Passage-IV                          in turn was avoided. She came at last in sight of the village
      Manuel and the little boy stood in the gateway to watch  of Cuchitee, with its black houses with their reddish roofs,
her go. She did not even turn to wave them farewell.           a somber, dreary little cluster below another silent, long-
      But when she had ridden about a mile, she left the       abandoned mine. And beyond, a long, great mountain- side,
wild road and took a small trail to the right, that led into   rising up green and light to the darker, shaggier green of
another valley, over steep places and past great trees, and    pine trees.
through another deserted mining settlement. It was Sep-                           SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
tember, the water was running freely in the little stream
                                                                   (1) trail (N.) : a path through the countryside
that had fed the now-abandoned mine. She got down to
                                                                   (2) deserted (Adj.) : abandoned
drink, and let the horse drink too.
                                                                   (3) detour (N.) : a longer route that you take in order to
      She saw natives coming through the trees, away up
                                                                        avoid a problem/to visit a place
the slope. They had seen her, and were watching her closely.
She watched in turn. The three people, two women and a             (4) mounting (V.) : to get on a bicycle, horse, etc. in
youth, were making a wide detour, so as not to come too                 order to ride it
close to her. She did not care. Mounting, she trotted ahead        (5) trotted (V.) : to ride a horse (faster than a walk but
up the silent valley, beyond the silver-works, beyond any               slow)
trace of mining. There was still a rough trail that led over       (6) elusive (Adj.) : difficult to find, define/achieve
rocks and loose stones into the valley beyond. This trail          (7) carrion (N.) : the decaying flesh of dead animals
she had already ridden, with her husband. Beyond that              (8) carrion birds (crows) (N.) : a type of medium-sized
she knew she must go south.                                             crows
      Curiously she was not afraid, although it was a fright-      (9) hovering (V.) : to stay in the air in one place
ening country, the silent, fatal-seeming mountain slopes,        (10) ranch-house (N.) : a house built in a large farm
the occasional distant, suspicious, elusive natives among
                                                                 (11) scrub (N.) : small bushes and trees
the trees, the great carrion birds occasionally hovering,
                                                                 (12) convolvulus (N.) : a creeper (plant)
like great flies, in the distance, over some carrion of some
ranch-house or some group of huts.                               (13) lapsed (V.) : to gradually become weaker/come to
                                                                        an end
      As she climbed, the trees shrank and the trail ran
through a thorny scrub, that was trailed over with blue          (14) crest (N.) : the top part of a hill/wave
convolvulus and an occasional pink creeper. Then these           (15) void (N.) : a large empty space
flowers lapsed. She was nearing the pine trees.                  (16) runlet (N.) : a rivulet (a small river)
      She was over the crest, and before her another silent      (17) elation (N.) : a feeling of great happiness and ex-
void, greenclad valley. It was past midday. Her horse turned            citement
to a little runlet of water, so she got down to eat her midday   (18) buoyed up (Phr.V.) : to make somebody feel cheer-
meal. She sat in silence looking at the motionless, unliving            ful/confident
valley, and at the sharp-peaked hills, rising higher to rock     (19) shaggier (Adj.) : more untidy
and pine trees, southwards. She rested two hours in the
heat of the day, while the horse cropped around her.            751. She left the wild road and took a small trail to the
      Curious that she was neither afraid nor lonely. Indeed,          right....... The word trail here means
the loneliness was like a drink of cold water to one who is            (1) an opening            (2) a clearing
very thirsty. And a strange elation sustained her from with-           (3) a street              (4) a path
                                                                752. What kind of a terrain was she passing through ?
      She travelled on, and camped at night in a valley be-
                                                                       (1) A small town          (2) A lonely area
side a stream, deep among the bashes. She had seen cattle
and had crossed several trails. There must be a ranch not              (3) A plain village       (4) A thickly populated place
far off. She heard the strange wailing shriek of a mountain-    753. She did not care. This means
lion, and the answer of dogs. But she sat by her small                 (1) She stared back defiantly.
camp-fire in a secret hollow place and was not really afraid.          (2) She was scared.
She was buoyed up always by the curious, bubbling elation              (3) She was indifferent.
within her.
                                                                       (4) She was trying to avoid their gaze.
      It was very cold before dawn. She lay wrapped in her
                                                                754. Mounting, she trotted ahead up the silent valley
blanket looking at the stars, listening to her horse shiver-
ing, and feeling like a woman who has died and passed                  ...... Mounting here means
beyond. She was not sure that she had not heard, during                (1) walking on foot       (2) getting down
the night, a great crash at the centre of herself, which was           (3) galloping             (4) getting on the horse
the crash of her own death. Or else it was a crash at the       755. The fact that she was not afraid conveys that
centre of the earth, and meant something big and mysteri-              (1) the natives were very friendly to her.
                                                                       (2) she was too detached and strong to be overcome
      With the first peep of light she got up, numb with cold,              with fear.
and made a fire. She ate hastily, gave her horse some piec-
                                                                       (3) she was a woman of values.
es of oil seed cake, and set off again. She avoided any
meeting-and since she met nobody, it was evident that she              (4) the animals could not frighten her.