PASSAGE II                                    (1) enrichment               (2) thinking
     Tagore was a man of extraordinary vision and progres-              (3) reconciliation           (4) expression
sive thinking. Spiritualism and rationalism were reconciled       709. Tagore’s prophecies. have, to a great extent, come
in Tagore. He had the visionary power of seeing the future              ______.
in the seeds of the present events. In his book ‘National-              (1) known                    (2) out
ism’, published in 1916. Tagore expressed his concerns                  (3) through                  (4) true
about the dangers of religious fanaticism and racism which
                                                                  710. Tagore’s crusade was against ____.
caused the most destructive wars in the history of the world.
                                                                        (1) superstitious beliefs (2) child marriage
He was a seer who foresaw the destructive and dangerous
                                                                        (3) age-old customs          (4) rationalism
effect of science and technologies on man and nature. Ma-
chines, he had predicted, would dominate man and de-                                         PASSAGE III
stroy the beauty of nature and fine human qualities. Tagore’s          In his book about nutritional medicine, Dr. Ray D.
prophecies have, to a great extent, come true.                    Strand points out that our food industry, due to special
     The basic difference between the West and the East           transportation and storage techniques, has been able to
was clearly perceived by Tagore. Materialism characterizes        make a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available na-
the western civilization whereas the east is dominated by         tionwide throughout the year. The variety is good. But these
spiritualism. Tagore had known and prophesised it. How-           are made available at a sacrifice. Green harvesting means
ever, he was optimistic of the mutual cultural enrichment         picking fruits and vegetables before they mature. Shipping
through the association between the West and the East.            food over long distances requires cold storage and other
Another important quality of Tagore as a thinker was re-          preservation methods, which allow for depletion of vital
vealed in his crusade against many superstitious beliefs of       nutrients. Our food is also highly processed. For example,
the Indians. He spoke out against caste discriminations           the refinement process of our flour to create white bread
which divided the Indian society. It required courage, intel-     removes more than twenty-three essential nutrients, mag-
lectual as well as spiritual, to fight against the age-old cus-   nesium being one of the most important. Our food industry
toms such as child marriage and casteism. All this was            then puts about eight of these nutrients back into our bread
possible because he was a thinker who thought and acted           and calls it ‘‘enriched’’.
ahead of his own time.                                            711. These days due to ______ a wide variety of fruits and
701. Tagore had the visionary power to see the future in                vegetables is available nationwide throughout the year.
       (1) the seeds of the present events                              (1) cold storage facilities and preservation methods
       (2) western civilization                                         (2) refinement process
                                                                        (3) green harvesting
       (3) literary and social works
                                                                        (4) special transportation and storage techniques
       (4) his books
                                                                  712. In the passage, Magnesium is
702. Tagore expressed his concerns about the dangers, of
       religious fanaticism and racism in his book                      (1) not an important essential nutrient in flour
       (1) Materialism              (2) Nationalism                     (2) one of the important essential nutrients in flour
       (3) Racism                   (4) Casteism                        (3) one of the nutrients that is found in white bread
                                                                        (4) one of the most important essential nutrients in
703. Tagore clearly perceived the basic difference between
       (1) child marriage and casteism
                                                                  713. Green harvesting is all about
       (2) progressive thinking and spirituality
                                                                        (1) conserving the environment
       (3) culture and tradition
                                                                        (2) picking fruits and vegetables before they mature
       (4) the West and the East
                                                                        (3) highly processed food
704. What was the destructive and dangerous effect that
                                                                        (4) making fruits and vegetables available throughout
       Tagore foresaw on man and nature ?
                                                                            the year
       (1) Effect of science and technologies
                                                                  714. Shipping food over long distances allows for
       (2) Effect of wars in the history of the world
                                                                        (1) special transportation
       (3) Cultural enrichment
                                                                        (2) special preservation methods
       (4) Materialism
                                                                        (3) refinement process
705. Which word in the passage means violent enthusi-
                                                                        (4) depletion of vital nutrients
       asm in religion?
                                                                  715. The refinement process of our flour to create white
       (1) sentiments               (2) spiritualism
                                                                        bread removes more than
       (3) fanaticism               (4) crusade                         (1) twenty-six essential nutrients
706. Which of the following divides the Indian Society ?                (2) twenty-two essential nutrients
       (1) Western civilization     (2) Intellectual division           (3) twenty-three essential nutrients
       (3) Caste discrimination (4) Unprogressive thinking              (4) twenty-eight essential nutrients
707. What characterizes western civilization ?                    716. The author is talking about
       (1) Racism                   (2) Materialism                     (1) the food industry in his own country
       (3) Superstitious beliefs (4) Optimism                           (2) the universal food scenario
708. Tagore was optimistic of the mutual cultural _____                 (3) the food scenario in Europe
       through association between East and West.                       (4) the food scenario in developed countries