(1) corrupt practices in elections go unnoticed.               (2) the factors that lead to heart disease do not exist
      (2) of the lure of money.                                          any longer.
      (3) elections can only be won by corrupt means.                (3) the factors that lead to heart disease have been
      (4) of the lure of power.                                          brought under control through medical interven-
839. What happens to the anti-corruption laws ?                          tion.
      (1) there are actually no anti-corruption laws.                (4) people live a healthier and fulfilling life today.
      (2) anti-corruption laws are never honoured.            842. Which of the following statements is untrue (with ref-
                                                                     erence to the given passage)?
      (3) the government does not want to enforce anti-
            corruption laws.                                         (1) Killer diseases like the plague were easier to deal
                                                                         with compared to cancer.
      (4) anti-corruption laws are honoured more in their
            breach than in their observance.                         (2) Cancer researchers have managed to reduce the
                                                                         number of deaths among children suffering from
840. How does corruption thrive in elections ?
      (1) a sizeable part of society is corrupt.
                                                                     (3) The greatest problem faced by cancer research-
      (2) there is a natural connection between elections                ers is in the complex condition and nature of mul-
            and corruption.                                              ticellular life.
      (3) the politicians exploit the electorate psychologi-         (4) Cancer researchers have achieved the greatest vic-
            cally.                                                       tory by containing this disease among the elderly.
      (4) the people themselves are corrupt.                  843. The toll of heart disease has been pushed into the
     Directions (841–845) : In the following questions, read         future means that
the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each             (1) There is less chance for people to die of cancer in
question out of the four alternatives.                                   the present moment.
                      (SSC CGL Tier-I Re-xExam, 30.08.2015)          (2) The number of people affected by heart disease
     Half a century ago, a person was far more likely to die             has increased.
from heart disease. Now, cancer is the No. 1 cause of death.         (3) The number of people killed by heart disease will
Troubling as this sounds, the comparison is unfair. Cancer               increase in future.
is, by far the harder problem a condition deeply ingrained
                                                                     (4) People suffering from heart disease today are less
in the nature of multicellular life. Given these obstacles,
                                                                         likely to die from it immediately.
cancer researchers are fighting and even winning smaller
battles : reducing the death toll from childhood cancers      844. Cancer is by far the harder problem. (Improve the
and preventing and sometimes even curing cancers that                sentence)
strike people in their prime. But when it comes to diseases          (1) a toughter problem
of the elderly, there can be no decisive victory.                    (2) a more difficult problem
     The diseases that one killed earlier in life bubonic            (3) a firmer problem
plague, smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis were easier ob-            (4) the most complex problem
stacles. Each had a precise cause that could be confront-     845. According to the writer, why is cancer more difficult
ed. The toll of heart diseases has been pushed into the              to deal with than heart disease?
future, with diet, exercise and medicine that help control           (1) Because more people lost their lives to heart dis-
blood pressure and cholesterol. Because of these interven-               eases 50 years ago.
tions people between 55 and 84 are increasingly more like-           (2) Cancer does not have a precise cause and is more
ly to die from cancer than from heart disease.                           complex in nature.
                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                               (3) Cancer defies detection at an early stage and there-
   (1) ingrained (Adj.) : that has existed for a long time               fore is not curable.
        and is therefore difficult to change                         (4) Fewer people suffer from heart disease than cancer.
   (2) multicellular (Adj.) : having many cells                    Directions (846–850) : In the following questions, read
   (3) decisive (Adj.) : very important for the final result  the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each
        of a particular situation                             question out of the four alternatives.
   (4) bubonic plague (N.) : a disease spread by rats that                                (SSC CGL Tier-I Re-Exam, 30.08.2015)
        causes fever, swellings on the body and usually            It is strange that, according to his position in life, an
        death                                                 extravagant man is admired or despised. A successful busi-
   (5) precise (Adj.) : clear and accurate                    nessman does nothing to increase his popularity by being
   (6) confronted (V.) : to deal with a problem/difficult     careful with his money. He is expected to display his suc-
        situation                                             cess, to have a smart car, an expensive life, and to be
                                                              lavish with his hospitality. If he is not so, he is considered
   (7) intervention (N.) : action taken to improve/help a
                                                              mean and his reputation in business may even suffer in
                                                              consequence. The paradox remains that if he had not been
841. The author believes that heart disease is no longer a    careful with his money in the first place, he would never
      leading killer disease because                          have achieved his present wealth. Among the two income
      (1) people between the ages of 55 to 84 are not af-     groups, a different set of values exists. The young clerk
           fected by it.                                      who makes his wife a present of a new dress when he