493. The aboriginals prepare fire by                               (3) neighbour in the house.
       (1) rubbing two pieces of stone.                              (4) relative in the house.
       (2) using a matchbox.                                   499. All the following words mean mankind except.
       (3) using gas lighter.                                        (1) homo sapiens           (2) humanity
       (4) rubbing two pieces of wood.                               (3) humankind              (4) humanities
  494. Find out a word which means to cover.                   500. Which of the following statements is not true?
       (1) turbans                  (2) cloth                        (1) Books are for use.
       (3) wrap                     (4) prepare                      (2) Books are for show.
  495. Find out a word which is the antonym for usual.               (3) Books must not be damaged.
       (1) strange                  (2) migrated                     (4) Books must be carefully handled.
       (3) frequently               (4) regular                501. According to the passage, everyone should begin
                        PASSAGE - IV                                 collecting a private library
       The habit of reading is one of the greatest resources         (1) in infancy.            (2) in childhood.
of mankind; and we enjoy reading books that belong to us
                                                                     (3) in youth.              (4) in adulthood.
much more than if they are borrowed. A borrowed book is
like a guest in the house; it must be treated with             502. According to the passage, books are more enjoyable
punctiliousness, with certain, considerate formality. You            when they are
must see that it sustains no damage; it must not suffer              (1) in book-shops.         (2) borrowed.
while under your roof. You cannot leave it carelessly, you           (3) in the library.        (4) personal possessions.
cannot mark it, you cannot turn down the pages, you cannot     503. How should you not treat a borrowed book ?
use it familiarly.                                                   (1) One"s own possession.
       But your own books belong to you; you treat them              (2) With a considerate formality.
with that affectionate intimacy that annihilates formality.
                                                                     (3) Carefully.
       Books are for use, not for show, A good reason for
                                                                     (4) Carelessly.
marking favourite pages in books is that this practice
enables you to remember more easily the significant sayings,   504. What are the advantages of marking favourite
to refer to them quickly.                                            passages of your personal books ? (Pick out the
       Everyone should begin collecting a private library in         incorrect one)
youth; one should have one"s own book-shelves, which                 (1) It enables one to remember facts.
should not have doors, glass windows, or keys; they should           (2) It enables one to remember the significant
be free and accessible to the hand as well as to the eye.                sayings.
Books are of the people, by the people and for the people.           (3) It hinders one from remembering more easily.
Literature is an immortal part of history; it is the best and        (4) It enables one to refer to particular passages.
most enduring part of personality.
                                                               505. How should the book-shelves of the private library be ?
                SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                                 (1) Should have doors
 punctiliousness : carefulness and correctness in per-               (2) Should have glass windows
                      forming duties exactly as one should.          (3) Should have keys
 annihilates       : destroys completely.                            (4) Should be free and easily accessible
 enduring          : lasting for a long time.                     Directions (506-510) : You have a brief passage with 5
 considerate       :  careful not to hurt/upset others        questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully
                                                              and choose the best answer to each question out of the
 sustains          :  suffers
                                                              four alternatives.
 affectionate      :  loving                                                                     (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
 intimacy          :  close relationship                                                   Operator & LDC Exam. 20.10.2013)
 accessible        :  that can be reached                         Freedom has assuredly given us a new status and new
 immortal          :  that lives for ever                     opportunities. But it also implies that we should discard
                                                              selfishness, laziness and all narrowness of outlook. Our
  496. The above passage is all about                         freedom suggests toil and creation of new values of old
       (1) books.                 (2) games.                  ones. We should so discipline ourselves as to be able to
       (3) jokes.                 (4) magic.                  discharge our new responsibilities satisfactorily. If there is
  497. Which title is suitable for the passage ?              any one thing that needs to be stressed more than any
       (1) Merits and Demerits of Books                       other in the new set-up, it is that we should put into action
                                                              our full capacity, each one of us in productive effort – each
       (2) The Pleasure of Owning Books
                                                              one of us in his own sphere, however humble. Work,
       (3) Reading a Book
                                                              unceasing work, should now be our watch-word. Work is
       (4) Books and Thoughts                                 wealth, and service is happiness. Nothing else is. The
  498. According to the passage, a borrowed book is like a    greatest crime in India today is idleness. If we root out
       (1) guest in the house.                                idleness, all our difficulties, including even conflicts, will
       (2) host in the house.                                 gradually disappear.