gue) cases at the time were actually thrice as many as re-       the means employed for its acquisition and the end that it
vealed by the city authorities. Earlier, in Mumbai, a munic-     serves. By its exploitation of human beings to the limits of
ipal claim that 145 people died due to malaria in 2010 was       endurance its concentration is on the largest profit rather
exposed a lie after Praja, a city NGO, extracted figures         than maximum production. Thus the division of human
from the municipality itself.                                    society is done on the basis of profit motive. All this is
     Following an RTI petition, Praja revealed 1190 deaths.      injurious to human dignity. And when the harrowed poor
This seems to be a habit. A paper in the leading UK medi-        turn to the founders of religion for succour, they rather
cal journal The Lancet, published following nationwide in-       offer a subtle defense for the established order. They prom-
terviews undertaken by an international team, reveals that       ise future happiness for present suffering. They conjure
the number of malarial deaths all over India every year may      up visions of paradise to soothe the suffering majority and
be as high as 205,000, which is many times the World             censure the revolt of the tortured men. The system impos-
Health Organization’s figure of about 15,000, of the Nation-     es injustice, the religion justifies it.
al Vector Borne Disease Control Programme’s figure of just
                                                                                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
around 1000.
     While the Lancet paper has been disputed, it is clear          (1) foster (V.) : promote the growth of
that there must be gross under-reporting of malarial deaths.        (2) imposed (V.) : to force somebody/something to have
Wouldn’t that be one of the big reasons why malaria, which              to deal with something that is difficult/unpleasant
is easily cured if properly treated after timely diagnosis,         (3) intensity (N.) : high level/degree
continues to kill so many Indians ?
                                                                    (4) acquisitive (Adj.) : eager to acquire and possess
801. One of the big reasons for malarial death is
                                                                        things (possessions/ideas)
      (1) lack of proper treatment
                                                                    (5) endurance (N.) : the power to withstand hardship/
      (2) under-reporting of malarial deaths
      (3) untimely diagnosis
                                                                    (6) harrowed (Adj.) : looking as if you have suffered
      (4) over-reporting of malarial deaths
802. The Lancet is a                                                (7) succour (N.) : assistance in time of difficulty
      (1) newspaper              (2) medical book                   (8) subtle (Adj.) : not very noticeable
      (3) magazine               (4) journal                        (9) conjure up (Phr. V.) : to make something appear as
803. What is the habit mentioned in the passage?                        a picture in your mind
      (1) Exposing the authority’s incompetence
                                                                  (10) paradise (N.) : heaven
      (2) Hiding the real figures of malaria cases
                                                                  (11) censure (V.) : rebuke (make fun) formally
      (3) Filing RTIs
                                                                  (12) dehumanising (V.) : to make somebody lose his
      (4) Conducting studies and surveys in towns and cit-
          ies                                                           human qualities such as kindness, pity, etc.
804. The findings of The Lancet were published after              (13) alleviate (V.) : make lesser/easier
      (1) the international team left India                       (14) seek (V) : try to get/reach locate/discover
      (2) international reviews of the findings were done         (15) redress (N.) : compensation
      (3) proper verifications of the findings were done          (16) perpetuate (V.) : cause to continue/prevail
      (4) nationwide interviews were carried out
805. The Hindustan Times found that the number of ma-            806. In a capitalist system
      laria cases in 2011 was                                           (1) means which lead to exploitation are strictly pro-
      (1) twice than the numbers revealed by the authori-                   hibited
          ties                                                          (2) the means justify the ends
      (2) three times the numbers revealed by the authori-              (3) the means endorsed by religion are strictly fol-
          ties                                                              lowed
      (3) half the numbers revealed by the authorities                  (4) the ends justify the means
      (4) exactly as the numbers revealed by the authori-        807. Capitalism divides society into the two categories of
                                                                        (1) religions and irreligious people
      Directions (806–810) : In the following questions,
                                                                        (2) working and non–working people
you have a brief passage with 5 questions following the
passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best                 (3) buyers and sellers
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.                   (4) exploiters and exploited people
                             (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 16.08.2015    808. The passage indicates that the capitalist system is
                                  (IInd Sitting) TF No. 2176783)        (1) dehumanising            (2) ambitious
     The capitalist system does not foster healthy relations            (3) fair                    (4) prosperous
among human beings. A few people own all the means of
                                                                 809. In a capitalist system of society each man wishes
production and others have to sell their labour under con-
ditions imposed upon them. The emphasis of capitalism                   (1) to soothe the sufferings of other
being on the supreme importance of material wealth, the                 (2) to have visions of paradise
intensity of its appeal is to the acquisitive tendency. It              (3) to acquire maximum wealth
promotes worship of economic power with little regard to                (4) to produce maximum wealth