(2) determine the specific needs of the individual.            (8) obliterating (V.) : removing all signs of something,
      (3) repair broken down machines.                                    either by destroying/covering it completely
      (4) update old software.                                       (9) giving vent to (Id.) : to express a strong feeling
853. That computers make learning easier is a fact                        (anger)
      (1) rejected by some.       (2) accepted by all.             (10) wrath (N.) : extreme anger
      (3) welcomed by all.        (4) contested by a few.          (11) obsession (N.) : passion
854. In what way are computers inadequate even inspite
      of their sophistication ?                                  856. Give the antonym of obliterate.
      (1) They can hardly imitate a teacher’s ability to ex-           (1) erase                  (2) create
           plain the most difficult of concepts.                       (3) destroy                (4) prevent
      (2) They keep breaking down after much use.                857. What is man capable of achieving today ?
      (3) They require humans to update them periodically.             (1) The ability to have his writ run through the whole
      (4) They still require humans to turn them on and off.                world.
855. What other factors related to computers contribute to             (2) The power to conquer the world.
      a deeper acquisition of knowledge ?                              (3) The power to obliterate life from this planet.
      (1) Convenience of usage and design.                             (4) The ability to destroy everything.
      (2) Relaxing attitude and software interactivity.          858. What does man think of himself today ?
      (3) Prompt response and accuracy.                                (1) That he can be king of all kingdoms.
      (4) User friendliness and easy accessibility.                    (2) That he is mightier than most.
      Directions (856 – 860) : Read the following passage
                                                                       (3) That he is more humane than human.
carefully and choose the best answer to each question out
of the four alternatives.                                              (4) That he can rule the world.
             (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, 25.10.2015, TF No. 2148789)  859. Why has the world become a dangerous place to live
      The world is becoming a dangerous place to live in,              in ?
and this is despite our claims of being civilized, of having           (1) Because man desires to be king of all kingdoms
evolved from the primitive to the modern man and from the                   but is idle and extravagant.
cave man to cultured being.                                            (2) Because man has become civilized.
      Many reasons can be attributed to this. A man longs              (3) Because man has become a cultured being.
to be the king of all kingdoms, but is too extravagant and             (4) Because man has evolved from primitive to mod-
idle. He desires that his writ should run through the whole                 ern.
world. But then he is lazy and lethargic. Man is mean, far      860. What are the qualities that have become man’s con-
inferior to other species. We are more human than humane.              suming passion ?
We have negative qualities such as anger, ego, envy, greed,            (1) Laziness and lethargy.
hatred, and jealousy, that we should consider overcoming.
                                                                       (2) Idleness and laziness.
      We have allowed these qualities to become our con-
                                                                       (3) The desire to be king.
suming passions. We think that we are mightier than most.
We think we are capable of destroying anything by using                (4) Anger, ego, greed, envy, hatred and jealousy.
our might. Today, we have acquired weapons of mass de-                 Directions (861 – 865) : Read the passage carefully
struction, which are capable of obliterating all life from the  and choose the best answer to each question out of the
face of this planet.                                            four alternatives.
      As men we arm men. Then we destroy people with-                        (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, 25.10.2015, TF No. 2148789)
out arms. Then why are we giving vent to this anger? We                The field of medicine forces a confrontation between
let our wrath take over our senses. We fight to satisfy our     scientific and everyday language. Outside the world of the
egos. The overpowering obsession of a man with himself          research laboratory and clinic, there exists the daily rou-
motivates him to grab everything and to fulfil his greed.       tine of medical practice, a situation where a doctor tries to
                                                                understand the problems of a patient, and the patient at-
                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                           tempts to understand the doctor’s diagnosis. The initial
    (1) despite (Prep.) : in spite of                           statement of the symptoms of any disease is of critical
    (2) attributed (V.) : to regard as resulting from a spec-   importance as it guides the doctor’s search for the clinical
         ified cause                                            signs of the condition. Similarly, the doctor’s explanation
    (3) run through (Phr.V.) : to be present in every part      of a problem, and the recommendations for treatment,
         of something                                           need to be clear and complete if the patient is to under-
    (4) writ (N.) : authority                                   stand and follow the correct course of action.
    (5) lethargic (Adj.) : without any energy/enthusiasm               The need for careful listening and expression by both
         for doing things                                       parties should be obvious in a field as sensitive and seri-
    (6) mean (Adj.) : unkind, not willing to give/share         ous as health. Patients worried about their health are of-
         things (money)                                         ten uncertain and confused in their accounts. Busy doc-
                                                                tors will not have the time to take up every point the pa-
    (7) humane (Adj.) : showing kindness, care, and sym-
                                                                tient has referred to. Moreover, the tradition of medical
         pathy towards others, especially those who are
                                                                interviewing hinders the development of a genuine com-