(1) Capital                  (2) Cost
                                                                                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       (3) Profit                   (4) Loss
                                                                  (1) substantial (Adj.) : considerable
 607. What is the synonym of mobile ?
                                                                  (2) bare (Adj.) : just enough
       (1) Versatile                (2) Moveable
                                                                  (3) deprived (Phr. V.) : without the basic needs
       (3) Changeable               (4) Transferable              (4) subsistence (N.) : the state of having just enough
 608. Which one of the following has a major impact on                money/food to stay alive
           international trade ?                                  (5) plagued with : suffering from
       (1) Contribution to GDP (2) Industrialization              (6) invariably (Adv.) : always ; without fail
       (3) Outsourcing              (4) Domestic trade            (7) borne out (Phr. V.) : justified ; confirmed
 609. According to the author, increasing international           (8) quantum (N.) : a quantity/amount
       trade                                                      (9) wishful thinking (N.) : the illusion that what you
       (1) brings about speedy industrialization                      wish for is actually true
       (2) uplifts technology and transportation                 (10) alleviating (V.) : to lessen/reduce
       (3) is crucial to the continuance of globalization        (11) prohibitive (Adj.) : preventing people from doing
       (4) encourages multinational corporations                      something by law
 610. What is the main difference between international         611.What is poverty according to the writer?
       and domestic trade ?
                                                                       (1) Ability to consider it as social phenomenon of a
       (1) One is more significant than the other                          substantial segment of society.
       (2) One is more costly than the other                           (2) Inability of a society to provide the basic necessi-
       (3) One is more advanced than the other                             ties of life.
       (4) One is more crucial than the other                          (3) A political compulsion that dictates economic pol-
       Directions (611-620) : In the following questions, you              icies.
have two brief passages with 5 questions following each                (4) A form of exhibition of subsistence living.
passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best         612. What conditions the various attempts to define pov-
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.                  erty ?
                               (SSC GL Tier-I Exam. 19.10.2014)        (1) The definition of poverty in India
                           Passage - I                                 (2) The definition of poverty in the USA
     Poverty can be defined as a social phenomenon in which            (3) The vision of minimum or good life
a section of the society is unable to fulfill even its basic           (4) Political considerations
necessities of life. When a substantial segment of the soci-     613. What do all definitions of poverty do ?
ety is deprived of the minimum level of living and continues           (1) Reflect coexistence of inequalities in society.
at a bare subsistence level, that society is said to be plagued        (2) Societies tolerance of inequalities.
with mass poverty. The countries of the third world exhibit            (3) Approach the average level of living in a society.
invariably the existence of mass poverty, although pockets
                                                                       (4) Minimum level of living in India.
of poverty exist even in the developed countries of Europe
                                                                 614. Definition of poverty in India emphasizes minimum
and America.
                                                                       level of living because
     Attempts have been made in all societies to define pov-
                                                                       (1) it is impossible at this stage to provide a reason-
erty, but all of them are conditioned by the vision of mini-
                                                                           able quantum of living.
mum or good life obtaining in society. For instance, the
                                                                       (2) political considerations enter the definitions of pov-
concept of poverty in the U.S.A. would be significantly dif-
ferent from that in India because the average man is able
                                                                       (3) there is a reasonable level of good living.
to afford a much higher level of living in the United States.
There is an effort in all definitions of poverty to approach           (4) programmes of alleviation of poverty have been
the average level of living in a society and as such these                 initiated.
definitions reflect the coexistence of inequalities in a soci-   615. Societies in the third world can be characterised
ety and the extent to which different societies are prepared           plagued by mass poverty, because
to tolerate them. For instance, in India, the generally ac-            (1) Europe and America have pockets of poverty.
cepted definition of poverty emphasizes minimum level of               (2) poverty is a mass social phenomenon.
living rather than a reasonable level of living. This attitude         (3) there is a wide variation in the definition of poverty.
is borne out of a realization that it would not be possible to         (4) societies live at a bare subsistence level.
provide even a minimum quantum of basic needs for some                                     Passage - II
decades and therefore, to talk about a reasonable level of          By the mid-nineteenth century, mass production of
living or good life may appear to be wishful thinking at the    paper patterns, the emergence of the home sewing machine,
present stage. Thus, political considera-tions enter the def-   and the convenience of mail order catalogues brought
initions of poverty because programmes of alleviating pov-      fashionable clothing into the American home. By the early
erty may become prohibitive as the vision of a good life        twentieth century, home economists working in extension
widens.                                                         and outreach programs taught women how to use paper