SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                                                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
   (1) perceived (Adj.) : sensed ; felt                               (1) pervasiveness (N.): the quality of existing in all parts
   (2) sensory (Adj.) : connected with your physical senses               of a place/thing
                                                                      (2) part and parcel (Id.) : an essential part of something
596. The information stored in your sensory memory gen-
                                                                      (3) simpleton (N.) : a person who is not very intelligent
                                                                          and can be tricked easily
       (1) stays with you forever
                                                                      (4) convinced (Adj.) : completely sure about something
       (2) stays with you for a short while
                                                                      (5) scrutiny (N.) : careful and thorough examination
       (3) disappears completely
                                                                      (6) sieve (N.) : strainer ; filter
       (4) lingers in your brain
                                                                      (7) mesh (N.) : net
597. To convert a sensory memory into a short-term memo-
       ry we must                                                     (8) bonafides (N.) : evidence that somebody/something
                                                                          is honest
       (1) ignore a sensory input completely
       (2) focus on the information                                 601. The negative side of the critical faculty is that
       (3) concentrate on what we are looking at                           (1) it makes us critical of others.
       (4) be consciously attentive to sensory input                       (2) it makes us critical of ourselves.
598. Short-term memory allows us to                                        (3) it sounds dignified but it is not actually so.
       (1) remember events for many years                                  (4) it is a tool for creating classificatory division.
       (2) remember an event during childhood                       602. People who solicit others’ opinions (about themselves)
       (3) remember simple things like appointments                        generally want
       (4) remember plenty of dates and numbers                            (1) effusive compliments (2) honest criticism
599. Long-term memory helps us                                             (3) harsh facts                (4) precise feedback
       (1) forget unimportant things                                603. The critical faculty is defined as the ‘most potent one
       (2) remember a thing for a long time                                in human make-up’ because
       (3) forget things for a long time                                   (1) it is all pervasive and powerful.
                                                                           (2) it separates the simpleton from the intelligent man.
       (4) erase short-term memory
                                                                           (3) it is a help in social transactions.
600. The information that your brain stores within a fleet-
                                                                           (4) All of the above
       ing moment is called
                                                                    604. What, according to the writer, is the essential link
       (1) memory level            (2) sensory memory
                                                                           between breathing and the critical faculty ?
       (3) short-term memory (4) long-term memory
                                                                           (1) Both are required in social relations
     Directions (601-610) : In the following questions, you
                                                                           (2) Both are exercised by human beings
have two brief passages with 5 questions following each pas-
                                                                           (3) Both grow with age
sage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best an-
swer to each question out of the four alternatives.                        (4) Both stop with death
                                                                    605. The self-defined intelligent man defines himself on
                     (SSC GL Tier-I Exam. 19.10.2014, Ist Sitting)
                                                                           the basis of
                          PASSAGE – I
                                                                           (1) his obvious divergence from the simpleton.
     The Critical Faculty is the most potent one in the hu-
                                                                           (2) his superior intelligence as a whole.
man make-up. Its pervasiveness and force have not prop-
                                                                           (3) his possession of the critical faculty.
erly been recognized because like breathing, it is so much
a part and parcel of human activity. The difference be-                    (4) his heightened awareness of his surroundings.
tween a simpleton and an intelligent man, according to the                                    PASSAGE – II
man who is convinced that he is of the latter category, is              International trade represents a significant share of
that the former wholeheartedly accepts all things that he          Gross Domestic Product (GDP). While international trade
sees and hears while the latter never admits anything ex-          has been present throughout much of history, its econom-
cept after a most searching scrutiny. He imagines his intel-       ic, social and political importance has been on the rise in
ligence to be a sieve of closely woven mesh through which          recent centuries.
nothing but the finest can pass.                                        Industrialization, advances in tecnology, transporta-
     The critical sense is essential for keeping social trans-     tion, globalization, multinational corporations, and outsourc-
actions in a warm state. Otherwise life would become very          ing are all having a major impact on the international trade
dull and goody-goody. The critical faculty is responsible for      system. Increasing international trade is crucial to the con-
a lot of give and take in life. It increases our awareness of      tinuance of globalization. International trade is, in princi-
our surroundings; it sounds dignified, no doubt, but it seems      ple, not different from domestic as the motivation and the
also to mean that we can watch someone else’s back better          behaviour of parties is across a border or not. The main
than our own! We never know our own defects till they are          difference is that international trade. Another difference
pointed out to us, and even then we need not accept them.          between domestic and international trade is that factors of
We always question the bonafides of the man who tells us           production such as capital and labour are typically more
unpleasant facts. On the surface it is all very well to say, ‘I    mobile within a country than across countries.
want an honest criticism; that will help me, not blind com-         606. Which of the following is one of the factors of pro-
pliments.’ I wish people would mean it.                                    duction ?