SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                                   (1) space oriented.            (2) bill oriented.
    unceasing         : continuing all the time.                         (3) delivery-of-air oriented. (4) All of the above.
                                                                    512. Conform means
    assuredly         :  definitely ; certainly
                                                                         (1) establish the truth.
    watchword         :  motto ; slogan
                                                                         (2) to authenticate.
    conflicts         :  a clash/fight/disagreement
                                                                         (3) comply with safety requirements.
506. Nothing else can give us joy except                                 (4) comply with rules or standards.
       (1) idleness.               (2) wealth.                      513. None of the domestic exhaust fans carried the ISI
       (3) freedom.                (4) service.                          mark because
507. Anyone can free himself from the clutches of                        (1) CERS and not ISI tested them.
       difficulties, if he                                               (2) ISI has no standards for them.
       (1) fulfils his responsibilities.                                 (3) they pose no danger of power leakage, earthing
       (2) discards idleness.                                                continuity, electrical input etc.
       (3) discharges his obligations.                                   (4) they are fitted with guards.
       (4) eliminates narrow outlook.                               514. The service value of the exhaust fans varied because
508. What has freedom undeniably offered to the citizens                 (1) air delivery differed.
       of India?                                                         (2) electricity consumption differed.
       (1) New outlook.            (2) New responsibilities.             (3) they were not fitted with guards.
       (3) New values.             (4) New opportunities.                (4) Both (1) and (2).
509. One thing needs to be stressed more than anything else         515. The decision of the consumers to buy an exhaust fan
       in this new set-up. It is that people should                      would depend on their
                                                                         (1) liking.                 (2) desire.
       (1) discipline themselves suitably.
                                                                         (3) requirement.            (4) fancy.
       (2) work to their full capacity.
                                                                        Directions (516-520) : In the following questions, you
       (3) substitute old values with new ones.
                                                                   have a brief passage with 5 questions following the passage.
       (4) discard narrowness of outlook.                          Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to
510. ____ work should be the motto of our citizens.                each question out of the four alternatives.
       (1) Incessant               (2) Productive                                                     (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
       (3) Ingenious               (4) Resourceful                                                          Operator & LDC Exam.
    Directions (511-515) : You have a brief passage with 5                                                  10.11.2013, Ist Sitting)
questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully             Earth is the only planet so far known with the suitable
and choose the best answer to each question out of the             environment for sustaining life. Land, water, air, plants and
four alternatives.                                                 animals are the major components of the global environment.
                                      (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry Population, food and energy are the three fundamental
                   Operator & LDC Exam. 27.10.2013, IInd Sitting)
                                                                   problems facing mankind. Unemployment, inflation,
                                                                   crowding, dwindling resources and pollution are all due to
    The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) does not specify
                                                                   the factors like increasing population, high standard of living,
any standards for domestic exhaust fans. Therefore, none
                                                                   deforestation, etc.
of the models tested carried the ISI mark. CERS tested the
                                                                        Man has been tampering with the Ecosphere for a very
exhaust fans for power leakage, insulation resistance,
                                                                   long time and is forced to recognize that environmental
earthing continuity, electrical input and protection against
                                                                   resources are scarce. Environmental problems are really
direct current. All of them were found to conform to the
                                                                   social problems. They begin with people as cause and end
safety requirements for commercial or industrial purpose           with people as victims. Unplanned use of resources has
ventilating fans set by the BIS.                                   resulted in the depletion of fossils, fuels, pollution of air
    Usually exhaust fans are fitted with an external guard         and water, deforestation which has resulted in ecological
(grill or mesh).Such guards are useful to prevent accidental       imbalance and draining away of national wealth through
contact with moving parts of the fan.                              heavy expenditure on oil and power generation.
    The tests revealed that though all the models tested           516. Increasing population causes
conformed to the to safety tests, their air delivery and                 (1) unemployment and crowding
electricity consumption differed widely and hence, their                 (2) inflation and pollution
service value also varied. Consumers should make a
                                                                         (3) dwindling resources
conscious decision depending on their need. For small
                                                                         (4) unemployment, inflation, crowding, dwindling
spaces, an exhaust fan with high service value would be
                                                                             resources and pollution
best because such a fan will give you sufficient air delivery
                                                                   517. National wealth is drained away by spending heavily on
with low energy cost. But for bigger spaces perhaps you
wouldn’t like to compromise with the air delivery of the fan,            (1) power generation.
even if it adds a little more to your energy bill.                       (2) fuels.
 511. The installation of exhaust fans with high service value           (3) water and power generation.
       should be                                                         (4) oil and power generation.