(2) the Egyptians.                                               (3) paved the way for scientific experiments
       (3) only with those who originally lived in Britain.             (4) become a demanding and politically charged in-
       (4) none of the above.                                               dustry.
827. The Germanic invaders occupied Britain during the            834. The author is concerned about the
       (1) Middle Ages                                                  (1) fact that farmer is paid according to bushels per
       (2) Post world war I period                                          acre.
       (3) Nineteenth century                                           (2) quality of food in today’s world.
       (4) Recent times.                                                (3) fact that agriculture has become a demanding
828. Find the word closest in meaning to ignorant.                          and politically charged industry.
       (1) refined                   (2) knowledgeable                  (4) plight of the farmer.
       (3) uneducated                (4) aristocratic             835. The farmer is paid according to the ______ of his pro-
829. A standard language is wrongly considered to be lin-               duce.
       guistically better just because                                  (1) demand                 (2) wide variety
       (1) it is a dialect officially adopted by the government.        (3) quantity               (4) quality
       (2) it is a dialect with an inferior vocabulary.                Directions (836–840) : In the following questions, you
       (3) it is a dialect with an unsystematic grammar.          have a passage with 5 questions. Read the passage care-
      (4) it is a dialect spoken by common people.                fully and choose the best answer to each question, out
830. Dialects are popularly perceived as                          of the four alternatives.
       (1) languages without grammars.                                                           (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
                                                                                                      Police SI Exam, 30.08.2015
       (2) languages used in the government offices.
                                                                                                                 TF No. 4039770)
       (3) refined forms of languages.
                                                                       One of the main reasons of corruption in elections to-
       (4) corrupted forms of languages.
                                                                  day is the lure of power which haunts the politicians so
     Directions (831–835) : In the following questions, you       much that they feel no qualms of conscience in adopting
have a passage with 5 questions. Read the passage care-           any underhand method to come out successful. The Wa-
fully and choose the best answer to each question, out            tergate Scandal in U.S.A. is an eloquent example to testi-
of the four alternatives.                                         fy to the fact how even the top level politicians can stoop
                        (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi Police SI to the lowest level in order to maintain themselves in pow-
                                 Exam, 30.08.2015 TF No. 4039770) er. In India also the record of the various political parties
     Dr. Ray D.Strand is of the opinion that, few would           is not clean. Corruption thrives in elections because those
argue about the quality of our foods and its decline com-         in the field play on the psychology of the electorate. The
pared to foods of a generation or two ago. Hybrid grains,         voters are swayed by the tall promises of the candidates
vegetables and fruits have increased in popularity. These         to whose machinations they fall an easy prey. They are
hybrid seeds boast big, luscious products that are more           also susceptible to fall an easy prey to the adulations of
resistant to diseases. The nutrient content of hybrids, how-      the politicians due to their illiteracy. Besides, in the rep-
ever, is significantly less than that of their natural coun-      resentative democracies today and particularly in big coun-
terparts. The farmer is paid according to bushels per acre        tries the constituencies are quite extensive obviating the
not for the quality of his produce. Agriculture too has be-       possibility of corrupt practices being discovered. Anti-cor-
come a demanding and politically charged industry. Inspite        ruption laws are honoured more in their breach than in
of our need for nutrition, the bottom line is making a liv-       their observance. Even the code of conduct to be observed
ing, and hybrid produce makes it possible.                        by the parties fighting the elections becomes a dead let-
                                                                  ter in as much as it is jettisoned out of existence and
                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                                                                  thrown unscrupulously over board by the unfair politicians
   (1) luscious (Adj.) : delicious                                whose only aim is to maintain themselves in the saddle.
   (2) bushels (N.) : a unit for measuring grain and fruit        836. Which example of the U.S.A. testifies to the fact that
        (equal in volume to 8 gallons)                                  even the top level people can stoop very low in or-
   (3) bottom-line (N.) : the essential point                           der to maintain themselves in power ?
                                                                        (1) The Washington agreement
831. Hybrid products have now _____ in popularity.
                                                                        (2) The Monica lewinsky scandal
       (1) increased                  (2) swelled
                                                                        (3) The Watergate Scandal
       (3) lessened                   (4) decreased
                                                                        (4) The Philadelphia Contract
832. Farmers resort to cultivating hybrids because
                                                                  837. To maintain themselves in the saddle means
       (1) hybrid products are big and luscious.
                                                                        (1) to remain in a state of preparedness.
       (2) it helps them live better lives.                             (2) to play an unfair game.
       (3) hybrids are resistant to diseases.                           (3) to be ready to run whenever danger is appre-
       (4) the demand for hybrids is higher.                                hended.
833. Dr. Strand is of the opinion that agriculture has                  (4) to retain power in their hands by continuing in
       (1) increased in popularity.                                         office.
       (2) contributed to the economic growth of the farm-        838. The politicians indulge in corruption in elections now
            er.                                                         a days because