(3) will get credit whatsoever.                                  (3) She wanted to raise money by giving it to the nar-
       (4) will not be able to get credit                                    rator.
 819. In the above passage, the writer is                               (4) She had no use for them.
       (1) not at all worried about the housing market.          822. The narrator did not know much about Leela because
       (2) advising against buying a house.                             (1) Leela was busy.
       (3) advising people to proceed with care while in-               (2) The narrator did not care about Leela.
           vesting in the housing market.                               (3) Leela is rarely seen by the narrator.
       (4) very worried about the housing market.                       (4) Leela was quiet.
 820. The housing market problems                                823. Why did the Leela want to educate her daughter ?
       (1) are going to be resolved soon.                               (1) Leela’s life was dependent on her.
       (2) could easily tip the country into recession.                 (2) Leela was poor.
       (3) will reduce the flow of credit available to consum-          (3) Her daughter was intelligent and she wanted her
           ers.                                                              to study.
       (4) will not cause any problems for buyers.                      (4) Leela wanted her daughter to prosper.
       Directions (821 – 825) : In the following questions,      824. Leela was bringing up her daughters Single-handed-
you have a passage with 5 questions. Read the passage                   ly because
carefully and choose the best answer to each question,                  (1) her Husband died
out of the four alternatives.                                           (2) her husband had left her
                       (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi Police SI        (3) her husband was arrested for a crime
                              Exam, 30.08.2015 TF No. 4039770)          (4) she loved her daughters.
     Leela has been working in my office for many years.         825. Leela stood hesitantly in front of the narrator because
She sweeps, dusts and mops. She does her work quietly                   (1) she still had not cleaned the office fully.
and takes on any extra work without any complaints. Since               (2) she was afraid of the narrator.
she was always so quiet and 1 was usually very busy. 1                  (3) she was embarrassed to ask for a loan.
did not know much about her personal life, apart from
                                                                        (4) she did not want to surprise the narrator.
the fact that her husband had deserted her and she was
                                                                      Directions (826–830) : In the following questions, you
bringing up three daughters single handedly.
                                                                 have a passage with 5 questions. Read the passage care-
     One day, she came in to clean my office and after           fully and choose the best answer to each question, out
doing her work, stood hesitantly in front of me. It was          of the four alternatives.
such an uncharacteristic thing for her to do, that I was
                                                                                         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi Police SI
surprised. Slowly, she brought out a soiled bundle and put                                     Exam, 30.08.2015 TF No. 4039770)
it in front of me. Then she said in a low voice, ‘Madam,
                                                                      Many people think that dialects are corrupted forms
can you lend me twenty thousand rupees ?’ I was still puz-
                                                                 of the language, spoken by ignorant people who make mis-
zled and asked. “What happened Leela ? Why do you sud-           takes because they have not learnt correct grammar. This
denly need so much money ?’ She replied, ‘My youngest            is not at all true. A standard language is not linguistically
daughter wants to join college and I need money for that.’       ‘better’ than other dialects; it is simply the dialect that has
While she was explaining I opened the cloth bundle.              been adopted for official purposes such as government and
     Inside there was a pair of worn out gold bangles. ‘Why      education. All English dialects have a long history, going
are you giving this to me Leela ? I asked.                       back to “the distinct forms of speech of’the Germanic and
     ‘These are the only assets I have. I will do anything       Scandinavian invaders who came from various parts of
to see my daughter study further. She is very bright. She        northern Europe to occupy Britain during the Middle Ages.
wants to become an engineer’.                                    And each of these dialects has a grammar that is as rich
                                                                 and systematic as Standard English.
                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                                                                                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
   (1) takes on (Phr.V.) : to agree to be responsible for
        something/ somebody                                         (1) dialects (N.) : the form of a language that is spoken
                                                                         in one area with grammar, words and pronuncia-
   (2) deserted (V.) : to leave somebody without help/
                                                                         tion that may be different from other forms of the
                                                                         same language
   (3) bring up (Phr.V.) : to care for a child ; upbringing
                                                                    (2) corrupted (Adj.) : containing changes/faults, and
   (4) hesitantly (Adv.) : in a way that is slow because                 no longer in the original state
        you feel uncertain, embarrassed/unwilling                   (3) ignorant (Adj.) : lacking knowledge/information
   (5) soiled (Adj.) : dirty ; unclean                                   about something ; not educated
   (6) assets (N.) : property, goods/money owned by an              (4) linguistically (Adv.) : in a way that is connected
        individual/firm                                                  with language/the scientific study of language
821. Why did Leela give the narrator the gold bangles ?          826. All English dialects have links with
       (1) She wanted to surprise the narrator.                         (1) the speech of Scandinavian and Germanic invad-
       (2) They were broken.                                                 ers of Britain.