearby.
     Although they are often mistaken for fish, dolphins are          Santa Maria was the largest of the three ships used by
actually mammals. They are members of the Cetacea                Christopher Columbus in his first voyage. The ship was
(pronounced set-ay-shia) family, which also contains whales      constructed in 1460 and was struck in 1492.
and porpoises.                                                        The ship was used by Columbus in 1492 to find a
     One way of telling the difference between a cetacean        direct trade route to India.
and a fish is by looking at their tails. You can tell a cetacean
because their tail fins (called flukes) are horizontal and move        MEANINGS OF DIFFICULT WORDS/PHRASES
up and down. Fish have vertical tails which move from side         (1) archaeological (Adj.) : related to/dealing with/
to side.                                                               devoted to study of prehistoric people and their
     A dolphin’s body is designed to help them move quickly            cultures
and easily through water. The dolphin’s fluke propels it           (2) flagship (N.) : the ship that carries the commander
through the water. On its back is a curved dorsal fin and              of a fleet and flies his flag
on each side of the dolphin is a pectoral fin. The bump on         (3) tentatively (Adv.) : in a way that is not definite/
a dolphins head is known as the melon. They trap their                 certain because you may want to change it later
prey by using their teeth.
                                                                 936. What did Christopher Columbus aim at his first voyage?
     Dolphins use a type of sonar to detect where objects
                                                                       (1) Fishing
are around them. This is called echolocation. Echolocation
                                                                       (2) To find a direct trade route to India
works when a dolphin bounces a high pitched sound off an
                                                                       (3) To discover new lands
object and then listens for the echo to come back. It is a
very useful way for dolphins to find food and navigate.                (4) Globetrotting
                                                                 937. Where were the Santa Maria’s remains found?
     Dolphins communicate with each other through clicks,
squeaks and whistles. They use these special sounds to                 (1) Florida Coast
greet each other and to indicate if they are in distress.              (2) South coast of Hawaii
     Dolphins live in the sea, but they can’t breathe under            (3) North coast of Haiti
water! They breathe through a blowhole and have to come                (4) South coast of Haiti
up for air every 15 minutes.                                     938. How long was Christopher Columbus’s ship laid at
931. Cetacea does not include                                          the bottom of the sea before it was discovered?
                                                                       (1) 100 Years                 (2) 300 Years
       (1) whales                   (2) sharks
                                                                       (3) 400 Years                 (4) 500 Years
       (3) dolphins                 (4) porpoises
                                                                 939. How many other ships were accompanying the Santa
932. To breathe dolphins use                                           Maria in Columbus’s voyage?
       (1) fins                     (2) echolocation                   (1) 2                         (2) 1
       (3) flippers                 (4) blowhole                       (3) 4                         (4) 3
933. Dolphins use their teeth                                    940. When was the Santa Maria constructed?
       (1) to eat their prey        (2) to trap their prey             (1) 2003                      (2) 1492
       (3) to scare their prey      (4) for aesthetic purposes         (3) 1460                      (4) 1462
934. Which of these help dolphins to navigate through the             Directions (941–945) : Read the following passage
       water?                                                    carefully and answer the given questions.
       (1) Echolocation             (2) Blowhole                        (SSC CPO SI & ASI Online Exam. 05.06.2016 IInd sitting)
       (3) Fluke                    (4) Smooth skin                   Emily Dickinson, who was born nearly 200 years ago,