SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                           567. There is need for self-directed learning because
   (1) proliferation (N.) : the sudden increase in the                  (1) it is less challenging
       number/amount of something                                       (2) it helps people to learn more things and learn better
   (2) propagating (V.) : to spread an idea, a belief or a              (3) it is a more cost-effective method
       piece of information among many people                           (4) it is a modern method of learning
   (3) intimate (Adj.) : very close                              568. Which word best describes self-directed learning?
                                                                        (1) Active learning           (2) Passive learning
561. Modern means of entertainment and communication
       _______ street theatre.                                          (3) Compulsory learning (4) Repulsive learning
       (1) does affect             (2) does not affect           569. The modern environment according to the author is
       (3) helps popularise        (4) helps establish                  (1) restrictive               (2) instructive
562. In the olden days street theatre _____ to villages or              (3) less developed            (4) impracticable
       small localities of the city.                             570. The synonym of the word diagnosing is
       (1) was restricted          (2) was not restricted               (1) searching                 (2) examining
       (3) was opened              (4) was entertained                  (3) identifying               (4) complying
563. Street theatre usually ____with issues of public                   Directions (571-580) : In the following questions, you
       importance.                                               have two brief passages with 5 questions in each passage.
       (1) is distanced            (2) is performed              Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to
       (3) deals                   (4) does not deal             each question out of the four alternatives.
564. Street theatre is ____ to stage.                                                              (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
       (1) nothing                 (2) costly                                                           Police SI Exam. 22.06.2014)
       (3) reasonable              (4) affordable                                             Passage I
565. Street theatre creates an/a ____ impact on audiences.              Poverty has its own meaning in different persons.
       (1) intimate                (2) emotional                 Poverty or the state of being poor is a relative term. Its
       (3) mystical                (4) physical                  meaning varies depending upon the state of the economy.
                          PASSAGE-II                                    Poverty i s always and everywhere a social
     Self-directed learning, in its broadest meaning, describes  phenomenon in which a section of the society is unable to
a process in which individuals take the initiative with or       fulfil even its basic necessities of life. When a substantial
without the help of others, in diagnosing their learning         segment of a society is deprived of the minimum level of
needs, formulating learning goals, identifying resources for     living and continues at a bare subsistence level, that society
learning, choosing and implementing learning strategies and      is said to be plagued with mass poverty. The countries of
evaluating learning outcomes. Thus it is important to attain     the Third World exhibit invariably the existence of mass
new knowledge easily and skillfully for the rest of his or       poverty, although pockets of poverty exist even in the
her life.                                                        developed countries of Europe and America.
     What is the need for self-directed learning ? One reason           It is a matter of great disappointment for India’s
is that there is convincing evidence that people, who take       economic planning that even after more than 60 years since
the initiative in learning, learn more things and learn better   Independence, India still suffers from the problem of mass
than people who sit at the feet of teachers passively waiting    poverty. Poverty is affecting our mind, affecting our state,
to be taught. The second reason is that self-directed learning
                                                                 our country and the world. Although there was the Global
is more in tune with our natural processes of psychological
                                                                 Economic Crisis, India was not as affected by it as was the
development; an essential aspect of maturing is developing
                                                                 USA and other European countries. This is because of the
the ability to take increasing responsibility of our own lives
                                                                 paradoxical situation of the Indian economy. It is ridden by
to become increasingly self-directed. The third reason is
that many of the new developments in education put a heavy       extreme poverty on the one side while it also has a thriving
responsibility on the learners to take a good deal of initiative and growing economy on the other.
in their own learning. To meet the challenges in today’s
                                                                                    SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
instructive environment, self-directed learning is the most
essential one.                                                      (1) substantial (Adj.) : considerable
                                                                    (2) deprived (V.) : without the basic needs
                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                              (3) bare (Adj.) : just enough
   (1) passively (Adv.) : without trying to change anything/        (4) subsistence (N.) : the state of having just enough
       oppose what happens/what people do                               money/food to stay alive
   (2) in tune (with)(Id.) : in agreement
                                                                    (5) plagued (V.) : suffering from
566. In self-directed learning, an individual                       (6) paradoxical (Adj.) : seemingly contradictory but
       (1) takes initiative with or without the help of others          nonetheless possibly true
       (2) is passive and waits for directions                      (7) ridden (Adj.) : full of unpleasant things
       (3) is helpless and dependent                                (8) thriving (Adj.) : flourishing
       (4) takes initiative, without an objective                   (9) invariably (Adv.) : always ; without fail