791. Which of the following statements is not implied in                           SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       the passage ?
                                                                     (1) provincial (Adjective.) : local ; connected with a
       (1) The forces of law help to transform irresponsible
                                                                         particular area
           citizens into responsible ones.
       (2) Law protects those who respect it                         (2) canalizing (Verb.) : give a certain direction to ;
       (3) Law ensures people’s religious and social rights              channelizing
           absolutely and uncoditionally.                            (3) aspirations (Noun.) : a cherished desire
       (4) A criminal is deterred from committing crimes only        (4) articualate (Verb.) : to pronounce clearly and
           for fear of the law                                           distinctly
 792. The expression customs and ceremonies means :
                                                                     (5) warts and all (Idiom) : including all the bad or
       (1) fairs and festivals
                                                                         unpleasant features of something
       (2) supersitions and formalities
                                                                     (6) pretentious (Adjective.) : trying to be something
       (3) habits and traditions
       (4) usual practices and religious rites                           that you are not, in order to impress
 793. ‘‘They are made to secure the property of citizens             (7) probe (Verb.) : investigate
       against theft and damage’’ means that the law :               (8) stifled (Verb.) : suppressed
       (1) helps in recovering the stolen property of the cit-
                                                                     (9) grievances (Noun.) : something that you think is
                                                                         unfair and that you complain/protest about
       (2) safeguards people’s possessions against being sto-
           len or lost.                                            796. How can a newspaper influence local affairs ?
       (3) initiates process against offenders of law.                    (1) By focusing on world affairs.
       (4) assists the citizens whose property has been sto-              (2) By influencing public opinion through half truths.
           len or destroyed.                                              (3) By encouraging the readers to accept their griev-
 794. Which one of the following statement is implied in                      ances.
       the passage ?
                                                                          (4) By probing into the ills of society and rallying sup-
       (1) Criminals, who flout the law, are seledom brought
                                                                              port for change.
           to book
                                                                   797. How can the readers air their grievances ?
       (2) The police check the citizens, whether they are
           good or bad, from violating the law.                           (1) By writing to journalists.
       (3) The police hardly succeed in converting bad citi-              (2) By supporting the local newspaper
           zens into good ones.                                           (3) By writing to their local newspaper
       (4) Peaceful citizens seldom violate the law                       (4) By being complacent
 795. According to the writer, which one of the following is       798. In this passage the writer highlights the fact that
       not the responsibility of the police ?                             (1) Journalists differ in their opinion on the function
       (1) To protect the privileges of all citizens.                         of a newspaper
       (2) To maintain peace during extraordinary circum-                 (2) A newspaper should reflect the community it
           stances.                                                           serves.
       (3) To ensure peace among citizens by safeguarding                 (3) A newspaper should only concentrate on local af-
           individual rights.                                                 fairs.
       (4) To check violent activities of citizens.                       (4) Newspaper can eradicate injustice.
      Directions (796-800) : In the following questions, you
                                                                   799. The expression warts and all in the passage means
have a brief passage with 5 questions following the pas-
                                                                          (1) hopes and fears
sage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best an-
swer to each question out of the four alternatives.                       (2) with no attempt to conceal blemishes and inade-
                              (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 16.08.2015                quacies
                                     (Ist Sitting) TF No. 3196279)        (3) the community’s problems
      Journalists argue over functions of a newspaper. I feel             (4) the reader’s grievances
that a provincial paper’s purpose is not only to present and       800. What is the main purpose of a newspaper ?
project the news objetively and imaginatively, but to help                (1) Encourage the readers to be pretentious.
its readers to express themselves more effectively, canaliz-              (2) Project news objectively and imaginatively.
ing their aspirations, making more articulate their demands.              (3) To present facts in a bluntway
A newspaper should reflect the community it serves - warts                (4) Exert influence on the individuals.
and all. When the mirror is held to society it reveals ne-
                                                                         Directions (801–805) : In the following questions,
glect, injustice, ignorance or complacency. It should help
                                                                   you have a brief passage with 5 questions following the
to eradicate them. It would be pretentious to think that a
                                                                   passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best
newspaper can change the course of world affairs - but at
                                                                   answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
the local limit it can exert influence, it can probe, it can
                                                                                                 (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 16.08.2015
help get things done. The individual’s voice must not be
                                                                                                      (IInd Sitting) TF No. 2176783)
stifled. Instead, the readers should be encouraged to ex-
                                                                         In September 2011, Hindustan Times did a study in
press their opinions, fears, hopes, and their grievances on
                                                                   Delhi and reported that the number of malaria (and den-
this platform.