By accepting flattery we make ourselves small beings. It is              (3) a drop in the chances of getting heart disease.
an evil which ruins social and moral values by claiming                  (4) an increased chance of acquiring heart disease.
what is not rightfully its own. It thrives on corruption and       922. Geriatrics pertains to
leads to human bankruptcy. It is thus the greatest of disease            (1) adolescents              (2) old people
which can plague humanity.
                                                                         (3) new born babies          (4) toddlers
916. Flattery means
                                                                   923. Almonds are rich in riboflavin and are good for
       (1) being anti – social
                                                                         (1) memory                   (2) leukaemia
       (2) insincere praise in order to please
                                                                         (3) sleep walking            (4) anaemia
       (3) claiming what is not
                                                                   924. The best source of Omega-3 fat is found in
       (4) being immoral ours
                                                                         (1) vegetables               (2) eggs only
917. ‘Thrives’ in the passage means
                                                                         (3) sea fish                 (4) all dairy products
       (1) fills          (2) prospers
                                                                   925. Cardio vascular relates to the
       (3) provides       (4) collects
                                                                         (1) heart and cartillage
918. Flattery can stain the
                                                                         (2) heart and muscles
       (1) heart
                                                                         (3) heart and tendons
       (2) emotion
                                                                         (4) heart and blood vessels
       (3) mind
       (4) human conscience                                             Directions (926–930) : In the following passage some
                                                                   of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully
919. How does flattery deceive us ?
                                                                   and choose the correct answer to each question out of the
       (1) It makes us more corrupt.                               four alternatives and fill in the blanks.
       (2) It makes us feel indecent.                                       (SSC CPO SI & ASI Online Exam. 05.06.2016 Ist sitting)
       (3) It makes us bankrupt.                                        The Dalmatian of the sole surviving semi- speaker,
       (4) It gives us false ideas about ourselves.                Tuone Udaina, was surveyed in the late 1870s and again
920. How does the weapon of flattery work ?                        towards the end of his life in the late 1890s. These fairly
       (1) It conquers the man with a weak will.                   extensive records curiously suggest that a systematic (926)
       (2) it conquers the man with a strong will.                 change took place in those two decades such that by the
       (3) A man feels sad.                                        1890s the distinction between present and imperfect
       (4) A man does not like it                                  indicative had largely been neutralized (a development
                                                                   unique among Romance languages) in favour of the imperfect
       Directions (921–925) : In the following questions,
                                                                   tense is forms. I argue that the data is authentic and that
you have a brief passage with 5 questions following the
passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best            the change, whether it occurred just in Udaina’s head or
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.              was already underway in the last years of Dalmatian as a
                       (SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI, Delhi Police SI
                                                                   spoken language, is purely ‘internal’ and not (927) by contact
                                   Exam. 20.03.2016; IInd sitting) with other languages. I explore its internal mechanisms
       Fat comes in two types; Omega-3 which is found in           and show that what is involved is a kind of analogical form-
marine life and Omega-6 which is concentrated in vegeta-           meaning levelling whose signatum is an ‘empty’ element of
ble oils. The first is good, the other is plain rotten. The best   (928) structure. Reinforcement of this essentially
source of Omega-3 is preferably sea-fish. But frying it in         ‘nonsensical’ (929) of paradigmatic structure constitutes
Omega-6 rich vegetable oil kills all its goodness.                 further evidence for my general view that intraparadigmatic
       Ageing brains have low levels of thiamin, which is          coherence may be no less important than extramorphological
concentrated in wheat germ and bran, nuts, meat and ce-            transparency. It also suggests that such a development
reals. More good brain-food comes from liver, milk and al-         can as easily (930) in a dying language as anyhwere else.
monds, which are rich in riboflavin and extremely good for         (926–930)
memory. Carotene, available in deep green leafy vegetables
                                                                                   SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
and fruits, is also good for geriatric brains. So is a high iron
diet; it can make old brains gallop hyperactively like young         (1) Dalmatian (N.) : a Romance language of Dalmatia
ones. Iron comes from greens; liver, shell-fish, red meat                (Australian Province) (extinct since 19th century)
and soyabeans. Sea-food, very ligh in iron, is an excellent          (2) signatum (N.) : that which is indicated/designated
diet supplement. The New England Journal of Medicine                     by something; signified
reported in its May 1985 issue that 30 grams of fish a day           (3) paradigmatic (Adj.) : that is a typical example/
could result in a dramatic drop in the chances of acquiring              pattern of something
a cardiovascular disease. Sea fish, particularly shell-fish,         (4) coherence (N.) : the situation in which all the parts
crabs, mackerel and sardines, are more effective than riv-               of something fit together well
erine fish because the latter is more vulnerable to chemical         (5) morpho logical (Adj.) : connected with the forms of
effluents.                                                               words
921. 30 grams of fish a day could result in                          (6) aberration (N.) : a fact, an action/a way of behaving
       (1) an increased chance of acquiring lung disease.                that is not usual, and that may be unacceptable
       (2) a drop in the chances of getting lung cancer.             (7) oddity (N.) : the quality of being strange/unusual