SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                           unfavourable meanings. (Although in the 1960’s the famous
                                                               slogan ‘Black is beautiful’ was coined, and it did not help.)
   (1) confrontation (N.) : a situation in which there is
                                                               The blacks of the United States therefore came to be called
       an angry disagreement between people/groups who
                                                               Afro-Americans. Now, the politically correct phrase is Afri-
       have different opinions
                                                               can American.
   (2) critical (Adj.) : serious
   (3) obvious (Adj.) : clear                                                    SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                                                                  (1) bloodbaths (N.) : a situation in which many people
861. The word confrontation is closest in meaning to                   are killed violently
      (1) conflict             (2) competition                    (2) offensive (Adj.) : rude in a way that causes you to
      (3) trouble              (4) confluence                          feel upset, insulted/annoyed
862. Doctors are sometimes unable to treat the patient            (3) deliberately (Adv.) : done in a way that was
      properly because                                                 planned, not by chance
      (1) they have a superiority complex.                        (4) nigger (N.) : a very offensive word for a black per-
      (2) they do not have the time to consider every point            son
          made by the patient.
                                                                866. Give the synonym of “offensive”.
      (3) they do not know the language used for commu-
                                                                      (1) aggressive            (2) sympathetic
          nicating with patients.
      (4) they are too busy in performing surgeries.                  (3) courteous             (4) defending
863. Patients are often unable to give a proper account of      867. Which is the politically correct phrase ?
      their ailment to the doctor because                             (1) Coloured
      (1) they want to hide certain symptoms of the dis-              (2) African American
          ease.                                                       (3) Nigger
      (2) they do not know how to communicate in medical              (4) Afro-Americans
          terms.                                                868. Which word is old-fashioned and offensive?
      (3) they have an inferiority complex.                           (1) Skin                  (2) Black
      (4) they are worried about their health.                        (3) Negro                 (4) Africa
864. Which of the following statements is true ?                869. What impression does the word ‘black’ carry ?
      (1) Doctors should use medical terms in their instruc-          (1) Negative
          tions as these are specific.
                                                                      (2) Contemptible
      (2) Patients must learn medical terms.
                                                                      (3) All of the above
      (3) Medical communication is a specialized branch of
                                                                      (4) Unfavourable
          professional communication.
      (4) The patient’s relatives should be involved in the     870. Why was ‘Black is beautiful’ coined ?
          interaction.                                                (1) To encourage Racial and Caste bias
865. Which of the following statements best reflects the              (2) To discourage negro slavery system
      theme of the passage ?                                          (3) To combat the pre-judiced feelings against blacks
      (1) For proper treatment, patients should listen care-          (4) To enhance the confidence of aboriginals
          fully to the instructions.                                        (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, 25.10.2015, TF No. 2148789)
      (2) Medical profession requires a careful use of med-                                PASSAGE -II
          ical and everyday language.                                 One November afternoon, a child came to Rhayader’s
      (3) Communication should not be made a component         light house studio. She was about twelve, slender, dirty,
          of medical education.                                nervous and timid. In her arms she carried something. She
      (4) There must be little research in the field of doc-   was desperately afraid of the ugly man she had come to
          tor-patient interaction.                             see, but she had heard somewhere that this man would
      Directions (866–875) : Read the passage carefully        heal injured things. The man’s voice was deep and kind
and choose the best answer to each question out of the         when he spoke to her. What is it, child ? She stepped
four alternatives.                                             forward timidly, and in her arms was a large white bird
            (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, 25.10.2015, TF No. 2148789) which was quite still. There were stains of blood on its
                         PASSAGE -I                            whiteness. The girl placed it in his arms. ‘I found it, Sir. It’s
      The question of race has caused bloodbaths through-      hurt. Is it still alive?’ ‘Yes. Yes, I think so?’ Rhayader went
out history. Take the case of the Negro, a negro is someone    inside with the bird in his arms. He placed it upon a table.
with black skin who comes from Africa. It is an old fash-      The girl followed. The bird fluttered. Rhayader spread one
ioned word and is offensive. Some people used to write         of its large white wings. ‘Child where did you find it?’ ‘In
that way deliberately. The word “nigger” is also very offen-   the marsh, Sir. Hunters had been there? ‘Is a snow goose
sive. The word was later replaced by “coloured” which gave     from Canada. But how did it get here ?’ The girl’s eyes were
way to “black”. Black is a colour with negative suggestions.   fixed on the injured bird. She said ‘Can you heal it, Sir?’
So we have expressions like “black deed”, “black day” and      “Yes” said Rhayader. “We will try. You can help me. She has
“blackmail”. So no wonder the word “black” too assumed         been shot, poor thing, her leg is broken and the wing too.”