538. What is McDonald’s philosophy?                              15,000 plus km are 4 or 6 lanes and remaining 50,000 km
      (1) Quality control, service, cleanliness and high prices  are 2 lanes. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
      (2) Quality control, cleanliness and cheap prices          is the nodal agency responsible for building, upgrading and
      (3) Quality control, service and cheap prices              maintaining most of the national highways network. The
                                                                 National Highways Development Project (NHDP) is a major
      (4) Quality control, service, cleanliness and cheap
                                                                 effort to expand and upgrade the network of highways.
                                                                 NHAI often uses a public-private partnership model for
539. Who is McDonald’s named after?                              highway development, maintenance and toll-collection.
      (1) Two brothers unrelated to Mr. Kroc                     National highways constituted about 2% of all the roads in
      (2) Two brothers related to Mr. Kroc                       India, but carried about 40% of the total road traffic as of
      (3) Mr. Kroc’s two sons                                    2010. The majority of existing national highways are two-
      (4) Mr. Kroc’s two brothers                                lane roads (one lane in each direction), though much of this
540. Which statement is false ?                                  is being expanded to four-lanes, and some to six or eight
                                                                 lanes. Some sections of the network are toll roads. Over
      (1) McDonald’s is not innovative in their methods.
                                                                 30,000 km of new highways are planned or under
      (2) McDonald’s is both a domestic and international
                                                                 construction as part of the NHDP, as of 2011. This includes
          food chain.
                                                                 over 2,600 km of expressways currently under construction.
      (3) McDonald’s is a rapidly growing food chain.
      (4) McDonald’s is not a multi-cuisine restaurant.                           SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
     Directions (541-550) : In the following questions, you         (1) nodal agency : almost an official agency/government
have two passages with 5 questions in each passage. Read                agency
the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each
question out of the four alternatives.                           546. What is the current measurement of expressways un-
                                                 (SSC CGL Tier-I        der construction in India ?
                                     Re-Exam–2013, 27.04.2014)          (1) 15,000 km (2) 30,000 km
                          PASSAGE-I                                     (3) 2,600 km      (4) 1,000 km
     We are living in the Age of Science. Everyday new           547. What is the responsibility of the NHAI ?
inventions are being made for the good of humanity. The                 (1) planning of National Highways
scientific inventions began after the Industrial Revolution             (2) building, upgrading and maintaining of National
of 1789. Within these 200 years, science has made a                         Highways
wonderful progress. The aeroplane is one of the most                    (3) control of National Highways
important inventions of science during the Modern Age. It
                                                                        (4) expansion of National Highways
is the fastest means of transport know so far. An aeroplane
                                                                 548. What is the measurement of two-lane National
resembles a flying bird in shape. Inside there are seats for
                                                                        Highways of India ?
the passengers and a cabin for the pilot. This cabin is called
a cockpit. It has an engine that is worked by petrol. It is all         (1) 15,000 km              (2) 61,000 km
made up of metal and can fly at a very high speed. Before               (3) 50,000 km              (4) 71,000 km
taking off it runs on the runway for some distance to gather     549. What percentage of roads in India are National
speed. Then it suddenly hops up the earth and takes off.                Highways ?
541. The scientific invention began after the Industrial                (1) 2%                     (2) 30%
      Revolution of ________.                                           (3) 4%                     (4) 40%
      (1) 1789                   (2) 1889                        550. The majority of National Highways in India have
      (3) 1879                   (4) 1779                               (1) two-lanes              (2) six-lanes
542. The cabin for the pilot is called a ________ .                     (3) eight-lanes            (4) four-lanes
      (1) cubicle                (2) cube                             Directions (551-560) : In the following questions, you
      (3) cockpit                (4) chamber                     have two passages with 5 questions in each passage. Read
                                                                 the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each
543. An aeroplane has an engine that is worked by
                                                                 question out of the four alternatives.
      (1) diesel                 (2) petrol
                                                                                      (SSC CGL Tier-I Re-Exam–2013, 27.04.2014)
      (3) steam                  (4) gas
544. The _________ is one or the most important inventions                  The reports published by a Delhi based non-
      of science during the Modern Age.                          governmental organization working for the elimination of
      (1) ship                   (2) aeroplane                   child labour in India suggest that there is no end in sight to
      (3) motor vehicle          (4) train                       the sordid saga of child labour. The studies conducted reveal
545. We are living in the ______ .                               the nightmarish ordeals that a vast majority of children
      (1) Age of Inventions      (2) Age of Industrialisation    undergo for getting the basic necessities of life. One of the
      (3) Modern Age             (4) Age of Science              activists narrated the heart-rending and shocking stories
                         PASSAGE-II                              of many hapless children. He accused the society of
                                                                 insensitivity towards this vulnerable section.
     The National Highways Network of India measures over
                                                                      It is said that more than five percent of the total Indian
70,934 km as of 2010, including over 1,000 km of limited-
                                                                 population are child workers. Tens of thousands are chiefly
access expressways. Out of 71,000 km of National Highways